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  1. I joined this forum almost ten years ago. I always felt that we would get concealed carry here at some point. Once Trump got to pick SCOTUS judges I knew it was only a matter of time. Petty tyrant Murphy is going to drag his feet and make it as annoying as he possibly can while staying within the bounds of the order we got today, but at the end of the day, NJ will effectively be shall issue. I am now researching for a solid carry firearm. I am assuming we won't be able to use hollow point based on NJ's moronic hollow point regulations. Gonna have some penetration implications.
  2. I look at facts. I never much cared for Kobe. I like basketball but can’t name you the starting lineup of my favorite team. An innocent man will often do what he must to make people stop as well. There are plenty of guilty pleas by the innocent. Is everyone forgetting the criticism he was facing as well as the support? He was never found guilty and never admitted guilt. He gave a false apology “I’m sorry you felt that way” and that was it. Then paid her to leave him alone. Those are facts.
  3. Yea that’s what leftist media pushed. In reality she wasn’t raped and the defense made her look like a clown. A rape victim does not have sex within a day of their rape.
  4. Yeah, he is saying he didn’t rape her even if she felt she was. It’s PR stuff. She was a gold digger. Had sex with two different guys after being “raped”. Come on. Oh and then she does a live rap about being raped by Kobe. Seriously? She dropped the legal case because she had zero credibility.
  5. Kobe raped no one. Adulterer? Yes. Seemingly changed that part of himself. Went on to do amazing things for himself and others. Rapist? Absolutely not.
  6. My keltec would be more for urban cqc if, god forbid, it ever came to that. That’s if I couldn’t grab my Vector first. Obviously my AR or SKS for penetration and/or distance.
  7. I made sure the one I ordered was not one of the recalled ones.
  8. I had a glock 23 gen 1. Great gun, never had a malfunction. Sold it because gen 2 was coming out. Just bought a gen 2 glock 22 version. Waiting for it to ship. All I will do is add an angled grip and a light on the bottom rail.
  9. Might as well move somewhere warmer and more friendly to freedom or stand and fight.
  10. No it has nothing to do with awful policy in NJ, it’s the fault of states with more freedom! Everyone should be in chains like us!
  11. Albanian

    NICS Delays?

    NICS is slow atm it seems. Been waiting over a day so far myself.
  12. Nj will become the worst of the states in terms of gun rights during Murphy’s reign.
  13. Remember: in NJ bump stocks have never been used in crime. In LA, the bump stock did nothing to increase the damage the shooter had done. It was all positioning of the shooter and crowd size/density of the targets. Full auto fire on small arms is just not very effective at range anyway.
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