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  1. myhatinthering

    Pistol Pemit Changes

    Plus Craig is pretty quick to sign!
  2. sorry, never in my life or former profession have I ever heard of any training that tells you to draw your weapon and not shoot to stop/incapacitate the threat. In fact, training is explicit in that you don't 'aim for the leg, the arm or to wound' so where the fk are you getting your training? Is this some new liberal approach to LE? Pending on role and training, you aim for head or center mass and shoot till the threat has stopped. Please don't say I don't understand the laws pertaining to proper application of force, don't try that here as you don't know the full background on many guys here. I'm almost laughing here at the suggestion that anyone is trained not to shoot to kill/incapacitate. Now we can debate incapacitate and taking a life is a heavy burden but there is no debate here. You draw your weapon, the law assumes a credible threat to body and person.
  3. myhatinthering

    Good 22LR Revolver

    I thought I read somewhere the Air Force was moving to a 22lr pistol for their survival firearm
  4. Going to sell one of my colts. I looked around on AR15.com and various gun sites to determine a fair price. I see these selling for mean price of almost $900 with none of the compliance work or AlG Act trigger. Not a put together by 2nd/3rd party but factory . This has options.... Colt 6920 14.5", all compliance work done Monmouth Arms surefire brake pinned and welded ALG ACT trigger (if you want the Colt trigger I will swap them out for you) Magpul MOE overmold grip (will also include original grip with sale if you want) has bcm mod 3 but will come with Colt Ch currently has P&S Rails (excellent condition, LNIB) with correct cage code, will not include these unless you pay $100 extra (which is almost half what they go for on Arfcom) Scope not included, low round count, like sighted in low $800 without P&S Rails, panels, broomstick......$900 with, obviously a much better deal with given what they go for I will pay half of transfer, can meet at ffl halway or use Steve at Monmouth Arms because he's such a great guy:):) seriously however, we can figure that out.
  5. myhatinthering

    looking to buy my first rifle

    Lot of truth here but its different learning to shoot on Uncle Sam's dime than on your own for most people. And as I've gotten to know you, you also learned to shoot when Marksmanship mattered and a lot of those former le were former military which is simply not the case today so there are some fundamental differences. But great post!
  6. myhatinthering

    looking to buy my first rifle

    Loser response
  7. myhatinthering

    looking to buy my first rifle

    Everybody I knew that had a scar sold it
  8. myhatinthering

    Tips for new gun owners or anybody else

    I can shoot equally well with both hands as that is how I was trained. Then again, I hit over 400 from both sides of the plate and was a lefty until 9.:):) seriously though, could not agree more in that people need to be proficient with both hands and learn how to shoot with just one hand and in different positions. I personally like the way the Israelis used to teach it and that is how I learned when I was younger. Rosey, where is this at every 2nd Friday?
  9. myhatinthering

    Safe dehumidifier

    I use these and they work great
  10. myhatinthering

    "Responsible" Training?

    What a load of bs!!!!! wow
  11. hoping it gets tons of traction but we need massive marketing and need to get the news out. Need everyone talking about it and make it something for the other side to fear, our side to condone, and the middle to wonder.....that is how you win elections need to be held the week that taxes are due!
  12. myhatinthering

    Good 22LR Revolver

    at $100, you will love the rough rider and it's a 4 clicker! not a bad plan but do get the 617, it's just really fun to shoot and incredibly accurate.
  13. myhatinthering

    Backpack AR

    I think I hate you....lol great looking stick, dripping with envy:):)
  14. myhatinthering

    "Responsible" Training?

    I mean look at the end with the one yoyo pivoting on his tops of his feet much less doing a mag change and needing to take his eyes off the target (with people in front) to execute the change and reconnect with the targets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bad....very very bad
  15. myhatinthering

    "Responsible" Training?

    no doubt but the people participating are actually worse. With the instructor, if we can call him that, you've got one dumbass that needs to be fired and removed from firearms. With the participants, there are mulitiple and no warning bells go off? This is exactly why I hate the mall ninja crowd. Training, legitimate training is one thing but way too much is simply about making coin and taking advantage of wannabes
  16. myhatinthering

    Had an accident at the range today need advice..

    I like that but not at 119.
  17. myhatinthering

    "Responsible" Training?

    holy shit! not sure who is dumber, the class instructor or the people participating. WTF is wrong with people!!!!! every single one of those persons involved should have their guns removed
  18. myhatinthering

    Where are the Colt SAA’s?

    I have an uberti, nothing closer to the real thing and mine is a 4 clicker. common misconception is that Ruger is stronger but that has been dispelled. At less than $40, cimmaron is a no brainer here
  19. myhatinthering


    Boom, down goes Frasier!!!!!! Asbury Park full of liberal democrats......suck on that!!!!! lol
  20. myhatinthering

    AR pics, lets see'um!

    lol...TOTALLY! It's why I don't go into my spare parts cabinet!
  21. myhatinthering

    6.5 grendel in 16 inch barell

    yes there are and it requires a AR10 lower best bet is to build one as it's the same as a 308 except for the barrel. Of note, you want a hp bolt and bear in mind, you'll get less mileage out of your barrel as the 6.5cm eats barrels faster however, it's really the sweet spot for performance. 308 is still king and will be for a long time and especially as pricing continues to fall overall/relative to the ar15 but for accuracy at distance and required punch, 6.5cm I'm building one as we speak. Just found a source for aero m5 lowers for 103 shipped (stripped of course)
  22. myhatinthering

    Where are the Colt SAA’s?

    Cimmaron has one for 357 and 45lc at 380 https://www.cheapassammo.com/products/handguns-cimarron-ppp357-844234129942-2413

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