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  1. Dont need a law degree here. are they currently illegal? Has nappen been wrong before? my cop family says december as well Ar mags included?
  2. he's wrong, they are not illegal until December so if they are not illegal, transport and use are still permitted. Nappen has been wrong before
  3. can still use 15 rounders until they are illegal
  4. would love to do this what did the class run?
  5. great deal on that ammo
  6. the asc ones need to be the ss model with the enhanced follower. I have both and the asc are excellent. Only had issues with one of my c-products so I trashed it
  7. is that before the courts? can't see how that's legal
  8. was the 6" model 66 still there?
  9. then don't do business with them, not sure what to tell you. I'd rather wait for a good product and have the qc there than them just pumping out stuff. You will be happy once you get it and if you are not, I'll buy it from you full price plus shipping. and I'm not trying to sound like a dik, tone doesn't come across here:)
  10. c'mon, they used to have 99 if you waited and 149.00 if you got it right away. If you can't wait, order something else. Wait time is never long. It's the best 2 stage trigger out there at anything less than 250, evidenced by the backorder.
  11. sale is till end of year. I plan on buying 2 more
  12. We've already seen judges in the fed circuit question if mag restrictions are really a safety concern seeing as how more than half of 'mass shooting's are with capacities less than the federal limit. Now with Trump putting in more judges at the circuit level and SC, the libs have got an uphill battle to prove. Once this is ruled at that level, we'll see the restrictions on brakes etc next brought to the court.
  13. you have it wrong, his rationale is admitted bias is going to make for an overturn in the higher courts. The worst thing these libs could do is have this go to higher federal courts to be struck down. They have overplayed their hand. I commend the groups fighting this, need to donate more
  14. lots of new developments in small arms, should be an interesting few decades for sure
  15. Anybody interested in doing this?