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  4. Here is one you do not see everyday. Totally not the typical firearms for TTC but may be a gem at a great price for a C&R collector. We have an 1871/84 Spandau German Mauser. Stock has all of the cartouches. Some pitting around the edges but overall, terrific shape for such an old gem. Serial Number 8457. $469. Send us a PM if you are interested.
  5. Hi everyone and thanks for the warm welcome. While we generally focused on new firearms, we do have a few AWESOME like new used firearms available and we wanted to bring it to the NJGF community here. First is a like new CZ P-07 9mm. This was a customer gun but they sold it back, looks like it was never even fired. Comes with everything, case, 2 15 round mags and lock. $419. Secondly, we have a like new Springfield XD-M 45 ACP 4.5. Comes with the case and the complete kit including 3 mags, mag pouch, loader and holster. $499. If you are interested in either, please send us a pm here. Please note the guns are also on display at the store and may be sold while listed here.
  6. Yes, the newest? range in NJ. 40 yards indoor with what I believe is the best ventilation in the game. Thank You. There is but not regularly. For now the best is to subscribe to our section here, but we will have a more comprehensive ongoing email list shortly. Possibly? The majority of the classes are geared towards newer gun owners (naturally), however if there is demand, I do have it on the radar to bring in more advanced training. Open as to what types of classes you are looking for. Stay tuned. =) Thank you.
  7. Hello and great to be here. If you are not already aware, we are a full service firearms range and retail store. At the center of it all is our 40 yard range. We invite you to come down and say hello. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to send us a PM.