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  1. https://techopsinternational.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Redacted-State-Police-Letter.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1oMdcW3FxaiH3FSJt4x4biosv4QOzAaArqcX4Coce3Anxef7r13_sQlSw thoughts on these? tempting to get one but i don't want to state to say its a no go after I get my paws on one
  2. I'm more curious as to what you're defining "operator" as. some could consider it military/LE or even SF
  3. thanks for the heads up. gonna pass on this one. not worth the head ache
  4. ended up shipping a lower to him and ended up leaving with two. super nice guy
  5. JacknJill-thanks, I've been using the FBI charts Mrs. Peel- Thank you, I'm going through it all now. appears to be good stuff
  6. writing a paper for my degree involving how gun laws do not prevent gun crime. If anyone has any credible websites with info they could share it would be greatly appreciated.
  7. http://www.cabelas.com/product/vortex-reg-viper-reg-hs-long-range-30mm-riflescope/1394450.uts?destination=/catalog/product.jsp?productId=1394449&categoryIds=105591780|105675480|105678180&avad=48247_ece2ed0b&WT.mc_id=al35987&Subid1=SID&subacctid=35987&subacctname=35987&adname=Custom+Link&adtype=cl&adid=NA&utm_medium=AFF&utm_source=35987&rid=12&WT.tsrc=AFF#productChart I just ordered one for my aero ar10 upper i just ordered (10% off aero website). Figured someone in here might want a new scope
  8. you know, they should probably make it illegal to try to kill other people. Surely with laws like that in place something like this could never happen.
  9. do you worry if you carry IWB + worry about a holstered gun shooting you?
  10. I'd go with the 22mods4all upper, mainly because you get a keymod rail w it.
  11. I've looked into getting one multiple times, by the end of the day I always end up looking at AR10s however. AR10 does it cheaper, and is more accurate.
  12. In NJ i honestly don't see the point since you can't have a handgaurd or sig brace. either move or embrace the laws of new jermany
  13. i run a bore snake through my remington 700 and .22 after every range trip but the rest hardly ever get cleaned. (AR15s+pistols) nor need it
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