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  1. Thanks all. Will let you k ow how I make out.
  2. With the recent storm we found out our sump pump was shot. I replaced it and haven’t had any issues since. I’m guessing a decent dehumidifier is what I need.
  3. Yes 79% humidity. I unplugged my rod and the humidity is staying at 69% witch shows comfort on my thermopro.
  4. It literally grew back that fast. I’m guessing I need to buy a actual room dehumidifier. The temp inside the safe reads 79% as in the past it would fluctuate high 50% low 60%. I opened the door and let it air out while I was spraying it with mold remover and the temp dropped down to 70 within 5 minutes. I also put a damprid bucket in there and all the minerals have clumped together though it hasn’t dropped any liquid in the bottom of the bucket.
  5. I did recently get water in my basement where my safe is. I do have a 12” rod but guessing I should get a larger rod and possibly throw a damprid bag in there as well. I’m guessing it is mold. Thanks all
  6. So I went to clean some of my rifles today and noticed a bunch of cotton like cobweb looking things in the corners of my safe. Not sure what it is. It almost looked like mold. I have a dehumid rod that is constantly on so not sure what it could be. Didn’t look like a spiders web, looked more like cotton. I’ve attached a couple pics.
  7. Liberty safe moved my 1000+LB safe with ease. They have the right straps, rollers, and sliders to do the job. Safe doesn’t have to be from them or even a liberty safe. My move had a bunch of turns, steps, and other obstacles. Would highly recommend them.
  8. I’ve been collecting toy cannons for a little bit now. Mostly brass ones and some Big Bang cannons. I’ve come across a few that I cannot find online. Anyone know any forums or sites that deal with them?
  9. I think everyone is still trying to get answers. Even LEO.
  10. I have a half finished basement. I noticed a crack in the foundation floor running from one side of the wall to the other. Whats the best fix for this?
  11. What is the legalities on the kits above?
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