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  1. After 17 years moved to sunny Florida - goodbye forever to: pinned muzzle brakes, pinned stocks, 10 round magazines, NJFIC, once a month handgun purchase and handgun purchase permits, prohibited AW list, prohibited SBR, Mr. Murphy, Mr. Grewal and anybody like them.... I can't believe how I put up with all that cr*p for so long. I am going to miss Cherry Ridge. My empathy to NJ gun owners - keep up the fight. Roger and out.
  2. Following that logic a M1A with flash hider / bayo lug would be legal then, as the lug is on the same device which once removed would leave you with no evil features? I would not try to argue that in court and neither I would risk with possessing an unmodified 49/56. And it has a flash suppressor not a muzzle brake, as the muzzle exit is way bigger than 7.5mm. Sad truth is that NJ gun laws suck and it will only get worse.
  3. Colt MT and Anderson A4 are both SPF. Stag still available.
  4. “A. semi-automatic rifle that has the ability to accept a detachable magazine and has at least 2 of the following:
  5. More pictures of Colt M4 MT6400:
  6. Privi Partizan produces very reliable commercial 7.5mm French ammo, however the primers are more sensitive than military surplus and slam fire is a know issue with the MAS 49/56 using commercial ammo. The best solution is to invest additional $95 for a titanium firing pin replacement - lighter yet solid (https://phillittleguns.com). As for NJ compliance, it has a detachable mag, a flash hider and a grenade launcher ring so you have three "evil features". The best is to get a gunsmith to modify the flash hider into a brake by reducing the muzzle exit (e.g. welding and finishing a washer). Mike Fiesta of Tier One Defense has done that before. Enjoy,
  7. Rock River Arms on Stag, AIM sports on the other two.
  8. ‘....Can meet for transfer by any FFL in Morris County (Payment cash or USPS MO) or shipping to FFL who accepts transfers from individuals (Payment USPS MO only with additional shipping costs)...’
  9. For your consideration three NJ compliant AR rifles all in excellent/like new condition. Bought them a while ago when prices where high after Sandy Hook so I am making no profit despite today's prices. I can send additional picture and information to genuinely interested parties. I am first owner of all of them. Can meet for transfer by any FFL in Morris County (Payment cash or USPS MO) or shipping to FFL who accepts transfers from individuals (Payment USPS MO only with additional shipping costs). First is an excellent factory STAG 2T, shot only 100 rd. , with following upgrades: Barrel cut to 14.5" with permanently pinned and cerakoted A2 muzzle brake (work performed by Tier1Defense) ACE entry stock DPMS butt extender Samson quadrail Knight's Armament forward grip Extended latch Burris Red Dot and ring are NOT included. Comes with one 10 round magazine. Priced at $1500. Second is a rare, like new factory Colt M4 Target 16", test fired and stored in safe since. Muzzle has been threaded and an A2 muzzle brake permanently pinned and cerakoted, without affecting barrel crown (work performed by Tier1Defense). Comes with one 10 round magazine. SOLD Lastly, a like new 20" A4 rifle made by Andersen lower mated with a complete upper by JSE Surplus. Rifle is new, never fired. Comes with one 10 round magazine. SOLD
  10. Got it thanks...I learned something new, I did not think you could transport a rifle in Nj unless you were to/from range, gunsmith etc. - but I understand now Fid is not just for purchasing. On the other hand I assume that if he owned a property in NJ , he did not need a FID to transport unloaded firearms to/from his home in PA and such property?
  11. Wait... there is something I don’t understand: Besides the charges for prohibited items (“assault” rifles, hollow points, hicap mags) he was also charged with “third-degree possession of a rifle without having obtained a firearms purchaser identification card”? What about law stating: “In New Jersey, one does not need to obtain a Firearm Purchaser Identification card to own, possess in the home, transport firearms to and from authorized target range, to a gunsmith for purposes of repair, or to the woods or fields of the state for purposes of hunting” (Wikipedia) If rifles were bought in PA why would he need a FI card??
  12. Not a stupid question at all, and this is the appropriate forum to ask. Yes the CETME Sporter is NJ legal, contrary to the earlier CAI "Cetme" rifles. Those miss the "sporter" suffix and therefore are included in the banned list. Unfortunately the "CETME" ones are also better, especially the "St. Albans" which were build with unissued kits and with cast stainless steel receivers.
  13. Yugo SKS 59/66 are equipped with a grenade launcher/flash hider combo. Grenades can be launched using a blank and the grenade ladder sight open which blocks the gas system and send all the gas energy towards launching the grenade. Obviously blank cartridges must be used , using live ammo wold have catastrophic consequences. The system is very similar to what used by the Beretta BM59 to launch Nato-Energa grenades. Your worries are unjustified as the primary use of the rifle is to shoot bullet ammo and grenade launching is occasional. Rifling and bore must be checked as per any other surplus rifle. $350 is a good price for an SKS 59/66 in excellent condition.
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