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  1. I have made numerous posts at-length on this forum about my S&W M&P 22 Compact... as I have stated before, I was lucky to get one the week before they "hit the market" and therefore was one of the first to experience how awesome this "little" gun is... and as I have also stated before, the whole "Compact" deal is not to be taken as if the gun is some CCW-sized pocket pistol. The M&P 22 was made by Walther-Umarex and imported into the USA for S&W as their .22LR-caliber M&P. When Smith and Wesson & Walther-Umarex dissolved their partnership in its entirety last year, S&W decided to make a .22LR in-house (to be able to continue selling .22LR M&P really, because the "full-size" would no longer be made and once the existing world's stock goes, it's gone)... they therefore needed to change it up some to be substantially-different-enough to be a separate, new and different gun - so they made it exactly 87.5% scale-sized of the 'full-size' M&P ... thus we have the M&P 22 "Compact". And I absolutely love mine! It has been a literal and figurative blast for me... plenty of fun, perfect trainer for both general shooting and the fact I carry a M&P Shield every day, it's both lightweight and slim in the hand to be great-feeling and great shooting and it tucks extremely nicely in the waistband for carrying around the property or getting the mail, letting the dog out, carrying at home when you're wearing relaxed-type clothing and not strapping on your belt and CCW-rig. Highly, highly recommended. I am not a Ruger guy but i know and respect their products and certainly their history with top-selling .22LR pistols (and rifles of course). I am a big Smith and Wesson fan and absolutely love the M&P 22 Compact and can't imagine anyone not enjoying theirs.
  2. No problems with pain when using that angled foregrip? I put a AFG on my 870 Tac w/ Magpul furniture etc. ... someone on this very forum said they tried and hated it, very painful when shooting... I thought, yeah right, that's not going to be a problem... ....sure as sugar by the end of the first mag-full of shells, I hated it . Really uncomfortable upon firing and not a big benefit for pumping, and the more i shot the more it got worse to become particularly painful on the hand. After 25 or so rounds, I literally went to the desk and borrowed a screwdriver to remove the damned thing. Just wondering if it's not a problem on the KSG or you just don't mind it etc?
  3. I typed out a post yesterday and decided not to post it but I thought about it and figured ,why not. I can't speak about the regular M&P line because both my M&Ps are smaller versions, the Shield 9mm and the 22 Compact. My Shield absolutely loves 147 gr ammo ... absolutely more than 115 gr ammo. I have tested a bunch of 115gr cheap and higher quality ammo, and while the better stuff shot more accurately it still didn't compare to the 147 gr. I can't really give an informed opinion on 124 gr because the bulk of the 124 gr ammo I have shot were superpremium duty/defense ammo. I have shot probably 350+ rds of Speer Lawmen 147gr ( I think they call it, "tmj" total metal jacket). It loved that ammo and shot very well for a "range use ammo". I also have had the pleasure to shoot a significant amount of Winchester 147gr. Black Talons in my Shield, those are superb rounds that have superior accuracy and have maintained excellent quality through the last 20+ years of storage. I in fact carry my Shield w/ 7+1 147gr. Black Talons in the gun and 2 8rd mags of Federal HST 124gr.. ,, I am in the position of being much more concerned with animals and predatory critters on my 30 acres of Florida woodlands and having to particularly worry about defending my dog when he's running around etc. For that reason I carry 147gr loaded because I want that heavy bullet in case of hogs (especially hogs) and/or coyotes, rattlesnakes etc. However I as many others probably know have found the Federal HST and Hydra-Shok loads to be supremely accurate and effective, so I carry them as backup as well. As far as 115 gr ammo, I only would use that for busting caps for fun on my range etc. I like the 124 and 147gr ammo in 9mm and especially in my Shield, which I carry virtually all day nearly every day. (Especially from April through about November down here... Dec through March I might get to wear pants and carry my Glocks).
