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  1. I have one of these in a longer barrel and I believe it's a 10 shot. It's a nice gun.
  2. this_is_nascar

    Recent Hague's reviews?

    I drive by it on 295 most days. All I can confirm is the building is still there.
  3. this_is_nascar

    New Jersey

    Paid off mortgage. Family. Closeness to major metropolitan areas. Jersey Shores. I'm sure there's a dozen other reasons that keep us assholes in NJ.
  4. Tried selling Swiss army knives in the past and the posts get deleted from the marketplace.
  5. this_is_nascar

    TapaTalk Released Update

    Any update? Thanks.
  6. this_is_nascar

    NJGF T-Shirt Sales Thread

    Let me know if you end up with an unclaimed 3XL.
  7. this_is_nascar

    NJGF T-Shirt Sales Thread

    Got mine. Thanks for doing this.
  8. this_is_nascar

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    Not looking forward to these lows.
  9. this_is_nascar

    TapaTalk Released Update

    Wondering the same.
  10. Nothing new on Tapatalk?
  11. this_is_nascar

    Cutting the cord

    We've been pretty pleased in going from Comcast to YouTubeTV. I will admit to missing the Discovery Channel and a couple others.
  12. this_is_nascar

    Good shop near Glassboro for Transfers?@

    Let us know know how it goes. I ride by that place several times per week, but haven't had the time to stop in.
  13. Thank you for your continued efforts to get TT working. I really miss it.
  14. this_is_nascar

    TapaTalk Released Update

    Yeah, I really dislike using the mobile access, via a browser.

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