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  1. Put the food down for 10 minutes and if he does not eat his food pick it up. Dogs are not stupid they will not starve themselves. If he goes longer then a few days without eating then i would take him to the vet to rule out any other issues. Make sure hes going to the bathroom normal and that hes not lethargic in any way.
  2. https://freedomoutpost.com/dont-celebrate-hr-38-just-yet/ Interesting article... what do you guys think of this speculation?
  3. Well i really hope it does. And if it does it will take about 12 months to get a permit to buy a hand gun lmao
  4. Lets say that this does pass... what current laws will change in NJ?? Wouldn't this passing effect the gun ban list and magazine capacities?
  5. If this goes into law us NJ residents can take a trip to Florida and get a CCW permit there that will be valid in NJ. Awesome.
  6. USA123


    They heel on command
  7. USA123


    Lmao i know what you mean. They definitely have some colossal sized turds.
  8. USA123


    Anybody out there into guardian breeds or protection work?? I use these Corso's as my first line of home defense
  9. USA123

    Torn between two

    Lmao good point. The gun shop had an SP0-1 Tactical i was interested in as well it looked friggin sweet. But when i dry fired it i really did not like the Single Action trigger.. Im not familiar with the gun either what do you think about it??
  10. USA123

    Torn between two

    Whats up everyone. I recently went to my local gun shop to choose a HD gun and i really cant decide between the Walther Q5 match for $775 or the CZ p10c for $499. They both feel great in the hand and really seem to have a great trigger. Which one would you choose for home defense??
  11. Whats up everyone my name is Lance out of Hamilton, NJ. I just put in for my firearms permit a few weeks ago and I am now waiting for my FID card. Im looking forward to contributing to the forum in any way i can and i also plan on joining the NRA and NJ2AS to help us keep our gun rights in this state. Really looking forward to hearing the knowledge and advice that all you guys have on this forum.
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