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To promote proper firearm use and gun safety, we have our Youth Firearms Academies. These week long tactical training and safety class seek to teach your child practices for safe firearms handling, operation, and marksmanship.

These courses are available to teens aged 13-17. With a wide array of available firearms, your teen will learn the best practices for handguns, rifles, shotguns, and even muzzle loaded firearms.

All academy classes run Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Basic Academy Dates:

June 24th-28th
July 22nd-26th

Advanced Academy Dates:
July 8th-12th
August 5th-9th


Learn More and Register Today

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    • By Iggyort
      I am looking to gauge the intrest in holding an " Introduction to Smallbore F Class " Clinic in 2020. The Clinic would be held in either Pa or NJ and would cover the following material:
      What is Smallbore F Class Rifle
      Bipod/ Rest
      Basic Wind Reading
      Course of Fire
      The Clinic would be taught by experienced SB F Class Competitors

    • By Blank
      Costa's Final NJ Training session. We are taking it to another state after this.
      There are a couple slots left...https://costaludus.com/courses/carbine-elements-theory-1-cet1/

    • By TacticalTrainingCenter
      Sunday Feb 24th - 9am to 11am
      Join us for National Shooting Sports Foundation - NSSF - safety and basic firearms familiarization session oriented towards the person who has very little to no shooting experience. The First Shots Shooting Experience will consist of classroom and range sessions led by experienced instructors.
      The Tactical Training Center of NJ and the NSSF will provide all necessary firearms, ammunition and safety equipment.
      Sign up here
    • By TacticalTrainingCenter
      We are turning 3 this Sunday February 17th - Woohoo!
      A BIG THANK YOU from us to all of you whom have helped make this possible!
      Our 3rd Anniversary means a deal for you
      It's our 3rd Anniversary so we are offering 10% off on all memberships or 15% off when you upgrade your current membership now thru Monday!
      Join us for cake on Sunday between 11am and 6pm.
      Tactical Training Center Anniversary
      Also on Sunday Feb 17th: Bowling Pin Shoot from 9am to 11am
      This is a fun, round robin tournament style event where you will be shooting actual bowling pins - come with your 9m or higher handgun!
      Bowling Pin Shoot Registration
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    • Yanno, that kind of thinking could be the foundation for a "girlcot"  I dunno, that's retarded.  An un-boycot, a reverse boycot.   Make a couter attack on the left with economic warfare.  Buy Goya to protect the company from an assault led by socialists. It is your DUTY to buy Goya, the more you buy, the stronger the counter attack will be.  A complete and utter defeat for the left would be if Goya;s stock went up.  It would be a profound show of force. This would be a good opportunity for preppers to sock up on dry beans.  Increase your food security, and deal the left a blow in one fell swoop.
    • curious who else besides goya is being targeted?
    • I believe in voting with my consumer dollars. I do it all the time. I'm so glad you posted this, because when I read about this CEO, I immediately thought - I'm going to make sure to buy some Goya products on my next shopping trip. Why? In my case, it's not at all about the politics of his statements. It's that I'm just so damn SICK AND TIRED of this cancel culture - this abhorrent, evil attempt to silence and destroy people for "wrong think" - that I want to fight against it any way that I can. Even though, yes, it's a huge company, I still want to do my little part to make sure this boycott doesn't even make a dent in their profits. I figure the cans I purchase will make up for a purchase withheld by some loony social justice bully.  
    • Not gonna happen.  Goya is huge.  A few thousand useful idiots boycotting won't even be a blip on the radar.  There are at least as many gringos that eat Goya as there are illegal aliens here.  I'm going to watch Goya stock.  If it goes down significantly, I'm going to buy. It's sad when they eat their own. In any case, I've been supporting Goya for decades.  Best dry and canned beans, and the seasoned rice dishes in a box are tits.
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