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  1. no more meeting at the hunting grounds and trading weapons
  2. Like the title states, friend misplaced the card. Is it really needed to and from a range?
  3. Murphy is just a Democratic asshole that was voted in by asshole Democratic New Jersey voters Tax and Spend, then tax again, typical Democratic operation.
  4. Fear not, your local street corner shop will still be in business advocating their "cash and carry policy"
  5. not knowing what kind of rifle makes it difficult to answer. An M14 might be legal in Montana but not in NJ. If a M1 Carbine , thats a no no here
  6. Yep, another California pistol carrying illegal loses his right to vote and takes the room temperature challenge and loses. President Trump will have a field day with this https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=aLRW6_1550702970 https://napavalleyregister.com/news/local/ice-man-who-died-after-shooting-at-a-napa-deputy/article_f4ab2f51-1a99-55e1-879e-3b19771e29bf.html#tncms-source=infinity-scroll-summary-siderail-latest
  7. not from NJ anyway, nothing scheduled in this area
  8. tried a few., seems that the furniture is not what the people are looking for .
  9. I originally posted it for sale but now its free or it goes to street
  10. "constructive possession" a mill, a drill press ,a file , steel sheets with holes in them?
  11. So many guns have changed hands at the gun shows I think its impossible to ever get a handel on things.
  12. the line posted was pretty correct, central nj was all rain sat into this morning. All the nasty stuff was well north. Vt was like 3 feet in spots
  13. Today in the bright sunshine , clear, dry roads of east brunswick around 2 pm the salt trucks were out in force putting down so much salt it looked like snow covered roads. Now how much of this salt is getting into the ground killing it. and why are we salting dry roads?
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