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Ya Go Girl, Judge Jeanine!

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    • I know a few AA trap shooters who have release triggers on their Kreighoff's....takes some getting used to. 
    • With the increasing difficulty and the lowering of the reward rate, it's definitely effecting the floor for cost effectiveness.  It makes one wonder: what happens if the big "mines" decide to suddenly shut down because their profit margins just went to zero or negative.  Bitcoin and any of the other alt-coins could crash in a way that would make the 1929 stock market crash look like a hiccup.  I'm already wondering how many people are considering a long walk off a short roof top, given the reports of people recently taking out massive loans and high interest debt to buy into 'coin.  Another reason it sure feels like 1929 all over again.
    • Most towns only allow 6 ft! Seriously though, I see a lot of people on here boasting about non compliance and such. Which is fine, provided all claiming they wish to do so really understand the risks. All it takes is the wrong traffic stop, a busybody neighbor to call the cops when you and your wife are arguing, a house fire, etc. A member here told me of a friend that ended up in court after the maintenance man saw a black rifle on the bed from outside.  And when they day comes the person will get locked up and sentenced to a decade in prison. No, tens of thousands on NJ gun owners are not going to have an "I'm Spartacus!" moment. They're going to keep their mouth shut while you rot in a hole. And maybe after a couple years, if you're incredibly lucky, some people on the internet may argue a bunch about you online and finally help you appeal and go free or get pardoned. But the odds on that are 1,000 to 1 so you'll probably just spend a decade getting raped, beaten, having your dinner stolen calling another man "daddy" as you develop a bad meth habit. Just something to consider before calling other people cowards or telling them they need to grow a pair. We're talking some serious high stakes here, not just simple fines or some Adam Sandler Big Daddy court room scene where you win. This ain't the movies.
    • Everyone is missing the fact the number of “evil” features in this bill has been lowered to one. Meaning any long gun with a detachable magazine and a pistol grip is banned. The fore grip was added in for good measure. Basically a mirror image of the CA weapons ban. 
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