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  1. My wife started working from home a few years ago, which gave us a good opportunity to get a puppy to train, since she would be home all day from the start. I also liked the idea of a dog in the house with her home alone, since a solid bark is usually enough to dissuade casual idiots. Ended up with an 8 week old Bloodhound - Anatolian Shepherd mix. 3.5 years and 150lbs later, couldn't ask for a better companion. Low key around the house, loves going for long walks, and he scares the living shit out of strangers. He also loves going camping. Anatolian Shepherds are excellent family dogs, but probably a lot larger than you're looking for.
  2. In central NJ, I've had good experiences with the Mr. Tire on Rt. 18 in East Brunswick.
  3. Just made sure the glass you're planning on drilling isn't tempered.
  4. I got tired of tactical mall ninja knives lately, so I've been carrying one of these.
  5. Very nice! I have an AC 41 that my Grandfather brought home from WWII that's in similar condition. Does your magazine serial number match the pistol?
  6. StriderTB


    Too true. Having a dog is what finally got me to stop being such a fat ass. Switching to a paleo diet is the other thing. Went from 318 to 239 over the last year, mostly through diet and walking the dog. Started lifting 4 days a week using the Jim Wendler 5/3/1 program a few months ago, and I'm really enjoying it.
  7. It is, I've had it researched by the guys over at Sword Forum International. Lots of good information over there.
  8. I have an old Showato in pretty rough condition. Since it didn't have much historical or collectible value, I've thought about sharpening it up and making a new tsuka out of something modern, like G10, and using it to keep the zombies at bay.
  9. StriderTB

    Other Gear

    Another handy tinder/firestarter method I've tried is to take 2" pieces of drinking straw, stuff it with cotton ball bits covered in vaseline, and then you pinch the ends of the straw closed with heated plier jaws. Keeps everything dry, and you just slice it open when you want to start a fire.
  10. StriderTB

    Other Gear

    My favorite method is to collect a bunch of dryer lint, stuff it in an empty cardboard toilet paper tube, and then fill it with melted wax. I stuff it in stages, filling it with lint and then pouring wax, adding more lint, etc. Once it cools, it'll solidify and then you can slice off a disk whenever you need to light a fire. Scrape some lint on the disk, and it'll take a spark really well. I've also seen it done with cardboard egg cartons, but I like how compact the tube method is, and you can just shave off whatever you need when you need it.
  11. My grievance? Clowns like this: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/groups-jointly-sponsor-guns-save-lives-day-on-newtown-anniversary-227246661.html I'm tired of idiots like this making responsible gun owners look like retarded extremists.
  12. I have a Surefire E2D and C3 Centurion, but the incan bulbs lag behind current LED tech. I picked up a cheap drop in LED replacement for the C3 that pumps out 500-600 lumens, but I can't imagine it's very reliable for a cheap chinese module. The light I probably use the most around the house is my Maglite XL50, but I hate that the cap and button drains the batteries even if you're not using it. I keep it with the cap halfway unscrewed and just tighten it when I need to use it.
  13. I'm a fan. From what I've read on the interwebs, the factory in Romania dismantled the tooling, and no longer manufactures parts for these, so whatever is out there in the market is it. They were steadily raising in price before the current buying frenzy, although they did come down a little bit from their peak. The only thing I'd like to do to mine is pick up a Rhinelands Arms replacement stock in walnut. Something with a proper length of pull would make shooting it a bit nicer.
  14. If you can, try to find Mec-Gar 15 round mags, they're the factory supplier for CZ. I picked up a bunch for my SP-01 when they were around $20 each. Wish I bought more, since now they're scarce.
  15. Very nice! Yep, I've been on SVRider.com for a while, but I'm not super active. I use it more as a reference and for the classifieds.
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