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  1. Also gun clubs in this state need to have open days where we can bring more people into the fold. They need classes and advertising for those classes so that more women and children go. The real problem is the way that gun rights have been marketed and the NRA and other groups had failed miserably there. We should not allow liberals to frame the debate. I'm tired of hearing the bogus statistics on gun violence and instead we should be hearing about nothing but stories where guns saved lives and we should have a little old lady out there talking about how she was going to be raped or her daughter was going to be raped or her children were going to be killed but the gun save them.
  2. It's not a lost cause, the problem is that the Supreme Court has punted on way too many to a cases. I don't think that is going to be the case now with our maturity and hopefully Ginsberg die soon and then we can just run roughshod through all of this nonsense. The state of New Jersey has relented every time they thought they were going to lose and it's important now that we continue fighting at every Court opportunity because the courts are now being loaded with conservatives and 2A supporters
  3. no, Nappen was using hyperbole cmon people
  4. outstanding. we need to sticky this here and add to it
  5. lol @ moms demand action. Maybe they should be home raising decent kids instead of hood rats, delinquents and idiots! Adults have become dumber, needier, and less stable over the past 2 decades and I blame libs
  6. amen!!!!
  7. I think it's a good list to have and distribute. Can we start this?
  8. lost on the masses is that McCarthy was right given the release of Soviet docs after the fall. Damn FDR had a spy at his side!
  9. I try not to use any anti 2a companies or buy Chinese if I can help it. The problem is, we need a list of anti 2a companies. Perhaps a sticky?????? #maksim ?
  10. lol...I say 'get lost' and shut the door and if anyone does anything other than that then you are a complete moron friendly???? they are wasting my time, their time, my money and resources of the taxpayer and you want a friendly good bye? how about......GET LOST... seriously people, they work for us........
  11. really nice but I'll pass. I'm not a cheap guy but that's the price of a new gun! looks great however!
  12. That is outstanding, how much was that
  13. gotcha, thank you gotcha, thank you for that clarification. I'm driving to the range as we speak and I was about to lose my shit LOL. in case anyone wonders, I pulled over for gas so I am not driving and texting lol
  14. wait, what are you talkin about? Are you saying now that the state is going to keep a record of magazines that are purchased?
  15. I like I like this handgun so much I'm now going to get one in a 45 caliber