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  1. Old Bridge is a good choice but if you want to check out another great range go to Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol. I’d did Range 14 for a little but nothing beats a private club. Shooting different matches is the best.
  2. I have one from KAW Valley on my AR9. Looks cool, not sure it does much else. Supposed to direct the sound forward.
  3. Being from Monmouth County take a look CJRPC. Everything you could want in a shooting range.
  4. Decibullz. Work great and comfy. You can wear them all day. Muff tend to pinch my head and make you sweat. They get hard to wear after a few hours. https://www.decibullz.com/
  5. I think I know the answer, remember reading it but can’t find it so I’m going to ask. Can I have a pistol with a 15 rd mag shipped to my FFL? When they get it they can neuter it to 10.
  6. Tipically what are the optics on the AR's? Is just a reddot fine or do you need magnification?
  7. You ain’t kidding. We’re all mad cause he should asked triple the price.
  8. Lol.....Doesn’t even know what it is and says I’ll take it. You got the deal of the century Zeke.
  9. Tony13

    Next pistol

    Dan Wesson PM9. True love. Look no further.
  10. Anybody have a Gen 4 Glock 17 their bored with and want to sell?
  11. Ibejiheads coated bullets. Not sure about 9mm but just ordered 45 at .105 cents. 3 cents for primers and rule of thumb is 1 cent for powder. Brass of course is range brass or old ammo...... free. Check out Everglades Ammo. Thats where I usually buy my plated bullets. But they raised their prices recently and am trying coated for the first time. Quite a few people at the club use Ibejiheads so figure ill try them out.
  12. Prices have gone up a little on components right now, but like buying ammo you have to stock up when you find good deals. As of last week it’s costing me .11 cents for 9mm and .15 for 45ACP. That’s using coated bullets. Normally I use plated bullets. I’ve loaded 9 as cheap as 9 cents. I enjoy reloading for the technical/ tinkering side of it. The time I get to be in my own zone. Also reloading lets me load to my liking, big difference in factory loads when shooting matches. Depending on how much you shoot, It can save you money and the press will pay for itself over time.
  13. Hold on.... Are you guys saying it’s the weight of the projectile?
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