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  1. Remember: in NJ bump stocks have never been used in crime. In LA, the bump stock did nothing to increase the damage the shooter had done. It was all positioning of the shooter and crowd size/density of the targets. Full auto fire on small arms is just not very effective at range anyway.
  2. Used my friend’s in PA. Say what you want, but bump stocks are dang fun. Right now, it is only legal to have a bump stock in NJ if you don’t have a compatible rifle. Constructive intent and all. After this bill passes, you could beat someone silly and steal their money and get less time when compared to getting caught possessing a bump stock.
  3. Mossberg shockwave or one of the variants I’m thinking.
  4. The Vectors come in 10mm too now I think and 357.
  5. NJ is a nanny state. They'd raise the ages to smoke, drink and bang to 30 if they thought they could get away with it. As for NR. NJ will fight it tooth and nail. This state is a joke. If it wasn't for being so close to NYC it would collapse.
  6. I feel it is simple. The second amendment doesn't discriminate. I should be able to walk up to a store and buy whatever the hell I want. Whether it be a pocket pistol or fully automatic SCAR. If the states don't like it then come together on a constitutional amendment but prepare for civil war.
  7. Whelp, I waited a little longer to save some money. I am getting a Vector CRB gen II (ODG) in 45 and an EOTech 512 (plus various ammo and cleaning supplies). Already have the EOTech, Vector is on order. Yes I am truly a millennial and need my Call of Duty guns. lol Thanks again for all the posts. I do have a list now though thanks to the recommendations from you guys. It's just that I wanted the Vector since I got my first firearm some years ago. I realized I could just save over the summer and afford it and I am hearing great things about the Gen 2.
  8. So I've decided to cut out potential safe queens like the DE and 500. Thanks again for the posts guys. I'm leaning toward the 500 dollar cost and then spending 500 on ammo.
  9. Turkish Mauser 8mm is also on my list. That Colt revolver is nice too.
  10. I'll let you guys know, I won't have the money until May so I can think about it. I'll post when I have a list of ten.
  11. And me, yall have seen my purple sig p938 right? Lol
  12. Thanks for the recent suggestions guys. I think I am going to go with a firearm that is around 500 and use the rest for ammo. Now I just need to figure out which gun.....
  13. I'll agree with legal and impractical but I think it looks cool as hell lmao