  4. The thing about knockoff ACOGs is that it doesn't have any and I mean ANY of the actual features that make an ACOG an ACOG. Trijicon ACOG optics made their bones on the fact that they have incredible toughness, excellent glass, radioactive-decay tritium nighttime illumination and in many models fiber-optic light pipe day-time illumination. Knockoffs have *nothing* In remote resemblance to those. Newer models from China have a "fiber optic tube" on them now claiming to be fully functional but you have to take that with a proverbial grain of salt. Now as for the Bushnell model you mention, it's actually a red-dot sight (nonmagnified reflex-style) in an ACOG-style housing. I always loved them but they're just too expensive for me and my casual use. Whereas, $400 Aimpoints (non-magnified optics but still very tough and incredible battery life) feel like you've got your monies worth... $1-2000 is just over my personal level of comfort for a carbine optic. YMMV totally , of course, as could your intended use or personal / professional needs, in which case an ACOG might be perfect for you.
  5. Congrats I think you will find it's a blast , lots of fun, and tucks into the waistband for letting the dog out at night or mornings in shorts/light pants etc. Also you got a great great price. I think I paid $360? or something the week before it was released. Not that I like blowing money but still, worth every dime, 280 is a steal.
  6. 00 Buck - end of story.
  7. You will like an 870 and like a 500 the same, a 590 or 590A1 you might like a little extra for the added toughness of being the whole MilSpec test approved etc. You will absolutely love a Nova/SuperNova - I have 4 premium combat shotguns, and the Benelli is far and away the silky, sexy, super smoothest. Just so amazing. I have detailed the comparisons at length on this forum many times and it brings out a lot of hate and vitriol and people get upset, and I am not going to argue nor detail my case again- I will just say, that Benelli produces an amazingly nice firearm- just another class versus 870/500s.
  8. I have had one since the week before they hit the market in August, and previously had bought a Shield a few weeks prior. Amazing gun. I want to stress that the Compact in the term is relative- it is not and I mean not some small, teensy weensy pistol that is of no use to a manly man. It is Compact due to the fact that it is exactly 87.5% scale size of the M&P 22/ aka Full-size M&Ps. This is due to the fact that the M&P22 was made by Walther Umarex. Smith and Wesson had a longstanding partnership with Walther Umarex and had them make the M&P22s for importation and sale in the USA. However, when that parternship was dissolved, Smith and Wesson decided to bring this rimfire production in-house and needed obviously to make the new product substantially different so they made their new model "compact" - thus the 87.5% size of the full-size M&P. So while it's SMALLER, it's not necessarily SMALL per se. It is however an amazing pistol. AWESOME. I love it. I absolutely love it. Shoots lights out, rarely gives you any malfunctions and nearly all the malfunctions I have ever had were with lesser-than-premium ammos... and it comes threaded with an internal thread protector so you could use a suppressor out of the box (which is nice for me here in FL if I ever get my NFA game on.) It feels a little bit different than the Shield, and it's a very very light gun due to the Aluminum Alloy slide rather than steel like the Shield and M&Ps etc. but it's a great gun. I got a LaserMax Genesis micro usb rechargeable green laser on mine and it's both fun and laser-lights-out effective.
  9. POF is releasing an awesome 7.62x39mm variant as well, it was just on The Firearm Blog, while the CMMG Mutant made me click on it and say, hmm, look at that , the POF one made me say, THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN BOUT! Not saying I'm getting one but I sure would like one.
  10. Scrap

    870 Ejection issue.

    Just for the record : http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2015/03/23/new-volquartsen-edge-extractor/ Volquartsen just came out with an "Exact Edge Extractor" for the 870 and 1100 series shotguns; that is, they are the best of the best. I have two Volquartsen internals upgrades in both of my Remington 597s including their Exact Edge Extractors. Simply amazing. AMAZING. Despite the fact my previous post still rings true, and the polishing of the chamber is the real key to extraction issues, I may just very well buy the VQ EEE for my 870 because they are that good.
  11. Love the 4506 and their stainless steel autoloading pistols of that style - the 4506 reminds me of corrupt Detective Vic Mackey from The Shield, wielding that thing like it's nobodies bidness but his own dang bidness. Also love the Pro Series 1911 ... I had my eye on one around Christmas, fell through.
