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  1. I have a Baretta 92fs inox with an American flag and "united we stand" engraved on it. It was released after 9/11 to commemorate what happened. I can send pictures if you are interested. It's in excellent condition. I have two sets of grips (rubber and wood) and 2 magazines. I mostly used it for laser target practice in my basement. The double action resets every time so I don't have to rack a slide like you would on a Glock after each trigger pull for the laser. Let me know. Thanks
  2. I live in Springfield NJ. would you be willing to meet a little closer? I would like to buy it. I recently met someone at the target right off of route 287 on route 23. unless you want me to come to you. I can meet you today or tomorrow if you like. I will take it
  3. If you will to meet me halfway, I will take it.
  4. I would buy all. I live in Springfield NJ. You are too far to drive down. Let me know if you coming up north some time and I will meet with you.
  5. Hello Can you tell the if the 22 lr select is high velocity. If it is, im interested. Thanks
  6. any 22lr left? I will take it.
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