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  1. Have some large pistol primer I’d trade for small pistol primers. One for one. Tony
  2. I used New Frontier Armory. Happy with the barrel. Gun runs well. Shoot Steel Challenge and Knockdown matches with it. How far out you looking to use it?
  3. Are the Federals Automatch? Which Aquila’s?
  4. Yes they are behind. My last order took 2 months to get. Same as you with no communication, they charged my card but never heard anything. Finally got a tracking number. I put in another order about a month ago, haven't heard anything about it. But now I know to try and be patient.
  5. Join a club. CJRPC or Old Bridge. You go when you want and as long as you want. Take part in matches. You won’t regret it.
  6. I have some LP primers I’d swap for SP primers if anyone’s interested.
  7. I frequent NJ Guns For Sale on MeWe. A few Dillion and reloading sights. I find them useful and most seem to be good people. As on all Internet forums you’ll run into a d*ck or two.
  8. Old Bridge is a good choice but if you want to check out another great range go to Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol. I’d did Range 14 for a little but nothing beats a private club. Shooting different matches is the best.
  9. I have one from KAW Valley on my AR9. Looks cool, not sure it does much else. Supposed to direct the sound forward.
  10. Being from Monmouth County take a look CJRPC. Everything you could want in a shooting range.
  11. Decibullz. Work great and comfy. You can wear them all day. Muff tend to pinch my head and make you sweat. They get hard to wear after a few hours. https://www.decibullz.com/
  12. I think I know the answer, remember reading it but can’t find it so I’m going to ask. Can I have a pistol with a 15 rd mag shipped to my FFL? When they get it they can neuter it to 10.
  13. Tipically what are the optics on the AR's? Is just a reddot fine or do you need magnification?
  14. You ain’t kidding. We’re all mad cause he should asked triple the price.
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