  12. Big Smith and Wesson fan! first two are my personal Bad Mofos... Smith and Wesson M&P Shield 9mm and M&P 22 Compact. I carry the Shield all-day every-day for nearly 8+ months. The M&P 22 Compact is an awesome trainer, utility gun, and fun-gun, and I was lucky to get one before almost anyone else (through sheer luck!). The bottom two are very very special to me and very important, family heirlooms really. The top, bigger of the two is a Smith and Wesson Model 10, which was issued to my father upon joining the department in the early 1970s and he carried it on duty and at times off for a long time, until he became a "plainclothes" officer/Detective - at which time he bought himself a Smith and Wesson Model 36 aka "Chief's Special" with a 3" bbl. The Model 10 remained his official duty weapon until his department made the switch from .38 Special revolvers to the new-in-country Glock 9mms, at which time he purchased his Model 10 (which would have been retired from service and sold to the dealer) and continued to use his Chief's Special often as a backup or carry/off duty piece. Now that he is retired, both have become heirlooms, shot once a year or two ... but remain awesome ! [/url] [/url] Edit- Forgot, as far as mods- my Shield has had TruGlo TFO Brite-Sites installed , awesome awesome Day/Night glowing sights. Tritium and Fiber Optic combine to give you an amazingly bright sight picture, day or night. Amazing and half the price, less than half sometimes, of Trijicon (which are great but come on, there comes a point they just are so expensive.). My M&P 22 Compact is also stock except for the LaserMax Genesis micro-USB rechargeable green laser I got for it... and got it new for $70 bucks from someone desperate online. It works great and is a fun shoot and probably helpful for plugin animals on my property day or night. The two revolvers have had some rebluing done by an amateur gunsmith but while some parts are shiny and some are very old, they retain both grace and elegance while having plenty of character.
  13. Just for the information of some who may care - I carried the Shield 9mm in my pocket for 1 full month and it was never a problem, and regularly when I would set out to go to my property or for a John Deere Gator ride etc (you can ride for miles and hours in my area) , I'd be asked, "Did you remember to take a gun???" or "aren't you going to carry if we're going out there??!" when I already had it in my pocket - so it obviously wasn't noticeable in any real way. I simply picked up a Blackhawk Inside-the-Pocket holster from Walmart for $10.97 - it specifics being sized for "Glock 26/27, Kahr PM9, and most SubCompact 9/.40s" - it worked perfectly. And to add to the details here, I bought my Shield on the first of August I believe, last year. When I arrived in Florida the first of April last year, it went to 88-90 degrees that day, and didn't dip below the 80s until October and 70s until November. So from April 1st - November/December, literally every single day I was in shorts and either a t-shirt or collared/Polo shirt. Generally I wear LA Police Gear cargo shorts 4 days out of the week, with the other 3 some form of nicer shorts. I would carry the Shield in my right front pocket in the pocket holster and I was fine. Now the only issue was, I have a place for everything and everything goes in it's place as far as my pants/pockets and everything I carry everyday. Normally my right front pocket is reserved so for the month of August (during the pocket carry time) I had to do some revamping of my style and EDC method. By September I was ready to buy a quality, fairly premium holster for every-day-carry and I gave up pocket carrying. Furthermore , I am only 5'8" and I weigh about 145lbs. now, with 5-10 lb. of winter weight / laziness on me. I am not going to be confused for a big guy, not even average. So if *I* can pocket carry the Shield, just about anyone can. Is it ideal, or the recommended/primary method? No, and I would not and am not suggesting that. Simply that it can be done, can be done with a high degree of proficiency, and is not at all prohibitive nor terribly difficult. I say this all because I feel that the G43 would fall in basically the exact same category and situation; hopefully, this helps someone in their choices and methodology.
  14. CCI Blazer is fine ammo, Blazer, Blazer Brass, Aluminum, heck even Blazer .22LR is great IMHO. I have also had outstanding results with Speer Lawmen (and of course Speer Gold Dot HP defensive ammo, perhaps the single best choice for defensive (or offensive..... should the need arise.....I'm not sayin, I'm just sayin...) and in fact my old man's department used Speer Lawmen as their range round for many years with great results. I have only used S&B in my shotgun and .308, not my pistol, but they worked good, too.
