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  1. agree 100% not to mention people sell used like it's new lol this one however, really is a good deal. The first gen are by far the best ones I may have to do this!
  2. I think that is one of the main reasons they don't do this anymore just because it's too much liability
  3. I almost took the head off one guy doing matches in the pits. Not all those ring leaders were safe, competent nor respectful.
  4. Nah I'm good with it. I pay to shoot and like using my range besides, some of those non members treated the club like shit. If members should not have to take a back seat to nonmembers who want to come and ring steel
  5. I had the gen 1 and imho, the best of the lot as these used TC barrels and springs were thicker than subsequent models. super reliable, regret getting rid of mine. glws
  6. I have a pair that I just took off of a x39 if still looking
  7. only bcg left surprised at this to be honest as these are made by microbest
  8. ha yes, forgot and I still have the parts for you in my truck! lol
  9. last two items left, these are good prices....
  10. pm me what you have as I have permits nice price on this and tempted
  11. yup. everyone with a vortex se should dump them and go with this. buy adm offset qd mount and boom; 500 for a setup you can't match till 1k
  12. Botach has the Burris RT6 for 309. This is not only a fantastic scope but one at a ridiculous price. I primarily use Burris optics due to their glass, durability, and overall quality. You need to pay close to 1k to match the performance of this scope (full eyebox, great eye relief, calibrated reticle that is on point, really good glass, bullet proof, lifetime warranty, light and small for a 1-6x) https://botach.com/burris-rt-6-1-6x24mm-rifle-scope-illuminated-reticle/
  13. hey there, I am but like all things, it falls apart. I had several people send pms and 2 backed out pretty quickly. If I do it, I'll start a thread with people payment instructions so people can pay immediately etc.. thanks, will pm you if I do and we can run a post
  14. Tula I have cases but am a ammo whore lol. Id be in for 2 so we'd need 8 more. Ill get pricing tomorrow, he gives me better pricing cause i buy a lot of ammo. Going to cjrp tomorrow if anyone is
  15. I think Steve transfer 2 at one price at a time. I could be wrong
  16. link not working for me but I will say, I've used a few of their no logo lowers and ss lpk in builds with the kids and they have been 100% gtg with quite a lot of rounds downrange. I'm actually impressed with their ss lpk, the trigger is outstanding with zero creep and crisp break, short reset.
  17. great brakes, ebay has a seller that has them (knockoffs) but are fine, I've used 2 in builds
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