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  1. glad it worked out for you. it's a good deal on 22lr right now If you find any 38/357 cheap let mek now
  2. Low round count Colt Socom 14.5" upper (2016) on LE lower (sold the m4A1 lower during the craze). All compliance work done, like new condition H buffer, LMT ambi ch, Giselle ALG ACT trigger, KAC broomstick and rail panels, H buffer, matech sight, all colt except ch/trigger Priced for quick sale as the LE lowers are 650-700 and KAC RAS are 3-400 on their own..........$1200 https://imgur.com/a/MU0c1WB LMT MARS L Lower, LMT buffer tube, h2 buffer and spring, winter trigger guard Magpul SL-k Stock and qd attachment not pinned, stock stop used Priced for quick sale..$400 https://imgur.com/a/HDGPUUx Prefer to use Steve at Monmouth Arms for transfers First to post I'll take it wins, no trades, and if you want it you pay right away like you would on any other board. PM with questions keeping with my approach, will keep here for weekend for my fellow NJ comrades behind enemy lines before moving to my usual sale spot
  3. Interesting Mine shipped the same day
  4. just be grateful they haven't and we can have the braces back
  5. they shipped fast too in case anyone wondering
  6. Thats 2weeks ago and no tax or shipping on that. Not sure on shipping now. Anyone still looking should look at your current links as its still good deal in this mkt
  7. I had free shipping. Not sure if that is still viable
  8. already enroute for me as I ordered some when I posted this
  9. 2k for 109 delivered https://firearmsdepot.com/aguila-standard-22lr-high-velocity-40gr-solid-point-2000-rounds-40-boxes-of-50/
  10. I didn't see anyone say anything disrespectful to you, quite the opposite imho. You're new here, posted a GROSSLY overpriced rig and people were nice the feedback is constructive. Now being blunt, the BA hanson barrel sucks and you made your firearm less reliable with the lower power springs. I don't claim anything in this regard, I just know the firearm you are trying to sell better than you apparently. I don't think anyone would swap the sw barrel for the ba cause well, ba kinda sucks and is cheap for a reason. I could go on regarding the ramps and all but won't PSA? who said PSA? I know I didn't as I wouldn't be caught dead with that shit in my safe. you bring up steel case and failing, you put lower power springs in which makes shooting steel case and low power ammo like pmc even harder so you kind of just showed the hive you know even less than we assumed. Now it's ok to get your panties in furl as it's clear you don't know anything about firearms other than what you read on a presser, were clearly ripped off on your rig, and haven't a clue on value adds vs devaluing your rig. Like I said, it's ok as we all have to learn from somewhere. I wish you luck and post the exchange and proof of funds received as no one on this board is dumb enough to pay you 1600 for that Troy. You will be lucky to get 1k Personally, I think your response make you look like a dik who is emotionally laggard but hey, you do you and all that
  11. no disrespect but you swapped the barrel, what else is really custom on it? Even that devalued this as most people considered those s&w supplied barrels tack drivers and BA isn't Krieger. swapping muzzle devices isn't custom, nor reduced power springs (which I'd hate as nato primers can be hard). I don't see anything there really and you are 1000 over the mkt on these. I find it impossible to believe you put that much into this that you'd lose on 2k. You have to justify the price, not 'if' and the word 'grandfather' doesn't apply in New Jermany. respectfully That Troy (I'd not own if you gave to me due to their past) should be priced in the 1100 area at most. This is a great board, loads of firearm knowledge and know how and it's across the breadth of all firearms. I mean that, I search here if I have a question first as it's been answered. Buying and selling is another matter given the size of the board, amount of traffic, general expense of nj etc etc.. For instance, I've nustled the idea of selling my unfired LMT Estonian Rahe and giving the board first licks which I always do and wind up selling elsewhere as this board is very price sensitive (all compliance work done and with correct holosun 515 for clone correctness) and this board is going to balk at 3k, which is BELOW where it will sell elsewhere. Remember this here as you are new; price matters most on this board as the 80/20 bell curve applies here you are better off selling that on another board but caution, we're 'nice' here and won't jump on you.
  12. Steve at Monmouth Arms is taking orders for a run of Black Rain https://monmoutharms.com/product/black-rain-nj-other/
  13. another supplier Igman https://wildhorseammunition.com/product/igman-9mm-luger-124gr/
  14. that makes no sense as you'd have this with any rifle you buy or build I'm not buying but it's a smoking deal on a rig that gets' good reviews (except the bolt)
  15. put a wtb, maybe someone here will part with some
  16. incorrect port door for the 601, it's a later door fyi it's a 607 cover
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