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  1. Thats AWESOME, used for ammo. love it!
  2. get them while you can, the sell for over a hundred on ar15.com https://www.armsunlimited.com/Colt-AR15-M4-Mil-Spec-Lower-Parts-Kit-p/spk99796.htm
  3. How much for ruger lower
  4. Outstanding. kac rails next?
  5. I just posted a bunch of metal ones, 2 colors
  6. Nice...briwnells or ar15.com?
  7. Buy the lower, then get socom upper. best option for 6920 right now imho
  8. Just posted some. thgey are excellent
  9. L9ve academy, outstanding deal. I need one for .45
  10. CR is new serial # prefix
  11. 315!....
  12. You can still have the real thing, only you have to have a break not the A2 Birdcage but you can buy an A2 Birdcage that's closed off like a break and you shave the lugs I've got three of them they're great
  13. 1,2 k. I'm open I can order, prices are good but asking here and mewe 1st:)
  14. Wish academy would run the 36gr high velocity copper hp by federal again