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  1. 6 years ago I got into a pushing match with some guy and he pressed charges. I was convicted of a petty disorderly persons offense. After 5 years it can be expunged from my record. Am I going to have any issues either applying for ccw or even getting a permit to purchase? Someone is telling me that even if you have a conviction expunged, it still shows on your record and that I am going to have a problem in either case. He’s far from a lawyer . Just wondering if anyone has been through this or has first hand knowledge. thanks in advance
  2. Sota are those road bikes you are looking for?
  3. At one point during the rain, they showed an in car camera shot of Denny Hamlin’s car. There was water dripping from the roll bar in front of Hamlin. The gremlins were working hard.
  4. Tolls and gas alone would be more than he would save in taxes since he lives in S. Jersey.......lol
  5. Maybe he had another weapon. He was all tangled up and wrestling with what may have been another officer on the ground. Just before he was shot, a police officer grabs a guy and pulls him off the attacker and you can see the attacker almost has a lock on his legs as he’s pulled away. Just a thought
  6. +1 for Ray Ray. I was told and have found that if you are feeling seasick, don’t focus or look at things nearby. Find a point on the horizon, a lighthouse, building, bridge, any type of structure and focus on that. Things in the distance aren’t rocking as much.
  7. Born on Long Island, raised in the Bronx and played skully in Harlem......where it was on the blacktop in the street
  8. Fixed that for ya AVB, MAG, QRST
  9. Remixer, I got the same type of email saying they were going to tell my friends and family I was looking at porno and they wanted a sum of money also. Yeah....and who isn’t. They are getting “creative?”
  10. The state police helicopter woke me up at about 5:45 as he was slowly passing over my house. It sounded like a large water main broke. He then moved off and hovered for almost a half hour over a neighborhood right down the road. Hell of a thing to get woken out of a sound sleep by that noise. They still have not caught any of these guys. Breaking into cars around here is getting to be a pretty normal thing. The police have reminded residents in Evesham several times in the recent past to lock their cars and homes. Some people don’t listen. The scary part is now they adding trying to get into your home to their car break in routine.
  11. TV shows are bad enough but tv commercials are far worse. Its out of control. Department stores, cell phones, pizza, medications, insurance, etc. They pile it on thicker every day.
  12. Go for it. Good luck. Can’t have all the taxes we pay going towards funding a sanctuary state. Maybe they should start repairing the infrastructure and taking care of the tax payers.
  13. Can you file a claim for the wheel damage with the NJTP? I filed one years ago for a county road pothole here in Burlington that took out about 10 cars. They paid for a new tire and rim. Total cost was just over $500. Just wondering if it's still possible to do.
  14. I have a 2014 GT. I have to agree with Cap. That particular body style is the best looking out of the recent models. Idk...maybe the new models need time to grow on you. I had a guy stop me the other day and comment how much he liked the car and he also said the new ones just look too "girly". It may take quite a while for the new ones to change my mind. Girly or big fat Nissans?? No choice there. I'll stick,with my '14.
  15. They were on 541 in Medford, then re-opened on Rt. 70 in Medford. Didn't last there very long at all. I don't know if it's the same crew that opened up in Cherry Hill. Their food was good on 541, but I think went downhill on 70. Probably the reason it closed up so fast. It's a Mexican restaurant now on 70 and the new DiVello's is not far from your shop Cap......you'll be packing on the pounds with all that good food if you aren't careful.......lol
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