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  1. Like the title says, are they legal in NJ
  2. Go to love these"Bidenomics"
  3. Bought one a long time ago called "Squire" from a store on Route 22
  4. Try to find a good smith is the problem. Had my Ithaca M37 for scope bases done a long time ago
  5. A correctly fitted stock according to your body is what make a gun shoot straight
  6. post an accurate ID and I can make something
  7. They want the guns locked up and the ammo locked up ,so does keeping a tactical shotty loaded and locked up considered the same?
  8. There are many who carry a throwaway piece just in case its needed to save your life. Can always say you struggled over "his gun" and it accidently went off
  9. The way this country is heading I`d be buying and keeping as much as I could
  10. http://www.barrelexchange.com/index.cfm?PageNum_bl=6
  11. Probably if he drove to New Brunswick he could just get one on any street corner cash and carry
  12. Hey VZ guy ,active or retied and from what garage(s)
  13. If its true JM one, leave it alone and get a Remlin to cut
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