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  1. I'm a big fan of Aguila's 22LR.
  2. I'd be interested in the SPP and the LPP price depending and if your willing to sell separately. I could meet you at CJ one day.
  3. I would add to make sure the rifle shoots 556 and is not a 223 rifle.
  4. The yellow tint makes things pop. That's the beauty of these. One pair for all occasions. You don't need to switch lenses. I've shot them indoors, cloudy days, sunny days, they changed with the lighting conditions. If the morning starts off cloudy then becomes full sun then cloudy, no worries. If you want clear just buy a pair of safety glasses.
  5. Check out Hunters Gold glasses. Excellent glasses, they can put your prescription in them. They’re customer service is top notch. https://huntershdgold.com
  6. Look at Dan Wesson. Quality at a more affordable price. Most consider them semi custom. I have a Baer as well as some lesser priced 1911’s. Now days I prefer to save my pennies and buy quality over quantity.
  7. Very sad to hear. Old school. A true legend in the local shooting world. For me part of the charm of going to Solomons was to speak with him. Always had a story and was a pleasure to talk to.
  8. Walmart in East Windsor typical has some. $6 for 90 I believe. I just picked up 5 cases a week ago.
  9. Sad to hear. Hope he is doing well. Iconic place.
  10. I have Federal 150 LPP to trade. I’m looking for SPP, don’t care what brand.
  11. Very cool. Can you tell us a little about your rifle setup also with which red dot your using?
  12. https://www.njreefers.org/ Check them out. Local club and I’m sure they’d be willing to help you out with info. Keep an open mind and don’t believe everything you hear, otherwise you’ll be buying a bunch of stuff you don’t need. They used to have monthly meeting at peoples house so it’s a good way to check out other people’s system. It’s a hobby you and your son will have to do together, IMHO he is to young to do it by himself. I had a few tanks the past 15 yrs with my last being a custom 8’ long full reef. Your tank is small and you need to keep it very simple. Only 2-3 fish... hardy ones.( clowns, damsel). Soft corals if you want reef. Again ones that are easy to keep, which are still tough unless parameters are perfect. You have a very small tank. Good protein skimmer, research it and get a good one, the best you can afford. You have a small tank..did I say that before? If you can and have a cabinet it sits on put the biggest sump you can under it. The more volume of water the better. It’s a cool hobby. I used to say the hardest part is resisting the urge to buy the pretty stuff you see at the pet store that your tank is not capable of keeping alive.
  13. Picked one up from Shooters a few weeks ago. Buy it off their website, pick it up once your nics is in. They were great to deal with.
  14. Have some large pistol primer I’d trade for small pistol primers. One for one. Tony
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