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  1. Only lower (Anderson + Palmetto lower kit). Upper is a factory assembly by JSE Surplus.
  2. Moving out of state, more items will follow. Anderson receiver, JSE complete upper 20" + compliance work (bayo lug removed and pinned muzzle brake). Comes with one 10/30 mag. New condition, only test fired. $630 by a FFL in Morris county. (Please send me a message for more pics)
  3. Got it thanks...I learned something new, I did not think you could transport a rifle in Nj unless you were to/from range, gunsmith etc. - but I understand now Fid is not just for purchasing. On the other hand I assume that if he owned a property in NJ , he did not need a FID to transport unloaded firearms to/from his home in PA and such property?
  4. Wait... there is something I don’t understand: Besides the charges for prohibited items (“assault” rifles, hollow points, hicap mags) he was also charged with “third-degree possession of a rifle without having obtained a firearms purchaser identification card”? What about law stating: “In New Jersey, one does not need to obtain a Firearm Purchaser Identification card to own, possess in the home, transport firearms to and from authorized target range, to a gunsmith for purposes of repair, or to the woods or fields of the state for purposes of hunting” (Wikipedia) If rifles were bought in PA why would he need a FI card??
  5. Not a stupid question at all, and this is the appropriate forum to ask. Yes the CETME Sporter is NJ legal, contrary to the earlier CAI "Cetme" rifles. Those miss the "sporter" suffix and therefore are included in the banned list. Unfortunately the "CETME" ones are also better, especially the "St. Albans" which were build with unissued kits and with cast stainless steel receivers.
  6. Yugo SKS 59/66 are equipped with a grenade launcher/flash hider combo. Grenades can be launched using a blank and the grenade ladder sight open which blocks the gas system and send all the gas energy towards launching the grenade. Obviously blank cartridges must be used , using live ammo wold have catastrophic consequences. The system is very similar to what used by the Beretta BM59 to launch Nato-Energa grenades. Your worries are unjustified as the primary use of the rifle is to shoot bullet ammo and grenade launching is occasional. Rifling and bore must be checked as per any other surplus rifle. $350 is a good price for an SKS 59/66 in excellent condition.
  7. Thanks - check yours, that is the correct position. I googled it and found a few threads on CMP forum on the subject. It is off the left of the receiver but it is dead center on the bolt channel (and therefore the barrel). I have no clue why it needs so much windage -bore is excellent and the rifle is in great overall condition. What's funny is that brought other three rifles with me on Thursday, and all of them had sighting issues. I had a K98 with a S&K scope mount which is out of spec (the POI is 23" lower than POA!) ; I knew about this and I just had to shoot a 3 shot group to measure the difference before sending the mount back to the factory for adjustment. Thereafter I shot an AMD-65; this is one of the CAI builds which originally came with a 16" US made barrel, which I had Tieronedefense cut down to 14" to look closer to the original (measuring the legal 16" with pinned brake). Apparently the barrel of this one is curved, and while it shot straight with the 16" barrel, it started shooting to the right after cutting it. I had to move the front sight all to the left to get on bullseye. Then was the turn of a CAI-Imbel L1A1; this one too required all the rear sight windage on one side, and it still shot three inches off center. This is a typical issue with barrel timing of a FAL, and I shipped the rifle this morning to a good FAL gunsmith to get to fixed. Finally, the 03A3, which I still do not understand why it does not shoot straight. What a frustrating day....
  8. It looks like the rear sight base is exactly where it should be. I am thinking to leave it as is, but any advice on good C&R gunsmith in NJ is welcome. Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  9. Thanks - I will check that tomorrow.
  10. So yesterday I took out to Cherry Ridge a 1903a3 I purchased a while ago to sight it in. I had to move the rear sight all the way to the right before I could get POA/POI aligned. I wonder what could be off? Is there a good gunsmith for those in Northern NJ/ Morris county? Thanks!
  11. A nonresident who still has a secondary home in NJ may want to keep firearms in it. I If no FPIC is needed to own (rather than buy) firearms and store them in your NJ property, then I agree best thing is to give it back rather than changing address.
  12. I am not sure DL is a different conversation. DL is proof of residency - to get it you need papers to prove you own/rent a place such as utility bills and local tax receipts. You would be also register to vote there and have the new address on your SSN. So if you own a place in FL and spend enough time there you can declare that as your primary residence. You may happen to spend more than 180 days in NJ and have pay NJ state income taxes, but as far as gun laws are concerned, when in FL you will be like any other resident there. The initial question is what to do with the NJ legal guns you own and have at your place in NJ - do you need to move them out of state or can you keep them where they are. Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  13. The issue is about what is allowed in NJ for a non-resident, i.e. somebody with a PA or FL driving license. If the individual also owns a house in NJ , can she/he keep NJ-legal firearms there? Fiscal residency is another matter - even if you are an out of state resident, but you own a place in NJ where you spend more than 180 days, then you will be subject to NJ income state tax. However you will not be subject to NJ gun laws when you are in the state you declared as your primary residence....
  14. Thanks - the key point was to keep those NJ legal firearms in NJ even if you become a out-of state resident but still have a NJ home as secondary residence. Sounds like that is possible.
  15. Quote from Wikipedia - NJ guns law: "In New Jersey, one does not need to obtain a Firearm Purchaser Identification card to own, possess in the home, transport firearms to and from authorized target range, to a gunsmith for purposes of repair, or to the woods or fields of the state for purposes of hunting". I assume therefore you can keep the firearms you legally acquired in your (secondary) home in NJ even if you move your residence out of state? Furthermore, you can get your current NJ FID changed into a "non-resident" one rather than giving it back - as an additional measure even if you do not plan to buy any firearms in NJ in the future?
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