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  1. Lavallette Borough: Discussion with a Lavallete resident whose experience was when he applied for a FID Change of Address and 2 Handgun Permits Question: Can the local Chief of Police legally apply the issuance of handgun permits in this manner? Background: * My experience for 8 handgun permits issued through the NJ State Police because the municipality has no local police force ... when I was told the Handgun Permits were ready for pickup, they were dated and signed by State Police * Experience of a fellow gun owner: Bloomfield Police Dept issued the permits dated and signed - again no provision ... ""when you know what you are getting then get them signed"
  2. Plus Two! I shoot more BPCR reloads than nitro based and have tried them all including Youngs 303, probably close to 20 products Have cleaned 4 long arms with the Clenzoil and am totally impressed that their advertising is not lies. They say it treats wood and leather. So I rubbed down rhe stock of an 1873 Trapdoor - beautiful! Clenzoil and Eezox are the 2 Go To products for overall C-L-P (rust protection) Here's a 9 month rust protection test I did using Eezox ... http://www.theopenra...hp?topic=5457.0
  3. David, for a $35 annual membership at Ridgway R&PC in Ridgway, Pa - this is what they have: * Indoor Pistol Range in the clubhouse * Small Bore 100m silloutte range behind the clubhouse * Middle Range: Plinking bay to 100yds and 200m silloutte range * High Range: 500m BPCR silloutte and 1000yd high bore silloutte ranges ** 25 position covered firing line All silloutte ranges, the steel are available to be used 24x7 sitting on the rails * 1000yd - Homer, a 48"x82" steel buffalo I go there 2 - 3 times a year and spend a week each time of enjoyment with usually a dozen rifle and over 1000 BPCR reloads plus 22 LR's loaded with smokeless and black powder The Ridway Inn is avout 4 miles from the range - cheap nice rooms - Wednesday night is all the crab legs you can eat for $20, plus the owner was a gourmet chef and all the meals are excellent http://www.ridgwayrifleclub.com/
  4. I can't remember the other gun forum that did a rust test but Lehigh Valley Lube & Cleaner and Eezox were a tie. Shenandoah is supposed to be the remake of the patented Lehigh. There is no water in either products. Lehigh was tall oil - neutralized to a 9 Ph and the carrier was denatured alcohol. I don't know the actual combination of ingredients for Shenandoah. I use it for a bore conditioner shooting BPCR reloads and foul cleaner
  5. OK, Smokin - the paragraphs are in the link thread, but just for you a picture is worth a thousand words! BTW, save your money buying Ballistol ... the principal chemical is nothing more than mineral oil Ingredients (according to a specification from December 2002) * pharmaceutical white oil: CAS RN 8042-47-5; Mineral oil * Oleic acid: CAS RN 112-80-1 * C-5 alcohols: CAS RN 78-83-1; Isobutyl alcohol * CAS RN 137-32-6; 2-Methylbutyl Alcohol * CAS RN 100-51-6; BENZENEMETHANOL (9CI) * different essential oils to perfume Ballistol You happy now?
  6. May 2012 - Monmouth Co Rifle & Pistol Club Newsletter Author: Doc Fanizio, Vice President Article: * This the 1st I've heard of such a 'recommendation' and also undocumented by the NJ State Police * Is such a 'recommendation' inforceable if one happened to be stopped by the NJSP or any local law enforcement officer? My position is, should I be stopped by any NJ law enforcement officer, their process under NJ State Statute STOPS after it is determined the handgun(s) are being transported in accordance with 2C:39-6 Exemptions. ( b )Directly to or from any target range, or other authorized place for the purpose of practice, match, target, trap or skeet shooting exhibitions, provided in all cases that during the course of the travel all firearms are carried in the manner specified in subsection g. of this section and the person has complied with all the provisions and requirements of Title 23 of the Revised Statutes and any amendments thereto and all rules and regulations promulgated thereunder; or g.All weapons being transported under paragraph (2) of subsection b., subsection e., or paragraph (1) or (3) of subsection f. of this section shall be carried unloaded and contained in a closed and fastened case, gunbox, securely tied package, or locked in the trunk of the automobile in which it is being transported, and in the course of travel shall include only such deviations as are reasonably necessary under the circumstances. Anyone else heard or viewed a NJSP document for this recommendation?
