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  1. Read half the responses in this thread and you will have your answer why things have gotten worse in NJ over the years. The general apathy and selective priorities are why we are where we are today. Supposedly there are 1 million gun owners in NJ yet I doubt more than 5-10% vote to uphold their rights "because it doesn't affect them" (until it does and then it's too late).
  2. Did you happen to catch the price on the 625JM? How was the condition of it? Thanks!
  3. If the limited openings are packed then the movie will be released in more theaters. It's how the movie industry works with small indie movies. Here's from the Assaulted guys themselves:
  4. It always amazes me how many people on this board whine and b*tch about the government trampling our 2nd amendment rights but then turn around and say f*ck other people's 1st, 4th, 5th, and 6th rights just because they don't agree with them.
  5. I would support abolishing death penalty if they brought back work gangs. There is no valid reason prisoners shouldn't be working to offset the cost of their incarceration.
  6. Awesome!! I missed Top Shot and it's even better now without all the drama BS.
  7. I hope they continue to use the Newtown families as props because IMO it's backfiring on them. The political theater is so transparent that even people who'd normally support them are seeing how ridiculous the spectacle is and starting to wonder. As someone else said, I hope they keep pushing the issue into the elections so that people remember where they all stood and vote as many of them as possible out.
  8. Pretty sure the point was to scare away most of them not to kill them. Otherwise they would have just locked them inside the prison with the walkers and the smoke grenades.
  9. I'm shocked nobody has mentioned Nomad's in Hopewell NJ and Osteria Procaccini in Kingston NJ. Best 2 pizza joints (with Nomad's being the better) in Central Jersey for sure.
  10. Great letter Bob! You sure you're not interested in running for office? God knows we certainly could use someone with common sense in our area (and NJ in general).
  11. Assuming my P2Ps come in time, and you guys do this again next month, hopefully I'll give the revolver USPSA a whirl next month. If not, then June. Will stick with production for now.
  12. Registered. I don't feel confident in my timer skillz enough to run people but I can score & record them
  13. Am I the only one that's somewhat glad Andrea is dead? I love the version of Andrea from the comics, but the version from the show I've come to dislike and I'm not sad at all to see her go.
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