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  1. Looking to sell this new-like Hogue OM Series Soft Rubber OverMolded Rifle Stock for a standard Ruger 10-22. I'm willing to meet within 10-15 miles of Gloucester City, zipcode 08030. I'm asking $50. The 1st "I'll take it" will get the sale.
  2. Looking to sell the 9mm ammo, pictured below. I have the following available. American Eagle = 8, 50rd boxes. Federal = 10, 50rd boxes. Buyer must have a DL and FID with matching name, address, etc. I'm willing to meet within 10-15 miles or so from Gloucester City, zipcode 08030. I'm asking $32 per box or $240 for all the American Eagle. I'm asking $32 per box or $300 for all the Federal. Take it all for $525. The 1st "I'll take it", with clarification of which they want, will get the sale(s). This is my 1st FS post here, so I hope I've covered everything. Thanks for looking.
  3. https://www.dropbox.com/sc/q4k7tkftdzrrlim/AAC3oIhv7g2b2TnDMhENQNfUa
  4. Would this help? https://www.dropbox.com/sc/q4k7tkftdzrrlim/AAC3oIhv7g2b2TnDMhENQNfUa
  5. Model #10118 stainless. https://www.sportsmansoutdoorsuperstore.com/products2.cfm/ID/44845 Sorry, I don't want to trash-up the OP's thread. Rick, please accept my apologies.
  6. I know you're asking for a new IV, but I'll throw it out there that I have a Mark 3 Hunter that only has a few hundred rounds through it that I'd consider selling. Good luck in your search.
  7. So, just asking (for a friend), would $.60 per round for 9mm Federal American Eagle 115 grain, full metal jacket, 9mm luger ammunition be a fair price in today's market?
  8. I have 9mm for sale, but I haven't got a chance to renew my registration and post it.
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