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  1. I guess I'm a tough critic lol. I should probably hold judgement until the season is over, but I'm still salty about how the white walker storyline ended (if it is actually over). No explanation why the Night King was so obsessed with Bran and his powers to see the past. Maybe I missed it
  2. I'm still confused as to why just 6 episodes this season. It seems like they could've easily made a full 10-12 episode season (maybe it would've taken 4 years to make??). As much as I like the show, this season has felt rushed at times. Now with only two episodes to go, 10 pounds of crap has to fit in a 5 pound bag.
  3. Holy shitballs...80 minutes felt like 10
  4. I just read a pretty convincing post on reddit predicting that the Night King is using the soldiers he sent to Winterfell as a decoy, while he takes a larger army to capture King's Landing first. I don't remember seeing the Night King in the last clip of the episode...I'm counting down the days until next Sunday
  5. Man oh man, I feel second hand awkwardness whenever Bran speaks. Definitely not the life of the party, but he may save everyone's butt in the end.
  6. I'll repeat what the guys said above...Mec Gars work flawlessly and are significantly cheaper than the OEM mags. I use them in my Legion also without any issues.
  7. All of the two people at the NICS office probably got the flu
  8. They're gonna sell a ton of these. I'd much rather spend my money on a Ruger than anything else in this price range.
  9. IF the detective seems friendly, call the station's front desk every once in a while and ask if there are any updates on the permits or leave a message. If you do this you may sound like PITA, with the tradeoff that they could try to move the paperwork through faster. But then again...there's always the "lost paperwork" response if they really want to jerk you around
  10. Without giving any spoilers, I thought the first episode was a nice primer for the rest of the season. Didn't really expect too much action. I think I spent half the episode trying to remember old storylines and characters...
  11. I think it may have been stronger to bring the case on violation of 1A rights based off past cases/precedent of student speech in schools. I don't think they'd have as much support if they filed the case focusing on the 2A issue, as much as I would've liked to see it...
  12. This thread is bad news...didn't think I needed a 10mm revolver but its quickly moved to the top of the list. Thanks everyone for the insights!
  13. How do you guys think the Smith will compare to the Ruger Gp100 Match Champion in 10mm? The Smith has that classic look ,while the Ruger looks more like a modern interpretation. A 10mm wheel gun sounds tempting, I don't have a revolver or a 10mm. I might be able to knock out two birds with one stone...
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