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  1. Im in Hudson county. Takes 2-3 months to get my permits.
  2. I bought my wife a nespresso machine for Mother’s Day. So far it’s alright but the pods cost $1-2/each which is double what I was paying for keurig cups. I’m still looking for reusable pods, but I haven’t found anything yet. I grew up with this being a fixture on the stove..
  3. This is the only light I have experience with. So far, so good on my end.
  4. Black Aces Tactical Pro Series Semi Auto Fun to shoot.
  5. Are “shockwave” type shotguns allowed at ranges anymore? I haven’t found one around me that allows them.
  6. Zabuca

    Show off your Sigs!

    impulse purchase
  7. Zabuca

    Once upon a time

    Dan Wesson created the DWX. I had it on pre order from Brownells however my permit was ready to expire and the gun has yet to be released. Bummer man
  8. Doubt there’s a range that offers rentals. Will base it on recommendations. Thank you.
  9. Any good reviews/comparisons on the updated versions of micro roni & mcx?
  10. Love my Inkosi. I actually had an opportunity to use my field knife yesterday to help my folks clear out some grape vines growing wild in their back yard. Either than that I take my fixed blades out camping. This is a custom kukri I had made. The handle could be better, but something I’m hoping will be a heirloom.
  11. Staying with the theme of this forum, I’ll mention the blade with the CZ is Chris Reeve Impinda and the 586 is accompanied by a Carothers Brothers EDC2. Both are fantastic slicers, but personally there’s nothing like holding a fine fixed blade when putting in work.
  12. Thanks. This one is my favorite. Cajunized with pro package. But if I was going to cheat on my girl, it would be with..
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