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Sold my Glock and didn't have a chance to shoot these.


163 rounds of Remington UMC 180 Grain $45


20 rounds Winchester PDX1 165 Grain JHP $10


reasonable offers accepted. I'm in Blackwood 08012 until the end of next week and then will be moving to Cranford.


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    • By Tactical Monkey
      Fellow 300Blk enthusiasts,
      I went shooting on Saturday and found a live .223 round inside a box of Remington UMC 115gr 300 AAC Blackout. It was a new box, unopened, and I did not have a .223/5.56 rifle with me that day. For my own sanity, this prompted me to go through every box of Rem 115gr 300Blk that I have (32 boxes).
      The lot number of the box with the .223 round was N16 VBI. The lot number can be found on the tab that folds inside the box, beneath the thumb cutout (see picture below). I purchased 17 boxes of Remington UMC 115gr from MidwayUSA on 5/21/12, all with that same lot number. Out of the small sample of boxes I purchased, I found 4 boxes that each had 1 live .223 round in the box. The rounds were head stamped "223 REM", and looked as though they came right off the production line.
      .223 round

      Headstamped 223 REM among 300 AAC BLACKOUT

      Remington Lot # N16 VBI

      Please be careful and check all your Remington UMC 115gr 300Blk just to be safe. I had 2 other lot numbers in my possession and all those boxes checked out. Be very thorough if your lot number is the one mentioned here, as with a small sample size of 17, I had a very high rate of failure.
      Remington has been contacted about the issue.
      Updating this thread 6/8/12:
      Received 2 brand new boxes of ammo free of charge for the inconvenience straight from Remington's ammo plant. The rounds came after I spoke in-length with the Director of QC.
      Thanks -
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    • Hard to tell from the photo, but you may be seeing the remains of an old shok-buff (Shok Buff).   Wilson and others make them, they aren't always blue as the one in the link, and they are life limited.  You can replace them inexpensively, and they offer some protection against frame battering, or you can leave them out, as some folks think they add an unnecessary point of failure.  You could get a replacement guide rod of standard length from Brownells, Midway, or a bunch of other suppliers.  The full length rods can be a pain in the neck, but you do see them on high-end guns like your Wilson because they slightly improve accuracy and reliability.  The standard length rods are also cheap, and are a drop-in replacement.  You could pick one up and see if you can tell the difference.
    • I have inherited a Wilson colt 1911 mk iv series 80 recently and after I had taken apart the pistol to clean I have noticed there were pieces of plastic that was broken off I believe where it used to sits behind the spring of the guide rod. After I had finished cleaning the pistol I am currently stuck at getting the bushing/guide rod down the barrel because the bushing is hollowed out which I have no problem pushing down with a flat tip screw driver but the guide rod would not go down enough for me to swing the piece to lock it in place. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if I need to replace the plastic piece that was broken off and also if someone could point me the right direction as to maybe replacing the full size guide rod to a shorter version? of guide rod (and where I could possibly order one?) maybe that will solve my problem. TIA   Edited: I have attached pictures  78D80CA2-0E03-4E86-BD24-16999026A5AA.heic 26647C1F-C7ED-49C7-9947-4B5F90095029.heic
    • I concur with @JohnnyB .  This is a total non-issue as you're maintaining both as residences.  Buy 5 more and you'll get the same answer   Both residences are where you'll be residing, so BOTH are EXEMPT LOCATIONS.   Rosey
    • Both houses are in the same town, about 15 minutes between them.  No plans on renting them at any time - will be given to my kids.  Will probably split time between the 2 so no moving anything out.
    • @lhrocker So now we "pull teeth" to get the full story: Are both houses in the same town being used as YOUR residence OR is your intention to rent the old house to someone and transfer all your worldly possessions, including your firearms, to the "new house"?  If you're moving out of the old house, and changing your driver's license, you'll need to get a new Yellow Card. Even if you rent it out, it's still property YOU OWN, so you're allowed to patrol it armed.  Hair-splitting is a specialty of mine, so... You can own many houses (or vacant lots) in NJ's 21 counties, and carry or store firearms at any of them, provided they are secured and away from prying hands...OR transport any number of firearms TO them at any time day or night.  I've written about this several times in the past.   Rosey CNJFO VP https://www.cnjfo.com/join-us
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