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  1. Was 20/15 for a few years and settled at 20/20. My nearsightness was in the perfect range for good results with lasik and at 42 my prescription hadn’t changed in many years. My ophthalmologist says I’m one of the few that had such good results ove a long period.
  2. Had laser eye surgery in 2000 - best 4 grand I ever spent. I still have 20/20 vision 21 years later.
  3. Good Luck Steve and enjoy! Not far behind you. Charlie
  4. Whenever I picture the John Clark character from Clancy's books I think of William Defoe who played Clark in the book Clear and Present Danger. Thanks for the recommendation on "The Expanse" just finished book 8 which I think is the last one and really enjoyed it. The Amazon/SciFi series is pretty awesome too.
  5. Had one when they first came out and eventually trashed it. Between the 3 daughters with long hair and the long cat hair and long dog hair I’d spend forever cutting all that hair out of the gears and shafts etc. just to make it work.
  6. In San Antonio this weekend and the gumbo here was delicious.
  7. Wow I saw the ad in the buy or sell forum on the fishing site and thought the same thing “ this would be a great place to put a personal range”. If you go with it good luck.
  8. I thought gold was taxed as general income. In which case you may wish it was at capital gains 15%.
  9. If you do find that magic pill could you post it up here. Asking for a friend
  10. Won't the illegals be flocking there in January to get their licenses?
  11. I have 2 trips coming up that are booked on United Flights. I'm not worried about the virus, I'm worried about getting quarantined.
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