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  1. You really need to ask? the profession has been going downhill for some time. I think loggers might be a smarter group
  2. Politicians and cops that enforce these unconstitutional laws need to removed from office and tge force....period
  3. I'm saying that if the people want a different outcome then make it happen. Civil disobedience doesn't have to be violent
  4. No
  5. bobby in asbury does chroming but not sure for firearms
  6. still have the wra?
  7. disagree you get 10k patriots in trenton with firearms and they will notice. You get people to join from all over and grow that civil disobedience, they will notice. Our rights are not negotiable, we've done too much of that enough is enough...can you imagine if some group starting popping off anti 2a elected officials? See how fast they table things then (not saying I want that to happen that way)
  8. AR for home defense is not an optimal choice by a long stretch
  9. love it
  10. why? .357 loaded to older specs is more than enough for just about anything you'll ever see in NA
  11. no...if no one complies, if we ALL show up in Trenton with our gun, what are they gonna do? Seriously, you think LE is gonna want to engage with thousands of persons showing up with guns? it's time to just say no
  12. its' high
  13. Now if I could only find some good 357 on sale
  14. 36gr is back in stock...hurry
  15. Yeah the 36 is GREAT stuff. don't hate on the 38 though, it's accurate, clean and reliable.