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  1. Question: is wolf ammo that terrible that I can buy 500 rds 115grain steel case for $200?
  2. I don’t care for trump, but GOYA has donated millions of dollars worth of food during many different times of need, including food banks throughout the US as well as to Puerto Rico when hurricane Maria devastated the country. They are the largest Hispanic-owned food company in the United States employing thousands of Hispanics. They stand as an icon of Latin American success in the country, and bring pride in sharing products from all over Latin American countries to tables around the US. The CEO makes one comment regarding politics and everyone wants to see the company fail? I don’t understand why people would want a company to go under that employs so many people who most likely don’t share the same views as their CEO. This cancel culture shit needs to end.
  3. Ruptured/slipped/herniated discs are the same. However the severity of pain depends on where the disc is and how much it is pressing against the nerve. As I said before, surgery should be the last option. However, @panteramatt seems to have chronic pain and has exhausted other options (presumptive). Typically, recovering from a herniated disc requires rest, modalities and corrective exercise. But how many of us have the time? His situation is exacerbated by his job. A mechanic puts themselves in precarious positions that don’t always allow the use of proper body mechanics. Very tough position to be in and choice to make.
  4. I can agree with you. Our health care system is a joke. However the racism and ignorance of some members is another insight into how lousy parenting is still rampant. I know if my child was having surgery, especially if it was a planned procedure, I wouldn’t show up at the hospital with my head up my culo. As for the OP, I feel for your situation. Spinal surgery should be a last resort after exhausting other methods to rid yourself of back pain. Whether you’re getting a laminotomy or laminectomy, you will have a long road to recovery. Depending on your coverage you’ll be allotted only so much rehab time. Once that’s over I would think finding a dedicated program like yoga (or some other trunk strengthening regimen) would be in your best interest. I would also suggest speaking to your rehab team about TENS / ESTIM to alleviate the pain, promote tissue growth and avoid dependence on prescription pain meds. Best of luck.
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