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  1. Been trying to get into light-weight builds. Maybe the July Aero kit wasn't the one I should have used, but eh, Murica.
  2. Looks like 18/19 won, so the final poll is to pick Saturday or Sunday. https://strawpoll.com/45sgd1xz If anyone wants to come by, shoot me a PM and I'll add you an email list/Google Doc with RSVP info.
  3. https://www.stagarms.com/model-3h/ Stolen off /r/gundeals. NJ compliant optic-ready upper for $249 shipped from Stag.
  4. https://www.reddit.com/r/NJGuns/comments/75hh7d/november_cherry_ridge_meet_up/ Crossposting this from r/NJGuns on reddit. Anyone want to get together a meetup at Cherry Ridge this November? Strawpoll's up to pick a date and it looks like everyone's leaning the last weekend before Thanksgiving (18/19).
  5. Dude, are you "nonestump" on reddit? I feel like I see you on all the gun subreddits I go to.
  6. https://www.opticsplanet.com/vortex-sparc-ar-red-dot-sight.html Use the coupon RED30.
  7. Hi guys. A bunch of police surplus Magnums and Wingmasters have been popping up on the Internet. I'm not that versed in shotguns so I have to defer to you guys. Are there any notable differences between the two models I should take into consideration? All I know is that these models are generally considered way better than the Express ones.
  8. In addition, can anyone confirm the veracity of this site? I don't want to get my hopes up over a fake news site.
  9. Didn't realize Bergen County had so many closet gun owners. Welcome aboard.
  10. Ended up finding a .308 Remington 600 locally. Thanks for the lead, Parker! Sent from my SM-G925V using Tapatalk
  11. They also offer Model 7s with an 18.5" barrel, but I've not heard good things about Freedom Group Remington.
  12. I will definitely check that out, just wish it was a fixed mag like the Guide Gun (stripper clips are fun).
  13. Hey guys, Recently, I picked up a 7.62N converted Chilean 1895 Mauser cavalry carbine. I should have done more research beforehand, because it seems that a number of the conversions were spotty at best and it's not recommended to shoot them. Two different gunsmiths have looked at it and deemed it safe to shoot, but to stick with low powered surplus/handloads, so I plan to shoot it, but sparingly. However, I do like the overall length (37") and the idea of a carbine bolt gun with iron sights appeals to me. Does anyone have any recommendations for any modern production bolt actions that might be worth checking out? The Savage Scout 11 looks nice, but it's around 40". Pic below, it's the 1895 I got.
  14. Welcome aboard, Bergenite. I think you also posted this to /r/NJGuns?
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