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  1. I was at Tractor Supply today. They had some pretty good sales going on. Check them out.
  2. I went with a New Frontiers Armory 12.5” barrel and a KAW valley xl linear comp. Came out to just over 16”.
  3. Hoping someone can help me out. Filling out my PTC form I’m not sure what to put in for my Municipal code. I’m Monmouth County with Hamilton State Police Barracks being the place I submit my paperwork to. Do I use their ORI number?
  4. Another vote for Slip 2000. My go to grease is TW 25.
  5. My buddy has a Victory, shoots matches with Federal auto match with great success. I like the Aguila in my Ruger Mk IV. CCI mini mags always have a good rep.
  6. Case feeder is a must have. It works great .
  7. I have a 650 and am very happy with it. I’ll do 300 rds in an hour and am happy with that. That includes prep, case gauging, clean up, start to finish. Can I go faster? ….maybe but not a priority. Does the machine need tweaking once in a while, yes, it’s a machine with lots of moving parts. But from speaking with others who have the LnL the Dillion seems to not have as many issues. 1k an hour seems crazy to me.
  8. They sent out an email today regarding dues. Apparently alot of people haven't gotten theirs yet
  9. Received and sent mine back already.
  10. I have the Mk IV Hunter. It’s a little heavy for him plus the grips I have are oversized and to big for him.
  11. Anyone have one they don’t shoot and would like to sell.? I’m looking to get one for my son to shoot steel matches. Thanks, Tony
  12. Last 2 times I applied thru the electronic system it took less then 2 weeks. I go thru Hamilton Barracks State Police. 8 months is ridiculous.
  13. I built my own and highly recommend it. Besides being a fun project you can make it to what you want. Otherwise I seen a few Scorpions, Angstad Arms at matches run with good results.
  14. I'm a big fan of Aguila's 22LR.
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