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ALL SOLD Factory Ammo:    20 Rounds Each  Box                                                          

PMC Bronze .308  147 Gr. FMJBT  12 boxes  $14.00 each  SOLD

Federal XM80C 7.62 NATO 149 Gr.  11 boxes  $14.00 each  SOLD

The first to post "ll take it” wins the sale followed by PM to confirm. DL required. Located in Morris Plains 07950 area, Morris County.

20201115_141847 resized.jpg

20201115_141346 resized.jpg

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ammo sold

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    • By RetNJ47
      Very light use shot less than 50 rounds.
      Zastava ZPAP M70 Serbian AK-47 with UTG QD optics mount with a Vortex Sparc AR optic.
      1x PMAG 10/30 round from the factory.
      5x Zastava 10/30 round mag blocked magazines.
      Single point sling I’m including.
      Asking $1250 OBO, Meetup at FFL for transfer. I’m located in Ocean County will meet half way. Also have 1000+ Wolf Steel Case Ammo in 50 Cal I can include for +$500.  
      First to post “I’ll take it” gets it.

    • By RetNJ47
      Great start for people looking to get into reloading. $750 for everything, $680 for just the press equipment, $125 for just the components(Last Picture).

      RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme IV Single Stage Press on Inline Fab stand with extras. Located in the Lakewood area(Weshoot or Shoreshot). Would prefer to meet at either of those spots but willing to meet halfway.
      Rockchucker Supreme IV Single Stage Press
      Inline Fabrication Ultramount for RCBS Rockchucker, RC1,2,3. Supreme IV,Pro2000 & Turret presses.
      Inline Fab Automatic Case Ejector System 
      Inline Fab Universal double component tray system.
      Uniflow Powder Drop 
      M500 Mechanical Scale 
      Powder Trickler 
      Universal Case Loading Block 
      Hand Priming Tool for Small and Large Primers 
      Additional press add ons:
      (NIB) Advanced Powder Stand
      (NIB) RCBS Auto Prime System
      Small items include (2) funnels with different attachments, calipers, primer pocket brush, case lube, case lube pad, and die wrench. 
      The following components can be added on.
      2x Unopened Hodgson H4350 (Rare right now)
      200x CCI Magnum Small Rifle Primers 
      200x CCI Magnum Large Rifle Primers
      200x Federal Gold Small Rifle Primers
      100x Primed Unfired Starline 6.5 Creedmoor Brass SR
      —No freedom seeds included sorry—
      All the heavy lifting to start reloading is done. This press/die set has only been used to deprime a few cartridges(I have no patience). Aside from dust it’s brand new. First person to offer $750 takes the entire kit and components. Or $125 for just components.
      ****DISCLAIMER**** Not my fault if you do something stupid and get hurt. Do your research.
    • By dysman78
      Prior sale fell through. relisting -
      I have 500 rounds of LAX Ammunition Reman 165gr RNFP and 500 rounds of LAX Ammunition Reman 180GR RNFP in factory boxes (not loose) for a total of 1000 rounds. Willing to split up and sell in 500 rds if necessary.
      $135 for 500 rounds $260 for all 1000 rounds
      This ammo has been properly stored and purchased in late 2022. Been using LAX Ammo for years for range ammo and never had any issues.
      First person to say i'll take it gets it.
      Live in Essex County. Willing to travel reasonable distance if necessary or meet up at local range (Gun for Hire, RTSP etc.)
      PM me with any questions
    • By TheFace
      Hello all. I have some ammo and gear to get rid of. I'm not looking to separate the individual batches. Some are open box or partially in different packaging. I'm in the SJ area near Williamstown, but can meet up within reason. First claim, first serve. 
      *SOLD* 9mm 115gr. FMJ - Herter's 400 rounds (4x100ct.) - $100 *SOLD*
      .40 S&W 180gr. FMJ - Blazer 250 rounds (5x50ct.) -$100
      .45 Auto 230gr. FMJ - Blazer 200 rounds (4x50ct) - $100
      .500 S&W 350gr. FMJ - Modern Munitions (Reman) 50 rounds (2x25ct.) -$100
      12ga. - Winchester 3", 1550 velocity, 1 ¹/⁸ oz., 3 shot 232 shells (8x25ct.+35 loose) -$150m
      9m 115gr. - Federal CHP (1X50ct.) - $30
      .22 WMR 40gr. - Speer Gold Dot (1x50ct.) - $20
      .22LR 40gr. - Blazer 1000 rounds (2x500) - $80
      .223 55gr. FMJ - Herter's 300 rounds (2X150ct.) - $150
      MEC Shell reloader - $150
      Shotgun Scabbard 26" - $20

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