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  1. Thanks for this tip. I was able to place an order with this vendor and one other. I should have enough rounds inbound for a little while. I am very appreciative of all the help everyone has given me in this thread and through PMs. Once the orders arrive, then on my next day off I can have a little fun.
  2. This is something I never really thought about, but now I need to research. Thanks for the tip. Guess I know to save my brass in case I end up going down this path.
  3. Looks like it is time for me to upgrade my membership, post a WTB, and do the same. Thanks for all the tips. Today was a good excuse too get out of the house, but reinforced that I need to look for alternate sources.
  4. I picked up a S&W Bodyguard 38. Anything I can get that will poke holes in paper @15 or 20 yards. Thanks, I will have to do that. Today I went to: Heritage Guild Rahway Heritage Guild Branchburg Lou's Garden State Armory Middlebrook Firearms Ottomanelli's Struck out at all. The only pickup was a single box of 9mm from Heritage Guild Rahway. I had low expectations, but hoped somewhere I might get lucky. I was mainly looking for .38sp, but would have settled for 9mm or .40. Multiple places had .45, which I found surprising and more rifle ammo than I saw 2-3 months ago when I last went looking for .38sp.
  5. I bought my first wheel gun a few months back, but I haven't been able to shoot it yet. The vendor was only able to sell me a single box of 50, and everytime I hit the local shops to buy more I come up empty. Has anyone seen any .38 special in their travels over the past few days? I have Friday off, so I am up for a road trip. I am in the northern part of the state but willing to drive about an hour in any direction. I am just tried of looking and would prefer to buy in person if possible.
  6. If you go on Amazon and search "fake tv", there is a little box that has random colored LEDs that when directed at a window does a fine job making it look like someone is watching TV. There is an always on mode, 4 hour after dusk, and 8 hour after dusk mode. It takes a microSD which I downloaded audio of different TV shows to complete the illusion.
  7. I am in the club, shoot right handed left eye dominant. Noticed my eye doctor of 20 years had some hunting photos up at my last appointment. I asked him about it and he gave me a quick test to validate. I now work on shooting with both eyes open. Left eye has always just felt natural, that I didn't even think it was odd until a few years back.
  8. Problems happen with every car, this really doesn't give me pause. I am actively looking for a nice used Jeep right now. Trying to target model years 1992-1999. The hard part has been trying to find one that isn't rusted out and that isn't going to break the bank.
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