  15. Scrap

    870 Ejection issue.

    The absolute most likely - to - be -the-fix course of action here is polishing the chamber very good. I have a ton of money, time, effort, and work in my 870 Tactical / Magul / Police - including 2 separate 870P nin-MIM extractors which did NOT help the problems. To be honest, as soon as I removed the stock, MIM extractor, and replaced with the POLICE Spec extractor, I had problems. - If you do not know , MIM means Metal Injection Molding, it's like using metal paste to form a part. (as plain as can be explained at least.) The 870 Express models all have an MIM extractor, the 870P/Police-spec models have a machined, non-MIM extractor, and replacing the extractor to use the non-MIM extractor is a very common upgrade on tactical models or just people looking to "upgrade" their 870. In fact , I had a ton of problems with a rough chamber, shooting shells didn't fix the problem, it seemed to accelerate the problem. The only way I tempered the extraction issues was to go through with a dedicated and thorough polishing of the chamber and throat-area with a Dremel, felt wheels, and polishing compound. Then I shot another 50-100 cheap target loads, cleaned it well, polished it again, and did the same. If you do some hardcore research online, most 870 experts will concur that extraction issues are often NOT caused by extractor-issues (as the non-MIM extractor will really work just fine, it is absolutely not necessary nor performance-upgrading to replace it) but by a rough chamber or other roughness in the loading areas.
  16. Scrap

    Tristar Shotguns

    TriStar makes the TEC-12 which is a copy of the Benelli M3 Tactical, an autoloader with pump option and I believe 21" bbl- but it's just over $500 rather than $1500 for the Benelli ... now nothing is as sexy smooth as a Benelli , but that is supposed to be an extremely awesome sh0tgun for a very attractive price
  17. Just to add to that - I also got two of the New & Improved Bucket o' Bullets of 1400rds for $69.99 @ DSG in early early 2014, right after Christmas I believe. I made a friend with a worker who did the trucks in the early AM mornings at a DSG and he promised to call me if he came across any ammo - well the next morning at 5AM he left me a message saying he had ammo set aside for me, and when I got there, it was the two $70 buckets of Golden Bullets. AT THE TIME, I really considered not taking them, as I have had terrible results and of course didn't think it would be worth it. Let us just say that I am extremely happy I got them! ALSO- CDNN Sports has regularly been emailing these as a SUPER DUPER ALLEY OOPER SALE, ONLY $149.99 !!!! so, $69.99 is a veritable bank-robbery.
  18. What a word choice, disingenuous. That is defined as "not candid or sincere, typically by pretending that one knows less about something than one really does." We will assume for a minute you meant to infer that I am pretending to know *MORE* about something than I really do? You should know by now that I only discuss that which I am able to discuss intelligently. Another definition is "lacking in frankness , candor, or sincerity. " I will attempt to be frank and candor when I explain to you sincerely that I am smarter than you -- that is as sincerely frank and candor as I can be. You should have realized that a long time ago. Now about your accusations and the Glock 43, allow us to consider your supposition in a fairly learned context. It is generally accepted that the Glock Safe-Action trigger system is the same for every pistol , in all calibers and sizes, that Glock produces. One new-in-box Glock pistol has a trigger very very much like another new-in-box Glock pistol's trigger. But, in this particular case, the closest comparison we can make to the 43 , due to the fact it is not yet in existence and if so is not readily nor commercially available for comparison and comment, is the Glock 42 (a single-stack, subcompact/slimline pistol in .380 rather than 9mm) -- There is anecdotal evidence across the internet gun forum community that Glock may have even INCREASED the trigger weight and pull resistance on the Glock 42 to increase the "safety factor" of a small pistol designed for CCW that would inevitably wind up in people's pockets, womens handbags, etc. The Glock 42 has not been a shining example of a sweet, finely-tuned factory trigger. So continuing with the idea that The Glock Safe-Action Trigger is basically the same, if you have fired a Glock and or have extensive experience with shooting Glocks, you know the trigger system and the way it feels to shoot. As I have explained to you privately when you challenged me previously, I have been shooting Glocks before you and just about everyone