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  1. Fortunately I haven’t noticed a difference yet in gas prices around the areas I travel - north Hudson / Bergen counties
  2. He’ll be fine. There’s going to be more convalescent plasma and lab created antibodies flowing through his body than anyone else on this planet.
  3. Applied yesterday for permits. Both references received and completed email right away. let’s see how long it takes Weehawken.. Pre-covid average wait was 2-3 months
  4. Yup, that bag of rice mysteriously opened itself on my bed..
  5. Only comparing what I feel when I pull the trigger on the p365 compared to my Glock 19 and HK vp9. It’s sounds more like a thud than a click- if that makes sense. When I take the p365 to the range I hit targets at 15yards. I have other pistols meant for longer distances. The most important thing for me is for the gun to go bang when I pull the trigger, and the sound it makes and the effort it takes sometimes is concerning.
  6. At this point whatever will make the trigger better. I’ll do the YouTube route and see if I can do something to improve trigger performance. I haven’t been around guns long enough to make a diagnosis. Maybe next time I head to range or ffl I can get some more insight
  7. What can I do about this trigger? I have 2 other striker fired pistols and there a tremendous difference when I dry fire them compared to the p365. The p365 shoots, but it’s like it’s doing me a favor when I pull that trigger. I’m a novice at taking things apart (springs, triggers, etc.) and would appreciate any advice.
  8. Seeds from the motherland produced nice fruits this year. Trinidad Ghost Pepper and the bad boy.. Trinidad Scorpion Pepper not many can handle the scorpion pepper. 1 pepper usually last me a month.
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