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  1. Not sure if it's been mentioned, but Just Sports in Cape May county is no longer in business. There are a few firearms businesses that have opened/started selling firearms since they've closed: Range 609 Full Metal Jacket Sea Gear
  2. Is there any way for a CCW course NOT on a sunday?
  3. XxLaloCuraxX, how do you fully fold that stock with the shell holder in the way?
  4. I could do either, but my EDC is tip up.
  5. I believe that on the Busse website, they listed a few sheath makers... not sure if they're still listed. also, bladeforum seems to have a very large following of swine, so they should have no trouble helping you find what you're looking for. :-)
  6. I'd be interested in the mossberg wood stock and foregrip set... (I really just need a standard stock, but might as well get everything matching)
  7. My 590 (Non A1) has all of those lovely features with a 8rnd tube to boot. People do give you strange looks about the bayonet lug... usually when the bayonet is attached however ;-)
  8. So the jist I'm getting is that this is a terrible idea, to which I agree. So to whom can we write to? Or is it already too little too late?
  9. Glocks are just good like that... but really it could be the cleaner...
  10. bmanrkg3

    Mossberg 590A1

    The differences between the 590/590A1 physically speaking are that the A1 has a heavier (bull) barrel and the trigger housing is made of metal vs plastic. The ghost ring sights are optional for either I think... Now vs the 500, the 590/A1 has a ring on the barrel that slides over the ammo tube and is held with a threaded cap. (that the bayonet can slide onto if you have that option) the 500 has a nut/knob attatched to the barrel that screws onto the end of the ammo tube. I'm 99% sure thats accurate :-)
  11. I'd feel sporting enough to use a knife... short of that i could turn my G21 into a 10mm...
  12. http://www.survivaloutdoorgear.com/product_info.php?products_id=54176372 It's a crowbar that thinks its a shovel... or a shovel that thinks its a crowbar... well, whatever it is, a zombie apocalypse might be what this product was made for regardless!
  13. so... can someone post up a list of AR barrel manufacturers? Please.
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