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  1. If everyone obeyed these laws nobody would be target practicing offshore with .long or short guns
  2. I will be testing some reduced loads for my Commander will update you on performance
  3. F`em, I will not comply
  4. so much for the skittles, greybar has 2 additional guests pity the poor football/ professional future stars
  5. Security guard with real gun shoots 2 robbers with a fake gun https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=45b_1515943424
  6. Besides the bump stock prohibition, state lawmakers gave final approval Monday to a bill, A-2374, that would require the New Jersey Attorney General to establish an anonymous statewide “criminal body return” program where citizens could voluntarily surrender criminals without penalty for a monetary reward. Officials would be obligated to hold at least three events per year throughout the state, at least one of which must be held in an urban area with a high crime. The program would be paid for through forfeiture funds and private donations. Some people will find any reason to attack proposals meant to protect the public from criminal violence,” said sponsor, Assemblyman Lou Greenwald, D-Camden/Burlington. “This bill would simply give gun owners who want to get rid of criminals another avenue to do so. Surely this is something even they can get behind.” The Senate passed the measure, 28-7, while the Assembly approved the bill, 51-6.
  7. Speaking of generators I have this belt driven one1200 watt used it when I was building my house. selling it pm`s only
  8. UHGC is a indoor private range , 25 Yd ports upstairs, 50 Yd ports downstairs, rated to 50 BMG pistol, rifle, shotgun(buckshot or slugs only) member lounge.
  9. 25 Mott Avenue. Monroe, NJ 08831
  10. Home General Information Updates Pricing Contact Us Pricing -Yearly Membership: $279 per year ($249 for the first year if you sign up during our first month of operation) -Hourly Lane Rentals: $20 per hour We are still working on some other membership options As of now, we do not plan on offering any pre-construction membership specials. We do not think it is a good business practice to take money from our customers until the day we open our doors due to the intricacies of a project to this scale. We hope you understand our decision.
  11. wonder how many will dig up their semi if this passes The bill exempts from the 10 round limitation those semi - 35 automat ic rifles which have an attached tubular magazine and which 36 are capable of operating only with .22 caliber rimfire ammunition. 37 This exemption would permit the sale and possession of a popular 38 beginner gun, the Marlin Model 60, often referred to as the “Bo y Scout 39 gun.” These firearms are low caliber and the attached tubular 40 magazine cannot be quickly reloaded.
  12. shoot and shovel, it`s still fertilizer
  13. are you mechanically capable of remove the motor to oil the bearings On a side note for those with HWBB , have a new circ pump standing by with bolts and gaskets because nothing ever happens in the summer.
  14. Then they might as well outlaw Home Depot`s and Sears and Mc Master Carr too
  15. Go to your favorite store that will sell to you Make the purchase in CASH Return by a different route Drive responsibly to not attract attention, take the wife ,kids, etc Never consent to any type of search , make them get a search warrant Be Polite too