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  1. I'm friends with Stanbo and he said I should check out the site
  2. Sorry for your loss. It sounds like he was a great man.
  3. wilky87

    New guy

    Thanks for all of the info. Any chance anyone would be willing to take me as a guest to the range so I could check out the facilities, and if you like how I shoot, maybe vouch for me during the review process? I have my hunter safety course done already. Jon, I'm 23, I saw that you're 24 so It's likely that we may know each other. What is your last name?
  4. wilky87

    New guy

    The mini golf course is gone now =/ They are developing way too much in this area. It's really unfortunate
  5. wilky87

    New guy

    Thanks for all of the greetings! I'm located in Piscataway. I will definitely have to check out CJRPC.
  6. wilky87

    New guy

    Hey guys! I figured I'd introduce myself. My name is Chris. I've been interested in shooting for a while now, and recently I got myself a cz75b 9mm and I'm waiting until next month for a ruger mkIII. Today I went down to shore shot and had a great time. I was a little rusty, but I think I did well overall. I can't wait to work on my technique and hopefully get into some competition shooting. I'm in central NJ and I need to find a local place to shoot. I read a little bit about Somerset County Fish & Game, but I'm not too sure what would be involved in becoming a member. Would anyone be able to give me any guidance for this? Thanks!
  7. I've heard that lugers can be relatively dangerous to fire as well. If you do plan on shooting it more, you should look into that. But I agree with the rest... if it's all matching, I say you go out and buy a cheaper, non matching luger and have a nice excuse to start a collection.
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