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  1. Problem there is then you run into each municipality passing their own ordinances...creating a patchwork of laws that a carrier would have to keep abreast of.
  2. Registration (Until Capacity is Full): Individual: $50 Team: $45 (per runner) Zombie: SOLD OUT Volunteer: CAPACITY FULL
  3. That's true. However, SHE couldn't make that change. It has to be changed through legislation.
  4. I think the NJ resident (or any state other than PA) with a FL permit was an unintended consequence. Her idea of "FL loophole" was a Phila resident that was denied a PA LTCF for a stupid reason...like parking tickets...going to FL for a permit.
  5. I don't see "universal reciprocity". With Section 85 being training:
  6. This suit was more directed at the Federal statute forcing one to only buy handguns in the home state. VA was just thrown in to give standing. The folks tried to buy in VA and were refused = standing. If they just tried to sue without first trying to buy the case would have been thrown out.
  7. Doesn't look like their website is active....last "News" is from January 2012. I "Liked" them on Facebook at some point...but don't recall seeing anything posted...althought looking at that Page it is active.
  8. the oral arguements in front of Court of Appeals was today. Start reading from about post #1460 here: http://www.mdshooter...t=88287&page=37
  9. It is. The extra info they are looking for doesn't make sense. A quick google search...not all HE cards have a line for instructor info. Statute says just need a certificate of completion.
  10. They started charging sales tax here in PA last month. I still think the prices are cheaper even with the tax.
  11. But he doesn't actually sign the cards. The signature is printed on the card along with all the other info. He never even sees them.
  12. LTCF...but you're close. I keep trying to explain to folks that if Donnelly can issue in 15 minutes in Doylestown (Sheriff Office), then he should also be able to issue in 15 minutes at any of the satellite offices. They have the same computer at each location. 1 or 2 days at a satellite doesn't make any sense.
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