  7. The link you provided is registered with the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (http://www.csgv.org/.) This can be found at the bottom of the page: Parker, done on purpose as an indication of how much Bob is disliked by the 'folks on the other side of the isle' OK, here his NRA 'winning team' link http://nrawinningteam.com/bios00/brown.html
  8. Gentlemen: In addition to the NRA Directors we are supporting, vote for Bob Brown. He is a current Board Member and a linch pin with other Board Members to 'get it done' within the NRA. I have had many conversations related to the financial waste and operations within NRA with Bob. He has rallied other Board members that have resolved these material issues He deserves to be reelected and our membership support would be apprecaited to continue strengthing the NRA http://nrawinningteam.com/bios00/brown.html Thanks for your Vote! John Corney
  9. I have a USPS tracking number that says Bushnell received this range finder on 17 November 2011. Here's how it is recorded in their Repair System: Lab Repair Number: XXXXX20 - my edit Date Received: 11-28-2011 Model / SKU: 204100 Estimate: $0.00 Description: 6x Legend 1200 ARC Bow&Rifle Shipping & Handling: $10.00 Warranty Repair Y/N: Amount Paid: $10.00 Serial Number: XXXXXXXX11 - my edit Balance Due: $0.00 Repair Status: Received-Hold for Inspection UPS Tracking Number: Not Available 11 days difference! So, if you send any Bushnell product back for repair or warranty - don't expect them to have fast turn around!
  10. In your best interests before you call the vendor so as not to be viewed as a no nothing, go to Harbor Freight and buy a set of calipers. Then measure several complete rounds to this schematic ... http://stevespages.com/jpg/cd9parabellum.jpg then communicate any differences
  11. Make a copy of the buyer's FFL ... if you ship USPS, some clerks demand to see the FFL. Also no markings on the outside of the package re: Firearms. Tape the package corners with strong shipping tape. Send the package certified - insured and put the USPS shipment tape in your firearms records with any emails of communication. They get special handling. Whatever way you ship it, send the buyer the tracking number. You sending the long arm to the buyer's FFL, the FFL will have to do a NICS check and fill out their log paperwork - which will include the seller's information
  12. The website is vintage 2010 ... http://www.benchrest.com/shooterscorner/
  13. * Loretta Weinberg, Mrs Personalized Handgun - 2002, signed by McGreevey - bill included a $500,000 appropriation of your tax monies * NJ Institute of Technology contracted to design such a handgun - they couldn't * Contract let by NJIT to Taurus USA to make it happen * Taurus & NJIT need more than $500,00 to develop the handgun concept - another $1,500,000 of your tax dollars poured into the rat hole - guess what gun company got the major of the money? * Loretta in front of camera at a NJIT interview, flustered when asked ... "I know nothing about guns" * Development going badly - Loretta contacts Sen Lautenberg - $3,000,000 of Federal funding poured into the rat hole * 2011, today - Technology not developed for the 'Personalized Handgun' that would have to have the NJ Attorney General's stamp of approval - then a waiting period - then kiss you handguns goodbye ... Banning of handguns in NJ! The best thing that could happen, this Bergen Co Democrat would be voted out of Office! Hello Bergen Co Sportspersons and Gun Owners!
  14. +1 And if you want a fast case drying process for wet brass, here's my 2 Minute procedure ... http://www.theopenrange.net/forum/index.php?topic=7653.msg56565;
  15. j0n, let me also try to dispel your conjecture about black powder fouling a firearm and effect on accuracy. Was shooting the new 2010 lot of KIK at Ridgway Rifle Range this May: I shot 10 rounds of 38-55 over the chronograph using a HiWall. Then I shot the remaining 40 rounds from the Rams (500 meters) to the Chickens (200 meters) with previous settings on the rifle from last year. No change needed for the settings and the load performed with excellent accuracy I did not blow tube or wipe the bore shooting the 50 rounds! There was absolutely no degradation in accuracy. Here's the patches: 1 wet with water and remainders dry ...
