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  1. I resolved this question with Tikka T3X Varmint 223 REM that I found on a sale. It is a nice and very boring rifle at 100m range (that I have access to). I put 3-9x scope on it and consistently hit 2" circle sitting with bipod|sandbag with no skills whatsoever. I imagine with skills you can shoot hole into hole with it. There are plenty of other choices; they all most likely will be nice.
  2. There is 1password and 1password for families. It is expensive, it is worth it.
  3. I saw an interview with a person making Henri Cartier-Bresson's prints. He said that a lot of Cartier-Bresson's film was exposed incorrectly and required a lot of work to make it right in print. After visiting a big exhibition of his work I noted that if Cartier-Bresson lived in a digital era his work would be not only properly exposed but also in focus. Equipment has nothing to do with vision if you have one.
  4. Ultimate modern digital B&W (long but entertaining) -
  5. Internet and digital changed what we see and what we share. If you do not control tightly what you see you will get a feeling that digital decreased amount of great photography. It is simply not true. Amount of NEW great photography in the last decade is mind blowing (feels wrong to use on gun forum ) but you have to make an effort to find it in the sea of average photography shared everywhere.
  6. In a funny retro reversal or just teen stubbornness my kid refuses to use normal cameras and shoots with "new polaroid" Fujifim Instax only. It is a fun creative toy/tool. It became very expensive very quickly.
  7. 15+ years ago I befriended a local development lab/print store owner who had several printing machines. They were leased so at some point he upgraded them to the latest and greatest. Old machines used chemical processes, new machines used a film scanner and printer (but kept the size for some reason). Scanning was done very fast, and research showed that new machine's resolution visibly decreased. I suspect store owner did not setup them right. The same upgrade happened to a more expensive high end lab in NYC but end quality was better. I imagine it is very hard to find a real chemical process lab nowadays. Digital vs film wars were finished a long time ago and film lost in every category. It is a fine hobby and stuff but saying that film gives you a better quality is just not true except for maybe some very special applications. There was a couple times when I sent all my digital cameras for repairs/recalibration (aren't we lucky to have Canon repair facility in the neighborhood) and I shot with 30+ years old FED5 for weeks. Longevity/relevance of digital equipment is definitely a concern! Easily printed at home pigment prints have longevity measured in 100+ years when stored properly. Longevity concerns are simply not relevant anymore. I think I covered all hot points of this topic from point of view a photographer who shoots digital for almost 20 years (and film for 10-15years)
  8. I went to zillow and clicked at random houses in PA. It feels like Pennsylvania is auctioning off and foreclosing, a lot. I wonder why.
  9. Tikka's t3x "3 shot 1 MOA guarantee". I did not expect it to be a literal statement Put my big scope on and shot with x24, x18, x9 magnification into target 100 meters away. x24 is easy but shakes wildly. x18 is about right but it is still quite easy. At x9 I could not see this target well but still managed to hit 3x10+2xX with some reasonable effort. My other scope is x3-9, going to use it with this rifle at least till I get access to a longer range.
  10. I just got tikka t3x varmint in .223 for target shooting. I chose .223 because my range is 100 yards max; I see no point of shooting bigger calibers. I also a complete newbie with "big" calibers; I only shot .22lr rifles before. I put a good 3x9-40 scope on it but I am not sure if it is the right choice. My target today had 1" red bulls eye but I could not see it through the scope at 100 yards at max magnification. After sighting pretty much all shots went inside of 2" circle. Gotta learn how to shoot better.
  11. Great rules. Here is everything lazy investor needs to know about funds - http://longbets.org/362/ (Warren Buffett's bet with fund manager)
  12. I am the same way. I usually shoot long guns from left shoulder. This year I installed red dots on handgun and a rifle and started shooting from the right. Seems to be working fine; maybe a little bit slow because I do not have much time to practice lately. I cannot shoot iron sights with right eye though.
  13. Where do you guys find 'less expensive' in PA? No matter where I point on other side of the river I find 100+ years old homes for $700k and stuff in PA...
  14. When my friend who liked to drive fast reasonably cheap (upgraded wrx sti) switched his interests into off-roading he went with used Toyota Land Cruiser. I bet two of these even new cost less than one MB
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