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  1. myhatinthering

    Benchmade, fail

    add them to the list that includes Troy....why use a company like these????
  2. myhatinthering

    -wts-20" heavy barrel, 5.56 with fsb

    Back up, if you want it shipped, its extra. thank you
  3. True slickside upper, sitting in my bin Pics to follow $60
  4. myhatinthering

    Benchmade, fail

    Every forum i visit, benchmade is getting absolutely killed. they r fked
  5. myhatinthering

    Whats the story behind this? Henry Rifle Kaboom

    you are too fixated on handguns with very short barrels here. Rifle systems are much different, auto to non auto-loaders especially. With any blockage that prevents gas expulsion, you get a spike in the curve that results in the rupture of the barrel. all that pressure doesn't dissipate like it would normally and then with non auto-loaders where you have not gas bleed off, you get pop. This was not such an occurrence.
  6. myhatinthering

    Ruger PC 9 Carbine!

    psa sucks, shitty qc, and unless you go premium, you are wasting your money. the lpk's suck, absolutely suck. their lowers and uppers are fine however that said, kentucky gun co is awesome! also, they need to make this with the m&p adapter given it's the most popular handgun for several years running. time to get away from that ugly ass glock...lol
  7. myhatinthering

    Whats the story behind this? Henry Rifle Kaboom

    all the handgun stuff is great but we're not talking handguns, it's a rifle and the length of the barrel would increase the effect on the pressure curve the longer out. Either way, the guy can absolutely get an answer from Henry so we'll find out soon enough
  8. myhatinthering

    Aero deal

    aero is great quality, great deal here https://www.aeroprecisionusa.com/m4e1-upper-build-kit-16-5-56-mid-length-barrel-15-quantum-m-lok-handguard-anodized-black-includes-epsilon-556-raptor-ch
  9. op...buds had colt competition 9mm for 900 shipped. smoking deal sig p320 can be had for 425 area...smoking deal new prices are too good to look at used right now. Hell, beretta 92s are sub 500 now.
  10. back up, I am not shipping unless on your dime. thank you NJ legal (bayo lug taken off) Model 1 sales 20" heavy barrel marked 5.56, 1/9 twist in great condition with very low round count. Chrome lined... Cerakoted black for a 'retro dark ops' buid I had. only selling cause it's sitting in my parts bin and I have zero need for it $100....you will not find a better deal '185 new plus shipping on their website'
  11. myhatinthering

    H&k vp9 or h&k p30 v3

    vp9 trigger really is the one all others should be measured by. that alone puts it over the top
  12. myhatinthering

    Dna genealogy kits

    yes I know all about the military, the requirements and reasoning and stated that is not an issue or what I meant. absolutely against any dna extraction unless guilty, it's the libertarian in me. I recognize the strain it puts on investigations but it's what I believe in. I am a strong advocate of innocent until proven guilty would gladly see 99 guilty go free for the sake of one innocent being wrongfully convicted. If you voluntarily submit to dna upon arrest, great and no issue with it mail in tests are no different than the test conducted for paternity etc. DNA is unique in that there are no outliers in the data. It's a fascinating conundrum for statisticians
  13. myhatinthering

    Whats the story behind this? Henry Rifle Kaboom

    love threads like this though
  14. myhatinthering

    Dna genealogy kits

    military is different and I recognize it as such. I am referring more to the recent law that suspects can have dna taken disagree on the 3% margin here however given dna doesn't fall into normal statistical sampling methods. There is no 95% match in sibling dna, it's either 99.9 or next to zero. DNA is fascinating, accurate, and does not lie
  15. myhatinthering

    Dna genealogy kits

    your dna should never be allowed to be taken without consent imho. that said, these things are not really that accurate imho. We did it and I know my family lineage as I've seen headstones that date to 1300, know the family history well for both sides and the results were mixed. You have to understand how the sampling works and how to read the concentric circles they use to pinpoint. Just think, how does 2 girls from same family have 1 miss 3% of a heritage when DNA is supposed to be 99.9% accurate?

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