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  1. Maybe 20-30 rounds through it came in cardboard box-might still have it in storage $Sold Located in Hudson/Bergen county FFL preferred - iconic arms in Englewood cliffs. Others within reasonable distance from Lincoln Tunnel. - All Fees covered by buyer First I'll Take It - gets it - follow with PM *trades considered- ammo: 9mm or 5.56
  2. Similar to Mexico paying for a wall?
  3. I haven’t shot this in over a year because the indoor ranges I frequent don’t allow them anymore. Probably putting it up for sale soon. Interested?
  4. I use to work at saint Mary’s hospital in Passaic. People shovel out parking spots and put random items to save their spot when they leave. I’ve seen this before in other places, but I never witnessed violence and smashed windows like I have in Passaic. Ruthless.
  5. 586 L comp heavy on the wallet but will out live all of us.
  6. Zabuca

    Staccato C2

    haven’t taken her to range yet.. but might switch out grips before I do..
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