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  1. beachwhistle

    Member needs our help

  2. beachwhistle

    Garbage stolen

    Backyard pickup!
  3. beachwhistle

    New law regarding shipping ammo?

    Of course it doesn't. My FID has my home address and my office os the shipping address as is the credit card. The quote at the bottom of my original post was there reply. Been buying ammo for years and some vendors want the FPID and some don't bit no one has ever refused to ship to my office.
  4. beachwhistle

    New law regarding shipping ammo?

    It's not the need of the I'd card, it's the shipping address restriction. I always have it sent to my office because I don't want ammo sitting on my porch. All suppliers have had no problem shipping to my office in the past.
  5. Regarding the new laws passed, was there anything about shipping ammo? I've always had ammo and firearm stuff shipped to my office since no one is usually home to sign for these shipments. Hopped on an ammo sale form Brownell's last week and they wanted my FPID (they never asked for it before but no problem) and then refused to ship it to my office since it wasn't my home address shown on the FPID. They specifically cited New Jersey laws as the reason. "We apologize for any inconvenience. Unfortunately we have to follow our policy to comply with New Jersey laws. We appreciate your business."
  6. beachwhistle

    PSA: don’t be stupid and catch your house on fire.

    While we're on the subject what do you do with old fire extinguishers? I can't throw them in the garbage as there's still pressure in them.
  7. try IHAS (Industrial Hose and Supply) in Milford PA 5702965551
  8. Just think about how much your property taxes will go up if self driving cars become a reality. They don't speed, run red lights etc. All towns subsidize their income off municipal court fines and most of that is driving infractions.
  9. beachwhistle

    Going over mileage restriction on a lease

    My new car (Jeep Grand Cherokee) I leased as opposed to buying outright. Just do the math. Lease incentives of over 5 grand interest rate 0.09 (yes 9 hundredths of a percent interest!). plus the other BS like sales tax added up to less than if I paid cash.
  10. beachwhistle

    Red or blue loctite?

    The red is high strength and more permanent. You have to use heat to remove the screws afterward.
  11. beachwhistle

    Speeding ticket in NY

    I got one about 15 years ago in upstate NY. I wrote a letter pleading guilty and apologized but pointed out that the signs were confusing. I also pointed out that of the tens of thousands of miles I drive each year all over the country this was my first infraction is almost 20 years. I got no fine and had to pay $ 35.00 court costs.
  12. beachwhistle

    Official Wheel Gun Picture Thread

    Just had this modified earlier this year.
  13. beachwhistle

    EOTech Refund deadline is May 23, 2017

    My voucher came in today for $ 22.50.
  14. beachwhistle

    EOTech Refund deadline is May 23, 2017

    Check came in today!

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