on this forum, as my Father's police department was one of the first to select Glock as their revolver replacement in the 1980s and I was shooting his brand new, among-the-first-in-country Glock 19 Gen 2s when I was 8 years old. Before I was a teenager I was able to shoot a Glock 19 9mm and Glock 23 .40 S&W side by side to see how caliber differences affected recoil and aim/accuracy. Again, as I explained to you privately, I learned how to field strip a Glock blindfolded at the kitchen table when I was 8. I have literally been shooting Glocks for most of my life, and while I am not an EXPERT, I am certainly able to discuss them in an informed, rationale manner. I therefore can say with some degree of certainty I know what a Glock trigger feels like to shoot. Perhaps not the Glock 43, as-yet-nonexistent as it presently is, but I am far from "disingenuous" when it comes to Glocks. Let us now move to the comparison I made, which was the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield. It is quite possible you yourself have no experience with this pistol, but I am willing to bet that regardless of the truth, you will say you have extensive experience and know them inside and out, which is fine. Either way is okay because the M&P Shield is universally loved and gets glowing reviews across the entire internet firearms community, anyone with 5 minutes on their hands can go confirm this. If you also followed Smith and Wesson with interest (as I always tried to, as my father's first duty weapon was a Model 10 and his Detective's/plainclothes weapon was a Model 36, both of which I consider to be treasured heirlooms of my family history), you would therefore be secure in the knowledge that Smith and Wesson had for years been fielding comments, complaints, and concerns from M&P Customers that they wanted a new trigger system, an upgraded stock trigger that would arrive out of the box from the factory feeling great and shooting great. Many felt that this is where Smith and Wesson could set their M&P lineup head-and-shoulders above Glock for the consumer market - the trigger. Smith and Wesson spent a lot of time and research and money on this and decided in 2011 I believe that the first pistols to employ this new trigger would be the M&P Shield, their new concealed-carry offering which is one of the absolutely best regarded concealed carry firearms on the market. The Shield has a great, great stock trigger that feels so much better and easier to shoot than a stock Glock, which not only features the bladed trigger-safety protruding from the trigger, but on Compact and Subcompact (imported) models comes with a serrated trigger (which qualifies as a "Target/Match" trigger, thus bumping said pistols over the importation-criteria point level). While I have plenty of love for Glock and have shot plenty of rounds through both my 9mm and .40 S&W Glocks, to safe that the bladed, serrated trigger (which comes stock from the factory, as was the genesis of this discussion) is REMOTELY as nice as the M&P Shield's is absolutely ridiculous and very difficult for me believe could be justified in a fair comparison. I realize you do not like me, I have gone out of my way to ignore your comments and repeated digs and tried not to respond, but at some point you should realize I'm not intimidated by incorrectly-applied adjectives
  19. That's not a bad point really ... I got my first self-purchased handgun in the first week of January 2010 - I got my FIPD and permit on that Friday afternoon, and went out that night. I wanted a Glock 23 and I called Sportsman's Center first randomly (they were fairly local) and they had one - went right out to get it. I didn't know that Glock Gen 4 was literally being released in a matter of weeks or a month or so, and I was so mad I wasn't getting the newest neatest one. I loved my new Glock and the Gen 3 G23 is a fine, fine firearm, but I wished I had known about the Gen 4. Well.... there were NUMEROUS problems with the early-adoption Gen 4's particularly in .40 S&W so, I sort of made out in that regard. My G23 hasn't given me a speck of trouble in .40 nor 9mm w/ the LWD 40-9 bbl. But again, as much as it'll be a huge marketing boon to Glock and fanbois etc. as soon as the single-stack 9mm is released, i say whatever - Shield baby.
  20. I really would have loved one. Then I bought a Smith and Wesson M&P Shield 9mm. After carrying the Shield virtually every day, all day, for coming up on 8 months, I see little need of a Glock single-stack 9mm. I was and to a certain extent still am a big Glock fan, but the Shield shoots *way nicer* than any Glock, there is nothing and I mean nothing Glock could do that would render their option nicer than the Shield.
