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  1. Second Tri-County. A good friend of mine sells orthopedic equipment to hundreds of MDs around the Tri-State area and he recommends Tri-County.
  2. PSA sends their bolts dry. Lube it up and let it rip.
  3. Yes. Last BCM build I did was w. one of their blemished uppers and their mid-length barrel standard profile. No heating necessary. The upper was a few years old. Is this something new w. BCM? ETA: Just went to their website and saw what you mentioned. But still, I didn't have to heat mine. Maybe because it was older.
  4. A mil-spec upper is a mil-spec upper. I can't tell the difference between my BCM uppers and my PSA uppers. Spend your money on BCGs, barrels, triggers, etc.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I'll check back on the site in the future.
  6. I can't find a link or parts description of their ARs on Modern Materiel's website. Their site looks like a standard drop-ship internet gun store.
  7. This is a great optic if you have astigmatism. The reticle is still crystal clear. None of the "halo" or "blob" effect that comes w. most red dots.
  8. I agree w. the Colt 6920 if you are looking for something right at the $1000 price point. Parts quality and quality control are going to better than the cheaper guns mentioned. You may also want to look at lightly used guns. I picked up a very nice, lightly used Bravo Company mid-length complete upper w. Yankee Hill lower for $700 last year. I put a Geissele G2S trigger in it and now have a very high quality rifle for under $1000.
  9. I rattle can a lot of my long guns. Never clear coated one. Yeah, they get a bit banged up w. use, but that only adds to their appeal.
  10. I like the fact that ALG offers a mil-spec LPK w/o the FCG and no A2 grip. How many of those standard plastic A2 grips do you need floating around your gun room??
  11. Let me throw this one into the mix: https://geissele.com/geissele-2-stage-trigger.html Exact same pull as my SSAs. I bought two when they were on sale for $128.
  12. No need for a complete BCG. Buy a good bolt from BCM or others to quick-swap if needed. For home-smithing, 2=1 and 1=0. Stock up.
  13. I've heard that a dozen donuts can reduce Steve's gunsmithing rate dramatically.
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