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  1. Rainets ss select is highly underrated as well. I had one that loved smk's and printed clover leafs all day still, we're talking light bullets, not optimal for accuracy shooting. go heavier
  2. Far ahead of us in metallurgy, missile systems, delivery, chem, and matched on hardware design. pick your poison
  3. U gonna do some in the 15 round body? Love your mags, all I own and not a magpul fan Thx
  4. Agree on Hugo. unless Soviet, go yugo
  5. In a house, u really only need a light wipe down once a decade
  6. What about Taurus or. reviews are outstanding
  7. Whatever Sig fan says, look at his avatar
  8. Shipping? Psa just had 1k at 200...damn
  9. age limit will not stand SC scrutiny
  10. Once it gets to 350, then I'll sign the boys up
  11. Damn...no longer available and I'm buying glass from cabelas
  12. I will try this
  13. Can u use this on already discounted item?