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  1. never pass SC muster. let them pass it, challenge and take to SC and then we can put a nail in their coffin for good
  2. e arms has aero lowers for 50, lpk for 35, both free shipping. Don't overpay, ship to your ffl and boom. If not, Steve has Anderson for like 60 out the door and lpk are cheap enough to get. if buying from forum, deduct the transfer fees. No way you should pay those on a ftf transaction
  3. Outstanding, that's great to know as much as I love Steve and I do love Steve, sometimes it's hard to get all the way out there so it's nice to have another option. I'll check them out. Thank you
  4. middletown here, never heard of modern material. what who? the only real option for us really, everything else is just not good enough imho
  5. interesting, I may give it a go. I usually use break cleaner and never had an issue but open to try new things like so I'll research more on it. thanks for the tip
  6. more importantly is the financial issues discussed in the NRA's suit against NY.
  7. lol...ok truth is, you really haven't a clue about what you're talking about and then cite an 13yr old article that shows no statistics to support your premise nor does it cite any studies instead, it's speaks to a bs example of a fking goat. I think it's you that doesn't understand how to read an article. Like I said, educate yourself because you look fking retarded here
  8. Jesus where do I begin? I mean that respectfully as I can't put it anymore eloquently. I suggest you do A LOT more research, refrain from outliers when trying to bring the topic to a 'mean' and for the love of God, take down the article you just posted because if one my junior analysts used that to support their argument, I'D FIRE THEM. The only thing you said that I agree with is your love for 06 as that is my favorite caliber as well in 20yrs, all of this will not matter with the new body molding armor stuff being developed anyway.
  9. I just want to add that this has turned funny
  10. what do the classes entail, what is needed?
  11. when does the SC hit this
  12. I didn't see the ';)' thanks
  13. I've not seen that one. have a link?
  14. that easy, what are they trying to accomplish