  16. j0n, Targets Don't Lie ... did you look at any of the targets on the link threads? Anyway, here's one from a NRA top ranked BPCR match shooter in Illinois. Be sure to expand the target jpg and look at the group marked - No Wipe (3 left vertical targets marked BP) and then compare to the top 3 targets using Wolf rounds http://i704.photobucket.com/albums/ww43/Kurtalt/IMG_1492.jpg PS: 'Traditional stuff' is gunpowder, aka black powder ... not nitro based powders!
  17. Not true. I and the other few individuals can load 50 rounds as fast as any lead bullet reloader does using a single stage press for center fire smokeless reloads: * Loading Tray - Winchester 209 primer tray or one drilled with a 1/4" Forstner bit with a scrap piece of Trek * Powder Charger - any that will drop 4.5g of powder accurately * Lee 3 Hole Turret - With the Lee Universal Expander and a CH4D shell holder/seating die * The Lyman H&I Lube Sizer - with the 0.225 die - insert bullet nose down to finish the crimp Done 1. As said - Stepping Back into Time, because black powder 22 rimfire ammunition has not been made since the 1930's 2. There are smokeless and black powder reloaders - I am a 98% BPCR reloader and shooter. There are no BPC 22 rounds that can be purchased 3. Loading these rounds is no different than loading any nitro based powder rounds for any caliber or firearm type 4. The rounds are as accurate as quality production 22LR ammunition with a comparable 1050 nominal fps velocity 5. Historic Nostalgia ...My 1884 No 3 JM Marlin Ballard rifle, a black powder gallery rifle, hasn't shot an original gunpowder round in eons As glennp said ... Black powder cartridge silhouette. To shoot it with .22, since there is no black powder .22 factory ammo, you must reload. I am a silhouette match shooter, both single shot and lever rifles. There are no words in the NRA 22 lever action silhouette rules that say I can't shoot original gunpowder rounds And it's enjoyable to see the look on the faces of smokeless powder shooters at the firing line
  18. The 2 Minute Blowing Drying of Brass ... http://www.theopenrange.net/forum/index.php?topic=7653.0 If the Mrs won't let you use her's - Big Lots has them for $15.00
  19. Gentlemen, black powder 22 rimfire factory ammunition has not been available since the 1930's. So, 4 of us shooters in the US have Stepped Back into Time reloading 22LR rounds: http://www.castboolits.gunloads.com/showthread.php?t=130946 For those that are interested in more of this 22LR BP project including how to and target examples, read these threads ... http://www.theopenrange.net/forum/in...p?topic=8512.0 http://www.theopenrange.net/forum/in...p?topic=8631.0 http://www.theopenrange.net/forum/in...p?topic=8762.0 Here's a couple pictures that are in the thread. The bullets are copies of the old UMC's ...
  20. Best South Jersey Range ... is not listed on the Poll. The best are * Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol Club in Jackson: 3 rifle ranges (one 300yd (HiBore & meters for NRA Silhouette matches) and two 200yd, outdoor pistol range, complete indoor pistol range that cost over $500,000 - 5 skeet & trap ranges and 12 new bermed pits that cost close to $1,000,000 ... Pine Lands Commission added $300,000 to the cost * Cumberland Riflemen in Millville: covered 600yd pitted (Camp Perry riser targets) range with shooting positions at 200-300-400-500yds, covered 100yd range, plinking range and covered pistol range with lights for night shooting
  21. TSA citation on ammunition ... The complete TSA regulations traveling with Special Items, ie Firearms & Ammunition http://www.tsa.gov/travelers/airtravel/assistant/editorial_1666.shtm You may be interested, here how they check your firearms in England! I almost had a hemorrhage when they walked in
  22. halbautomatisch, I have his original NAPPEN ON NEW JERSEY GUN LAW. Didn't see any reference to what is being discussed. Presume it is in his II or III version?
  23. Gentlemen, though interesting discussion, except for antiques... permit, transportation and ownership for BB handguns & C&B blackpowder revolvers in New Jersey is based on conjecture. A definitive legal opinion should be obtained from Evan Nappen and also brought to the attention of The New Jersey Second Amendment Society
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