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  1. The majority of campgrounds in the area have announced closure until further notice.
  2. I agree. Less time is spent on forums that don't use TT. TT makes navigation and viewing a forum so much easier for me.
  3. I've always preferred TT. It stopped working after an upgrade, I asked several times about it and after being ignored, I stopped asking. Now, I'm using the Chrome browser on my Moto X4.
  4. Yes, I believe so, although I'd not want to give an attendant my phone.
  5. This is why I use Google Pay on my phone. The merchant never gets your real card number.
  6. Anyone going to this tonight?
  7. Let me ask a different way, in hopes of getting a more direct answer. If someone owned a 15-round mag in NJ with this device installed as instructed, prior to the >10-round restriction, would it be legal to possess and own in NJ under the new law?
  8. Is this a legal option to make a 15-round mag a NJ compliant 10-round mag? https://www.magazineblocks.com/magento/products/magblock-kits/pistols/beretta/beretta-92-magblock-10-round-limiter-10-15-9mm.html
  9. Seems like way too much in spending, but why should I be surprised.
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