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  1. To promote proper firearm use and gun safety, we have our Youth Firearms Academies. These week long tactical training and safety class seek to teach your child practices for safe firearms handling, operation, and marksmanship. These courses are available to teens aged 13-17. With a wide array of available firearms, your teen will learn the best practices for handguns, rifles, shotguns, and even muzzle loaded firearms. All academy classes run Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. Basic Academy Dates: June 24th-28th July 22nd-26th Advanced Academy Dates: July 8th-12th August 5th-9th Learn More and Register Today
  2. Aero Precision and Black Rifle Coffee are both top notch companies that we support and recommend. Aero Precision has incredibly high manufacturing standards, as a result of their ties to aerospace parts manufacturing. Their products always reach military grade standards of safety and quality, providing not just great quality, but amazing feeling and appearance as well. we are proud supplier Aero precision parts at our Flemington, NJ location. Black Rifle Coffee Company from veterans for people who love America. We are proud to sell Black Rifle Coffee Company’s coffee, as a portion of all their proceeds go to veterans, law enforcement members, firemen, and first responders.
  3. Do you include ammo in the firearm rental fee, sell it for each rental or allow renters to bring their own?

    1. TacticalTrainingCenter


      We require the renter to purchase ammunition from us.  The ammunition is in addition to the rental fee.

    2. CMJeepster
  4. Join us every Friday for our 40-yard sharp shooting competition. 40-Yard Friday’s Details: – Hit a playing card from 40 yards to qualify for the semi-finals at the end of March. – Iron sights, 8 shots, 9mm and above. – One Final sharp-shooter will win a Premium Membership valued at $495 and have Bragging Rights! Semi-finals will be held at the end of March. Stop by the TTC range and take your shot!
  5. Sunday Feb 24th - 9am to 11am Join us for National Shooting Sports Foundation - NSSF - safety and basic firearms familiarization session oriented towards the person who has very little to no shooting experience. The First Shots Shooting Experience will consist of classroom and range sessions led by experienced instructors. The Tactical Training Center of NJ and the NSSF will provide all necessary firearms, ammunition and safety equipment. SEND A NEW SHOOTER TO OUR "FIRST SHOTS" EVENT Sign up here
  6. We are turning 3 this Sunday February 17th - Woohoo! A BIG THANK YOU from us to all of you whom have helped make this possible! Our 3rd Anniversary means a deal for you It's our 3rd Anniversary so we are offering 10% off on all memberships or 15% off when you upgrade your current membership now thru Monday! Join us for cake on Sunday between 11am and 6pm. Tactical Training Center Anniversary Also on Sunday Feb 17th: Bowling Pin Shoot from 9am to 11am This is a fun, round robin tournament style event where you will be shooting actual bowling pins - come with your 9m or higher handgun! Bowling Pin Shoot Registration
  7. Must Watch Video 8 Seconds Faster 8 seconds faster because “Smooth is Fast”. If you watch the video and keep track of the time, you’ll see that this shooter, C.S. (our shooter in the drill) is about 8 seconds faster than the majority of the other shooters. Listen to how long gunfire from other shooters continue after she completes her drill. Becoming a fast and accurate shooter, is a combination of acquiring skills and understanding efficient human movement. Speed and accuracy does not have to comprise safety, it should augment it. Learning to shoot fast and accurately is an acquired and appreciated skill. It takes time, instruction, practice and the development of skill to acquire it; and it will depreciate if it not maintained.
  8. New Firearm Specials We offer very competitive pricing on firearms, a “No Regrets” Policy and if you purchase any new firearm from us, you will receive: 1) Free one-month range membership 2) a $50 discount card for any of the following services: Ultra-Sonic Cleaning Classes Range Time And the best part… the discount card can be accrued to all services! So if you buy 2, 3 or even 4 firearms from us, you can literally save hundreds! No-Regrets Policy: Return of any new, in-stock firearm for the full price on store credit exchange if made within 30 days of the initial purchase* *SEE STORE FOR DETAILS Just some of the reasons so many folks come to the TTC gun store for all their firearm needs.
  9. Here is one you do not see everyday. Totally not the typical firearms for TTC but may be a gem at a great price for a C&R collector. We have an 1871/84 Spandau German Mauser. Stock has all of the cartouches. Some pitting around the edges but overall, terrific shape for such an old gem. Serial Number 8457. $469. Send us a PM if you are interested.
  10. Hi everyone and thanks for the warm welcome. While we generally focused on new firearms, we do have a few AWESOME like new used firearms available and we wanted to bring it to the NJGF community here. First is a like new CZ P-07 9mm. This was a customer gun but they sold it back, looks like it was never even fired. Comes with everything, case, 2 15 round mags and lock. $419. Secondly, we have a like new Springfield XD-M 45 ACP 4.5. Comes with the case and the complete kit including 3 mags, mag pouch, loader and holster. $499. If you are interested in either, please send us a pm here. Please note the guns are also on display at the store and may be sold while listed here.
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