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  1. My keltec would be more for urban cqc if, god forbid, it ever came to that. That’s if I couldn’t grab my Vector first. Obviously my AR or SKS for penetration and/or distance.
  2. I made sure the one I ordered was not one of the recalled ones.
  3. I had a glock 23 gen 1. Great gun, never had a malfunction. Sold it because gen 2 was coming out. Just bought a gen 2 glock 22 version. Waiting for it to ship. All I will do is add an angled grip and a light on the bottom rail.
  4. Might as well move somewhere warmer and more friendly to freedom or stand and fight.
  5. No it has nothing to do with awful policy in NJ, it’s the fault of states with more freedom! Everyone should be in chains like us!
  6. Albanian

    NICS Delays?

    NICS is slow atm it seems. Been waiting over a day so far myself.
  7. Nj will become the worst of the states in terms of gun rights during Murphy’s reign.
  8. Remember: in NJ bump stocks have never been used in crime. In LA, the bump stock did nothing to increase the damage the shooter had done. It was all positioning of the shooter and crowd size/density of the targets. Full auto fire on small arms is just not very effective at range anyway.
  9. Used my friend’s in PA. Say what you want, but bump stocks are dang fun. Right now, it is only legal to have a bump stock in NJ if you don’t have a compatible rifle. Constructive intent and all. After this bill passes, you could beat someone silly and steal their money and get less time when compared to getting caught possessing a bump stock.
  10. The Vectors come in 10mm too now I think and 357.
  11. NJ is a nanny state. They'd raise the ages to smoke, drink and bang to 30 if they thought they could get away with it. As for NR. NJ will fight it tooth and nail. This state is a joke. If it wasn't for being so close to NYC it would collapse.
  12. I feel it is simple. The second amendment doesn't discriminate. I should be able to walk up to a store and buy whatever the hell I want. Whether it be a pocket pistol or fully automatic SCAR. If the states don't like it then come together on a constitutional amendment but prepare for civil war.
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