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  1. Looks like we have a friend in Judge Bumb. Amazing that DA Platkin wants to protect NJ citizens by restricting their gun rights.
  2. In the final analysis IL has no real choice because; Well those anti-gunners will soon be in for a shock as soon as the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals make a decision on the IL semi-auto law. It's no longer about the city of Naperville because the 7th Circuit combined the state law with it, so now it becomes a state decision. If you're old enough to know what a Hobson's choice is, here it comes. If the 7th Circuit rules in favor of IL; it gets an express trip to the SCOTUS. If the 7th Circuit rules against the state, then Gov. Pritzer has 2 choices, accept the fact that his semi-auto law is unconstitutional OR take it to the SCOTUS and hope that they will find some loophole for him to keep his precious law. But it gets better because every anti-gun governor/anti-gun advocate does not want a state law made unconstitutional, because then the SCOTUS will rule and semi-autos will be made legal in every state in the union. Yippee!
  3. As if I have to show how illogical Murphy and his minions are, I'm printing this small exchange between the Judge and the State defendants in Koons. It is also humorous as a study in language. Under the legislation, a gun owner faces prosecution even when he does not know that the property owner does not consent to his possession of a firearm and by the time he finds out, he has already committed a criminal violation. At oral argument, the State conceded this troubling point: THE COURT: [D]oes the UPS man, woman, violate the law when he gets up to the front door and the owner says you should not have come on my property if you’re armed? MS. CAI: Yes. Yes. THE COURT: But to make it liable for trespassing under New Jersey, it has to be known to the potential trespasser ahead of time before he or she can be charged with trespassing. This law has no such provision. This law says you can walk down the winding driveway, get to the front door and the [armed] repairmen is told [by the owner you do not have consent and] have just now violated the law, I’m calling the police. MS. CAI: And that’s exactly what the law provides… THE COURT: But I think you’re ignoring one salient fact, is that you’re now making it criminal for a person who has a license to conceal carry to not know in advance what that right is. MS. CAI: So that’s right, Your Honor.
  4. If this ain't the best video on why Bruen should be law in NY and NJ I don't know what is! Who is Going to Blink First? New York or the Supreme Court? - YouTube
  5. Where are you SJ shooters getting certified by an instructor for CCW?
  6. eye, I'm not laughing about the revolver. As a matter of fact I'm giving serious thought to my S&W 66 with a 2" barrel. I really like my RIA 1911 5" barrel in .45 ACP, but I agree it might be difficult to conceal. It was hard for me to find local qualifiers so I bought the NRA basics of Pistol online course just in case. I passed the test with a 90%. Where are you going to qualify? Is CJRPC going to qualify for NJ CCW? John
  7. What there isn't anyone that either lives on SJ or has some idea where I could take this class and firearm test besides Woodland Park? I guess the ccw is for the northern jersey shooters.
  8. I am grateful for ANJRPC and their work, also for Gun for Hire. I haven't seen classes for South Jersey. Woodland Park is just too far away. Thanks for any info.
  9. Thanks Kurt for giving me something to look forward to. Too bad they don't accomodate single action.
  10. Yes I mentioned this a while ago about how the 7th Circuit got on the District Court, but I got the similar negative response from some members here. Only time will tell.
  11. Well the 7th court of Appeals in the Chicago case the Chief of that court flat out quoted that people are in more danger outside their homes than inside. Why isn't that argument for the 2nd or 3rd circuit court of appeals working?
  12. So now we're going back to sawed off shotguns and fully automatic Thompsons? That's not the guns that I'm concerned about today.
  13. Just letting everyone know about an online place called Guns Valley in Hammonton, NJ. A friend wanted to order primers and I warned him off. First the prices were something like $35-$60 per thousand large pistol primers. The price alone should be enough to warn off the average reloading gun owner. When you try and place an order Zelle or PP, but they want you to send money by friends/family. Both of those ways make you incapable of getting any kind of refund protection! No payment by check/credit card. large pistol primers - Guns Valley JJP
  14. Let's assume that the court strikes down the NY law. Are you guys trying to say there won't be any consequences in NY? And in addition it won't have any kind of positive effect for gun owners in NJ? Both states laws are almost the same. I'll bet the NRA has a case in waiting.
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