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  1. Hey guys, any chance one of you has or knows someone with a spare 5.45 barrel? Looking for at least 16", midlength preferred, but open to carbines. I can pay for shipping or pick it up around Thanksgiving. Thanks!
  2. NJHoosier

    AR pics, lets see'um!

    Been trying to get into light-weight builds. Maybe the July Aero kit wasn't the one I should have used, but eh, Murica.
  3. NJHoosier

    November Cherry Ridge NJGF/NJGuns meet up

    Looks like 18/19 won, so the final poll is to pick Saturday or Sunday. https://strawpoll.com/45sgd1xz If anyone wants to come by, shoot me a PM and I'll add you an email list/Google Doc with RSVP info.
  4. https://www.stagarms.com/model-3h/ Stolen off /r/gundeals. NJ compliant optic-ready upper for $249 shipped from Stag.
  5. NJHoosier

    delete please, will redo post

    Also, any pics of the Ruger? SA/DA or DAO, safety or decocker?
  6. https://www.reddit.com/r/NJGuns/comments/75hh7d/november_cherry_ridge_meet_up/ Crossposting this from r/NJGuns on reddit. Anyone want to get together a meetup at Cherry Ridge this November? Strawpoll's up to pick a date and it looks like everyone's leaning the last weekend before Thanksgiving (18/19).
  7. Dude, are you "nonestump" on reddit? I feel like I see you on all the gun subreddits I go to.
  8. https://www.opticsplanet.com/vortex-sparc-ar-red-dot-sight.html Use the coupon RED30.
  9. Still available, I'm up in Fort Lee by the GWB.
  10. SPF, tentatively meeting the buyer this Sunday.
  11. I didn't get anything. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  12. 870 is now SPF. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  13. I think I might have some pics lying around, will PM those to you. Pretty much what Granby said. They're uncommon-ish, but not stupid rare like M38s. They don't get a lot of play online and the last one sold on Gunbroker was 9 months ago for $480, according to GunWatcher. It's staying... for now Haha, well I'm now trying to consolidate calibers and keep the ones I shoot. First batch is the stuff that's just lying around.
  14. Crossposted to MeWe I recently moved out and I've had to take serious consideration into the guns I own, because even though the universe is infinitely expanding, my living space is constantly shrinking. Selling a bunch of rifles listed below. If you need to see more pics, just let me know. I’ll need to head back home to snap some more detailed photos so you might need to wait until the weekend. Erma Werke E36, single shot .22 LR $400 Ruger American Rimfire .22 LR bolt action, $300 Norinco SKS, 7.62x39 semiauto, comes with 200x rounds of Golden Tiger and 20 Czech BXN stripper clips, $500 Mosin Nagant 91/59, 7.62x54 bolt action, $400 Navy Arms converted Ishapore 2A1, 7.62x51 NATO bolt action, $400 Remington 870 Police Magnum surplus, 12 gauge, comes with 10x rounds of Olin military buckshot, $300 Bulgarian Makarov, 9mm Makarov semiauto, $250
  15. Hi guys. A bunch of police surplus Magnums and Wingmasters have been popping up on the Internet. I'm not that versed in shotguns so I have to defer to you guys. Are there any notable differences between the two models I should take into consideration? All I know is that these models are generally considered way better than the Express ones.

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