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  1. Victoria coming up for me.... http://www.chl-victoria-tx.com
  2. Agree. Unless you live in Camden or Newark. Then go Bond. James Bond. Walther PPK 380.
  3. Agreed ... look for a pre-loved Ruger Security Six with a 6" barrel .. built like a tank and a shooters team with the match target adjustable sights. Should be able to pick up a nice one for under $250.
  4. Comment late to the game, but: For the M9/92FS, there is a .22 conversion kit. You can put a .40 96 upper on the M9/92 and you can put a .357 Sig conversion barrel (BarSto) in the .40 upper, as well. That gives you 4 calibers in one gun. Last, being able to use the same mags in the CX4 Storm carbine is a bonus.
  5. I'm a paid Premiere member and have posted before and am now unable to start a new post.
  6. Might try Ed Yanchok <[email protected]> Yanchok's Gun Shop 1 Roseland Ave Warren, NJ 07059 Phone: 908-753-2365 http://fflgundealers.net/yanchoks-gun-shop.html I've heard that he's great, but have no personal experience . . . yet (I'm having an 1894 357 mag delivered to him . . . can't wait!).
  7. My thought exactly-my old eyes need optics. Now to find a 'smith to remove the front post and put on the gas block.
  8. You're right - I have a 14.5 pinned to 16 with a BCM compensator Mod 1. I really don't that much care for rails - don't know if there's anything that I want to mountt. But. I'd like to keep that option open for the future. I guess my main decision issue is foldding front sight or the standard A2 post sight.
  9. This might wind up being my only rifle and will be used for hunting and SHTF. Main sight will be a Burris 332. Can't decide between the Mid-16 Mod 2 or the Centurion Arms C4 Rail build
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