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  1. You could try Genesis Custom in Kentucky. He does custom work on revolvers but I don't know if he's done Heritage. TK custom in Illinois also does moonclip conversions.
  2. https://twitter.com/cadence4trump/status/1666467526216417280?s=42&t=307-lsmqDKZ3vx00zddNKg
  3. We both just retired but I’ll ask. Her specialty is beating up car salesmen. Even I cringe and almost feel sorry for them. Almost.
  4. LOL Love my XM but the haggling every year is a drag. I leave that part to my wife as she thrives on making them cry.
  5. Just finished Armored by Marc Greaney it was a good story. Also the Arliss Cutter books by Marc Cameron are good reads as well.
  6. The backdrop in the picture was used in my booth when I exhibited in trade shows years ago It's the folding gray velcro walls with the triangular shelved. It came in 3 cases and was designed to be erected with no tools necessary. It's definitely an older style but may be of use to someone planning to exhibit in trade shows and the newer styles are quite expensive. N/C pick up in Clark.
  7. Departures is also a good pickup spot as long as no one has heavy or bulky checked luggage. The pickup level approach ramp is usually blocked with waiting cars. When dropping off I usually use whichever of level 2 or 3 has the shorter line as long as I'm not checking bags.
  8. Picked up a house in Marco Island last year and have been doing renovations since. Not easy from so far away. Getting things like license etc. switched over this year but still have to sell my company soI’d to fully retire.
  9. Clippard custom air cylinders i buy were discontinued. Custom SMC specialty air cylinders normally a 3 week delivery - now 12 weeks. Parker/Origa linear actuator rails 8 - 12 week delivery (was 2 weeks).
  10. Was 20/15 for a few years and settled at 20/20. My nearsightness was in the perfect range for good results with lasik and at 42 my prescription hadn’t changed in many years. My ophthalmologist says I’m one of the few that had such good results ove a long period.
  11. Had laser eye surgery in 2000 - best 4 grand I ever spent. I still have 20/20 vision 21 years later.
  12. Good Luck Steve and enjoy! Not far behind you. Charlie
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