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  1. Now in this market THAT was reasonable. And thus, it's gone.
  2. Here's my hint. Find the manufacturer's MPN number for the specific firearm(s) you want and search on that. There's lot's of FFLs in the country that post their inventory for sale online. For example: UG1750201MOS That's a Glock 17 Gen 4 MOS and there's lots of search hits on it. Of course some hits will show "out of stock'. But all you need is one that doesn't.
  3. Online auction house. Historically many listings also have 'buy now' pricing as well, although now that may be less common if the vendors want to see the selling price run up. https://www.gunbroker.com/ Many have purchased through them. Including me. Of course you can search online vendors for what you want as well, and buy from them if the price suits you. You'll pay shipping and a transfer fee in NJ, but if you find what you want you know you'll get it. Money vs. certainty. https://grabagun.com/ https://www.budsgunshop.com/ https://www.sportsmansoutdoorsuperstore.com/
  4. Remember to bring your FID card to RTSP. They won't accept just the pistol permit. Also, if you have a specific handgun in mind I'd go to Gun Broker and see what's available. If you find what you're looking for and the price is not completely outrageous I'd think seriously about going that rout. You're in New Jermany and have all kinds of time constraints both inbound and outbound. There's also no guarantee what you order will arrive at all, in time.
  5. OK, so the next opportunity to confirm that is when you exercise the e-permit at your FFL. You should look at the screen with them and note whether there's even a place to indicate the permit is extended. And if there is, is it blank? If they implemented this without extending the permits when they're issued it's a significant step backward for those who were getting their permits through NJSP. IMO.
  6. This morning at TSUSA Federal HST 147 gr. 9mm is $1.00 per round. Last year on sale it was .40.
  7. Then judging from the expiration it looks like it did not come through already extended.
  8. @Charlie C @FunGun OK guys, you're not the first ones to jump to a conclusion prematurely. I myself have done that. What I learned was: consider all the possible explanations before pulling the trigger on what might be the worst one. And confirm what's actually happening. It's an imperfect world. No harm, no foul. Sounds like you made it right out there in the world. Now, if Twitter and Facebook don't block your rectifications...
  9. I sure hope they do. And if they do I'll be buying. But I'm not counting on that one little bit. No matter what the result of the election is, I foresee the current supply situation getting much worse. Not better. For both firearms and ammunition.
  10. Right. To be meaningful today a cost-per-round number has to compare factory ammo to building the same round with components, all bought with today's pricing. No trips in the Wayback Machine. With new brass case 9mm going for .60 and up, the components have the edge because re-loaders are a (I don't know exactly) percentage of gun owners. The newbies definitely aren't starting out that way. And at the moment everything seems to be in very short supply.
  11. .50/round for Blazer is a pretty good price today.
  12. Response time terrible this morning around 9 AM. Eventually gave up on a number of page refreshes. Specifically in the Daily Humor thread, but that wasn't the only one. Network server ping time just fine.
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