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  1. This is the lowest I've seen since 2020 on this particular round. It's been stuck at $.35 for months. CCI Blazer Brass 9mm Luger Ammo 124 Grain Full Metal Jacket (targetsportsusa.com)
  2. Phil to Gavin: "I'll see your 16 bills and raise you 50."
  3. My suggestion is a general one. If you're going to use it for SD I'd rethink the manual safety requirement. I'm not opposed to one (see 1911), but if that's what you get, you really need to train often to make sure that under pressure (like 'I'm being assaulted' pressure) your thumb clicks that safety off without thinking about it. (See 'muscle memory'.) From just a safety point of view (as in 'no accidental discharges'), all modern semi-autos will have at least two or three 'automatic' safeties. That is they're always in play and 'turn off' exactly when necessary. For example Glocks have trigger, firing pin and drop safeties. See here for an explanation of what that means. So if you practice safe handling and trigger discipline from the get-go, that should be all the safety you need. And there would be no extra step required to bring the pistol into action. And of course practice drawing from a holster, both open and concealed. Very important. For an example of muscle memory, when I go to pick up a pistol my right hand fully extends the trigger finger; I never put the finger in the trigger guard. Ever. And having done that from the beginning I don't have to think about it any more. It happens automatically. (After many years of this I would have to consciously decide for some reason to stick my trigger finger in the guard while picking it up). Once the pistol is in hand and I've confirmed it's clear, I proceed accordingly. Dry fire the pistol if that's what I'm up to, or load and shoot the pistol if at the range. Just something to think about.
  4. Bad URL. Here's the fix. (Don't need the chrome part.) firearms2001.pdf (state.nj.us)
  5. Hochul in her address: "Does everyone understand what a concealed weapon means? That you have no forewarning, that someone can hide a weapon on them and go into our subways, go into our grocery stores like stores in Buffalo NY where I'm from. Go into a school in Parkland or Uvalde." Yes governor, we understand that. Because it happens every single day in New York State. ALL your laws are totally INEFFECTIVE against CRIMINALS. This SCOTUS ruling simply assures that citizens can be equipped to immediately defend themselves against those criminals if they choose to. BECAUSE YOUR LAWS GUARANTEE NOTHING! NY Gov. Hochul Reacts Live to ‘Absolutely Shocking’ SCOTUS Ruling: ‘I’m Sorry This Dark Day Has Come’ (msn.com)
  6. Happy Birthday Clarence Thomas! And thank you! It's today!
  7. Hochul rushed right to her podium and announced they're working on other steps, like requiring training for CCW. Here's more reactions and Hochul's statement. Supreme Court strikes down New York's concealed carry law (cbsnews.com)
  8. Hochul rushed right to her podium and announced they're working on other steps, like requiring training for CCW.
  9. Illinois Democrats try for free political advertising prior to the midterms. But Illinois gas stations have a rebuttal! Good one! Illinois gas stations cleverly resisting being forced to propagandize for state's temporary suspension of tax hike - American Thinker
  10. The price of gas had a significant effect on the new car market, and not for the better. New Vehicle Inventory, Stuck Near Record Lows, Gets Worse as Buyers Shift from Trucks to Economical Cars, which Vanish | Wolf Street
  11. How will NJ's strict gun laws be affected by expected SCOTUS ruling? (njherald.com)
  12. So if NJ enacts the bill preventing you from defending yourself in your own house, you'll get to carry outside and do it? "Excuse me Mister Home Invader. Would you mind stepping out onto my veranda?" The irony is ludicrous.
  13. Any red lines here for anyone? WED: Assembly Dems to Take Your Gun Rights - Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs (anjrpc.org) Mods: Thanks for the move to the correct place.
  14. Sooner or later I think we're going to face the fact that it's not just mass shooters, drug addicts, homeless people etc. that are the carriers of mental illness. There's a lot of disturbed or full blown mental cases walking around surrounded by seemingly normal circumstances. But they are off. And some of them are in government trying to rule the rest of us.
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