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  1. While we're on the subject what do you do with old fire extinguishers? I can't throw them in the garbage as there's still pressure in them.
  2. try IHAS (Industrial Hose and Supply) in Milford PA 5702965551
  3. Just think about how much your property taxes will go up if self driving cars become a reality. They don't speed, run red lights etc. All towns subsidize their income off municipal court fines and most of that is driving infractions.
  4. My new car (Jeep Grand Cherokee) I leased as opposed to buying outright. Just do the math. Lease incentives of over 5 grand interest rate 0.09 (yes 9 hundredths of a percent interest!). plus the other BS like sales tax added up to less than if I paid cash.
  5. The red is high strength and more permanent. You have to use heat to remove the screws afterward.
  6. I got one about 15 years ago in upstate NY. I wrote a letter pleading guilty and apologized but pointed out that the signs were confusing. I also pointed out that of the tens of thousands of miles I drive each year all over the country this was my first infraction is almost 20 years. I got no fine and had to pay $ 35.00 court costs.
  7. Just had this modified earlier this year.
  8. My voucher came in today for $ 22.50.
  9. Check came in today!
  10. Father in law is in Marco Island towards the center of the bullseye and he ain't leaving. His house is on a lagoon so he's really chancing it with the storm surge. The Marco police said they don't want to know his address but they will do a welfare check later if we call and ask. We've been calling him but I don't even think he could leave now. Roads are packed and shelters full.
  11. I always had good luck using UGL Drylock to seal up basement walls.
  12. How about Romancing The Stone or it's porn counterpart "Romancing the Bone?
  13. Right now I drive a 2012 VW Touareg TDI. It's been the best vehicle I've ever owned. Very reliable and plays right to my frugal side. 10K between oil changes. Gets about 30 miles to the gallon (26+ gallon tank) on the highway and 24 with mixed driving and I do a lot of long range driving for work. Only problem was the fuel pump going at 45K and that was paid for by my extended warranty which also made the extended warranty worth it. Now I have to choose between VW buying it back for 41,000 - way above what it's worth or having them "possibly" fix the emissions system for free and 10,000. cash. If I opt to keep it though, how do I sell it later if I even can sell it. I doubt it will have any trade in value too. Of all the other vehicles I've owned my favorite was a 1976 CJ7 - damm I had fun with that. Got into a bit of trouble with it too driving where I shouldn't have been. Also loved my 1967 Plymouth Fury. It could take 6 people camping with all their gear and a couple of canoes and still and room for more.
  14. Visual efex in Rahway
  15. Dave from MidState is a good guy and knows pools very well. He will do a good job eventually.