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  1. I can only hope the security is top notch .Those building are a few years old and not hardened. Can always use a good gunsmith too, there getting few and far between
  2. Lets shut them down, keep calling 407-554-5516
  3. They have opened the exterior garage door twice in 3 days That is a B&E ,you have the right to eliminate the threat to your life legally.
  4. Shoot Shovel Shut up For a fee you can have snipers in the wood lot
  5. Not to worry, once we are declared New Jersey Felons, the iron pipeline will be welcoming us . Just like Corzine this asshole governor is all smoke and mirrors and will be a 1 termer and to top it off is was the stupid Democrats who elected him . Hey DemocRATS, wake up before it`s too late
  6. Didnt Corzine try the same smoke and mirror tax raising scheme?
  7. I`d say scam, the other driver was reckless in their attempt to park the vehicle . Sue them for reckless endangerment , loss of consort, and vehicle damages Moving vehicle strikes a parked vehicle , moving drivers fault
  8. And this state wonders why the iron pipeline is in full flow, the bull shit paperwork and why millions of dollars leave this state with people exiting new jersey for better states. Next will be a certified letter that your nor a medicinal weed user
  9. then again at $10.00 /Round .http://www.ammo-one.com/8Gauge.html
  10. Still LMAO at the video. She needs to be examined.. That "Democratic Disease" is contagious. I feel sorry for her Daughter being so embarased in the video.
  11. But you can purchase F2F in Newark, Trenton, Camden or and other inner city location. In New Jersey endeavor to be the Best You can be , FELON that is.
  12. There only illegal for legal citizen gun owners , never the criminal gun owners
  13. If you never registered your M14 or BAR or any other military ordnance you brought back why bother to register a magazine?
  14. If you cant stop a threat with 4 shotgun rounds, then the pistol is worthless too.
  15. So if I understand this correctly parents cannot take their chidren hunting with guns?