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  1. not sure how this aligns to the SC ruling on the senate race a decade ago given it's clear there is no fair representation.
  2. again, problem here is we are not talking about short barreled handgun. It really is apples and oranges due to the pressure curve from the bore the reason rifles go kaboom 99% of the time with a squib is because there is a spike in pressure that exceeds the initial charge and then physics takes over
  3. Shoot me your address big mouth. can be at your place anytime tomorrow. you want to be tough, lets see how tough. waiting
  4. Im here yiu fuck...meet u anyplace anytime cunt Where u live, ill come by tomorrow..where
  5. Fuck you... if you want brass, step up and offer 150 per bucket otherwise shut the fuck up
  6. super easy process if anyone does this. 5 buckets and $450 later! guy asks, 'you've been saving for a while huh' and I say, 'nope, just last year's range trips' Guy looked at me like I was Waco...lol
  7. that's pretty cool! Beacon in Amboy is 1.50 and I don't mind going there but thank you appreciate that but no worries not sure how you can find that relaxing, man it's just like scratching your eyes to me.
  8. I like cleaning firearms, totally relaxes me. separating brass is like sticking pencils in my eyeballs! lol
  9. I hear you but not going through it. I see they sell 5lb buckets of 223/556 for 175 and I've got at least 3 of those if I separated and at least 1 full of 9mm. fk that, just bring to beacon and walk out...lol I've got zinc stuff too but not as much. that is mostly 38
  10. I have a total of 5 buckets from last year and not separating it, too much of a hassle to be honest. It's mostly 9mm, 5.56 but there is also a decent amount of 38/357 and 308. Do have some 30-06, 45 but like I said, too much of a hassle. really just curious if anyone has ever done this before.
  11. anyone ever bring their shells to a place a like this? I've got several buckets and don't feel like selling etc so called them and they said they take fired brass. Of note, don't have to deprime them anyone do something like this?
  12. add them to the list that includes Troy....why use a company like these????
  13. Back up, if you want it shipped, its extra. thank you
  14. True slickside upper, sitting in my bin Pics to follow $60
  15. Every forum i visit, benchmade is getting absolutely killed. they r fked
  16. you are too fixated on handguns with very short barrels here. Rifle systems are much different, auto to non auto-loaders especially. With any blockage that prevents gas expulsion, you get a spike in the curve that results in the rupture of the barrel. all that pressure doesn't dissipate like it would normally and then with non auto-loaders where you have not gas bleed off, you get pop. This was not such an occurrence.
  17. psa sucks, shitty qc, and unless you go premium, you are wasting your money. the lpk's suck, absolutely suck. their lowers and uppers are fine however that said, kentucky gun co is awesome! also, they need to make this with the m&p adapter given it's the most popular handgun for several years running. time to get away from that ugly ass glock...lol
  18. all the handgun stuff is great but we're not talking handguns, it's a rifle and the length of the barrel would increase the effect on the pressure curve the longer out. Either way, the guy can absolutely get an answer from Henry so we'll find out soon enough
  19. aero is great quality, great deal here https://www.aeroprecisionusa.com/m4e1-upper-build-kit-16-5-56-mid-length-barrel-15-quantum-m-lok-handguard-anodized-black-includes-epsilon-556-raptor-ch
  20. op...buds had colt competition 9mm for 900 shipped. smoking deal sig p320 can be had for 425 area...smoking deal new prices are too good to look at used right now. Hell, beretta 92s are sub 500 now.
  21. vp9 trigger really is the one all others should be measured by. that alone puts it over the top
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