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  1. Perhaps concealed carry will be Christies parting gift, but the next governor can undo it all over again. Picture a barrel full of water that each state owns. Pa's barrel is full, although people occasionally take a cup from it. In NJ the barrel dried up decades ago and we have been pissing into it in a desperate attempt to fill it again. When democrates take complete control of the state the bottom will fall out entirely. We better jump in and float to greener pastures while we can. This might be a defeatest attitude but I am done continuously feeling unsafe and defensive of my hobby in NJ when I realize that I could of had rights somewhere else this entire time.
  2. All of this arguing but nobody is asking the real question. Will the mandatory training be required for curb side transfers between gang members? This isn't going to make anyone safer and you all know it. I could get behind reasonable gun regulation laws, the entire book needs to be rewritten but I sure don't trust the government to hold the pen.
  3. This actually sounds like it would work :icon_neutral:
  4. It's my understanding that they need to be registered as a supressor. Owning the part itself might be ok but I wouldn't want to be pulled over with one on my gun.
  5. I thought i was doing good but some of these pictures make me realize how woefully unprepared I am for the apocolypse. I need to win the lotto.
  6. OK I haven't been on in a while and saw this thread got a bunch of new responses. I ended up buying the model I posted. For clarification they make a pinnable one and a standard version, the pinnable one has a larger collar and a pre drilled hole to make attaching it easier. There are no other threads, only a half inch groove at the tip for surefire specific suppressor to fit onto. There is nothing I could see that would make it illegal to own in this state and soon enough I hope to be out of here anyway.
  7. Well that seems excessive. Any idea what the original crime was?
  8. Everyone should have at least one AR rifle IMO.
  9. I forgot the key to my ammo box once. Luckily it was a plastic bin and I cut the lock hole with my pocket knife anyhow. Guess there was no point to locking it :icon_neutral:
  10. I like this idea, as I mentioned in my other post I want to get paperwork in soon and start calling in every day past the 30th I am not sure how late the clerk is in at Phillipsburg but I will try and get it over on the third.
  11. It's been a while since I've been but the supply has gotten a lot better lately for .223 and they might still have some Common hand gun rounds will be a crap shoot unless you want to spend the money on match grade I haven't seen any .22LR in almost a year though
  12. I cleaned the bore with a .20ga brush as well as polishing the bolt/firing pin. I even sanded the diameter of the spring down a bit and ended up cutting about a 1/2 inch of of it. The gun works like a dream now.
  13. I am relieved but this is only a momentary victory, a well needed and deserved one though. Go to the range this weekend to celebrate, but put your boots back on Monday. I am enjoying watching all the gun control freaks cry like little bitches though.
  14. This went a lot better than I was planning! Time to open a bottle of nice beer. I will be going to the range both days this weekend with my new AR build to celebrate. The fight is never over.
  15. Thanks njJoni, Assuming we are dealing with section F I guess my real question is what would be the difference between an outright veto or a conditonal veto besides the fact that it would show his willingness to sign it, what are the odds that the bill falls apart again in the legislature? Would there still be a fools hope here? (f) The Governor, in returning with his objections a bill for reconsideration at any general or special session of the Legislature, may recommend that an amendment or amendments specified by him be made in the bill, and in such case the Legislature may amend and reenact the bill. If a bill be so amended and reenacted, it shall be presented again to the Governor, but shall become a law only if he shall sign it within 10 days after presentation, except that any bill amended and reenacted within 10 days preceding the expiration of the second legislative year shall become law only if the Governor signs it prior to noon of the seventh day following such expiration. No bill shall be returned by the Governor a second time. No bill need be read three times and no emergency resolution need be adopted for the reenactment of any bill at a special session of the Legislature.t
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