  21. Just for your information - i recently had to send my 15-22 back to S&W and it was a thoroughly enjoyable and fair, fast , and friendly procedure. Basically, on Thanksgiving I took my Dad out to our new family property down here and we walked the 30 acres and did a bunch of shooting, and I introduced him to my 15-22 - he loved it , really smiled while shooting. Went back out on Black Friday and shot more - I must have really gunked up the gun. I finished the day by deciding to shoot the magazine full of 25-rds of CCI Stingers I keep for emergency purposes, HD/PP/SHTF/etc. as they were a few years old and I figured I could shoot them and replace them. Big mistake - the third round kaboomed the gun. Supposedly the dirt from a few 100 rounds built up on the chamber area and/or bolt face, and as the Stinger has a higher OAL than most all .22LR, the fouling prevented the gun from going fully into battery, clearly unbeknownst to me, and the 3rd shot detonated out of battery and kaboom. Smith and Wesson was great. 15 seconds into my explaining the problem to them on the phone, and he was emailing me a 2-Day-Overnight FedEx label. They did require the entire rifle but that was fine with me as I wanted it all checked out anyway , and they replaced all the parts of the bolt and gave it a solid cleaning as well. It was back to me within 2 weeks I believe. And they sent me a free magazine, and no charge for any work or anything at all. It might suck having to send it back to them but S&W is a great company to deal with. I have called about my Shield guide rod problem and they send you a free one right away, they're a testament to firearms customer service.
  22. I very very much love my Savage Mark II (GXP, base model) -- absolutely awesome... but I was of the impression that Savage rimfire models were made in Canada? Anyway Canada is America Jr so I wouldn't mind it at all, I love Canada lol, but if it's a strictly American -made thing then perhaps the Mark IIs won't count. However, they are AMAZING rifles for the price - nearly impossible to beat, and extremely economical. I want another one just because, they're that good. My $149.99 on sale /$200 retail Mark II can outshoot a lot of $750+ rifles.
  23. My first choice would be Glock but I also (briefly) owned a Sig P226 MK25 - it was absolutely awesome, a dream gun really. They are worth way more than their price, just amazing firearms. I realized I really wanted the Desert model, and sold mine to buy the Desert model, then needed that cash immediately for something else and got a bit screwed, so I don't have a new Sig to replace it (yet, but there is plenty of time I hope for that.) But I really came to Love Sigs ... if I only owned Glocks and Sigs , I would be perfectly happy, and to be honest, Glock, Sig, and S&W are my 3 (pistol) companies really, and those 3 make me amazingy happy- all are just awesome guns. my M&P Shield is like the best CCW gun you could ask for, love it. Glock, Sig, or S&W M&P.
  24. When I got my first permit and FPID ID card, I had sent the paperwork in the first week of November I believe, 09? And as it happens I had vacation the first week of Jan '10 (I think I worked Fri and Sat the 1st and 2nd and then a week a vacation)- that following Friday I got the call my FPID and permit was in. I drove right over to pick up my permits, and went out that night to buy my first self-purchased handgun, a Glock 23 from Sportsman's Center (I was totally starry-eyed and happy-nervous, it was hilarious and awesome etc.) -- and I get delayed. It would happen to me a few times in the future and happened to my Dad a bunch of times, (I am named after him) - we guess there is just someone in the system near our names who had a problem. I was so dejected , the guy was all, "Ok well we will call you tomorrow if it gets approved, if not next week, if you haven't heard from us by the end of next week call us and we'll explain the situation and process further....." I tried to explain, I can't believe I am a problem here, I JUST WENT THROUGH the check, my police dept. issued the FPID and permit TODAY! Well he wasn't impressed, sort of acted like i was probably a bad egg going to be denied, but said I should try tomorrow - call around 1. Well I was so dejected and upset, I drank myself to sleep but was still up before the roosters were - and I counted the hours by and finally at like 12:15 afternoon I called them, explained I had been delayed last night, wanted to check etc. - the kid on the phone says, "Yeah you're golden, come on by ." I race there, post up at the gun counter, and the old guy is like, "Oh yeah. They called with your approval literally as you walked out the door. I figured you'd be in your car by the time I got to you and didn't feel like running after you. And then I thought about calling you and telling you, on your cellphone, but I figured, ahh... he can wait till tomorrow..." Excuse you?! You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me. If I wasn't so giddy to finally have bought my first, self-bought and personally 1001% mine , brand new Glock 23 like my old man carried on the job, I probably would have yelled at the guy, but I just wanted to get out the door with it and go check it out. But still, really man? So I know your waiting pain, brother, I know your pain.
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