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  1. TommyGun

    Port forward misery.

    You can call Hikvision and they can help with the entire setup, but the HV ports are usually 8000, 80 and 10554 assigned to your dedicated HV NVR IP address.
  2. So sorry to hear Rob, all the best and I hope you get a flight and see your pup soon.
  3. TommyGun

    WTS/WTT: M&P 15-22

    PM sent.
  4. TommyGun

    Randolph - Roxbury area advice

    Thank you for the offer! Nothing solid, but definitely looking in Ironia, Shongum, Mt Freedom sections.
  5. TommyGun

    Randolph - Roxbury area advice

    Thanks for the detailed response. Looked into the are you have lived and your input helps a lot. I was suspecting sewer fees will be a high add-on over the already expansive taxes.
  6. TommyGun

    Randolph - Roxbury area advice

    Looked into that town as well, still an option.
  7. TommyGun

    Randolph - Roxbury area advice

    Thanks Howard, I am stuck here in NJ for awhile unfortunately and primarily looking for good schools and some space.
  8. TommyGun

    Randolph - Roxbury area advice

    I have heard about that and really looking to stay further west even if taxes are higher.
  9. TommyGun

    Randolph - Roxbury area advice

    Thank you for your feedback.
  10. Entertaining moving to Morris County, preferably Randolph or Succasunna. Any feedback, advice from members in the area would be appreciated regarding schools, tax-utility fees, crime, activities etc.
  11. TommyGun

    50% off select rails at ALG

    They make great products, rails are nice. Thanks Rob!
  12. Rob, I' would like the 1911 parts and the 22LR ammo and cleaning stuff. Thanks!
  13. Gas/Electric?! Power or direct vented?! You cannot go wrong with Bradford White.
  14. George is a very professional and detail oriented FFL. Excellent communication, pleasure to deal with. Thanks again!

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