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  1. I'd like to thank everyone for they're replies. I for one am enjoying everyone's post and am learning a lot.
  2. I have to say I was at Cheyenne the past weekend and am very happy with the service I received. Picked their brains about shotguns and shouldered a bunch. Very helpful and friendly. Will definitely consider them when buying. Good selection of guns around and prices were compatible.
  3. Recoil is about 15 minutes from me so that will be great. UH looks like a great option too. I'm not sure if I'm going to get out enough to justify a membership yet though.
  4. Does anyone know the status of Recoil and/or Union Hill? I see Union Hill is farther along but can't pickup any info on when either one will be opening. Tony
  5. Does anyone have a Red Label I can checkout? I'm close to pulling the trigger on one but would like to touch one first. Thx, Tony
  6. Thx Buns. Picked up 6 today. For the price their good, I have a few ideas with what to do with them. Tony
  7. The one I'm looking at in NIB bought a few years back and put in safe. Has 3 chokes and case. 28" barrel. I haven't handled one so it's a gamble in that sense but like it being based on it being a Ruger.
  8. My boy. Shaba Inu. Vitez 12 yrs old now,
  9. Is this a gun worth getting? I love that it's American made, the price point at @ $1000 is attractive for an O/U. But it seems to be a love them or hate them gun reliability wise. It would be for clays only. Anybody have experience with them?
  10. I have a Mikata miter saw I'd sell. Lmk if you still need one.
  11. Agree. But at this point I'm thinking if I get it in 40 I have the versitiluty of both. If I don't like it in 40 I can keep it in 9. Seems like a win win.
  12. I'm coming up on 4 months thru the SP. Called a few weeks back on the status of my pp and was told it usually takes at least 3 months. I'm going to call again the start of next month.
  13. Sweet.
  14. Sorry I was thinking about the Sig P 320.
  15. Can anyone tell me if I get the gun in a .40 can I just do a barrel swap to make it a 9? Or do I have to get the whole exchange kit?