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  1. If everyone stays home for 2 weeks we can flatten the gas shortage curve.
  2. Colleges and universities routinely require vaccines. This isn’t anything new.
  3. If you can ship I’ll take the 357 (2 boxes)
  4. Guessing a Honda CR-V or Nissan Rogue? I think the market is friendly when it comes to resale on these Currently have a VW Atlas. Had a Tiguan prior. Leased both with minimal headaches / issues. 2018-2020 Tiguan had a manufacture issue with the sunroof drain line being easily backed up. But my preference is zee german engineering. Just remember the wedding is one day. The suv will be around for a while
  5. The whitest I’ve seen Hudson county in a while wasn't terrible at 6am.. starting to pick up now
  6. Zabuca

    Staccato C2

    The restricted mags they sent me are 126mm. They don’t fit flush.
  7. Zabuca

    Staccato C2

    Zeroed my Rmr today. Very happy with gun
  8. Purchased and used today. Wanted to know if anyone has tried and has had negative experience, specifically durability. No issues first 50 rounds through each side.
  9. Maybe 20-30 rounds through it came in cardboard box-might still have it in storage $Sold Located in Hudson/Bergen county FFL preferred - iconic arms in Englewood cliffs. Others within reasonable distance from Lincoln Tunnel. - All Fees covered by buyer First I'll Take It - gets it - follow with PM *trades considered- ammo: 9mm or 5.56
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