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Ya Go Girl, Judge Jeanine!

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    • Let's give it to the same team that will be charged with getting all the transgender bathrooms set up and enforce compliance with same. I'm sure they won't take three months to get around to setting it up, or enforcing compliance.
    • I did just that.  It's next to impossible to get individual email addresses however so I sent it to a general address to the Superintendent I found on the main site.  I can only assume it'll work its way down to the proper people.   I want to add that of all that was shown to me it was clear that the reason for my delay was that the barracks I'm forced to work with did not pick up their mail for several weeks.  I had politicians and the Attorney General in on this.  It was when I re-called the Sargent in Trenton that helped me and told him that The Barracks said he was wrong and picked up their mail nightly that he got pissed enough to call them and got it straight for me. I then got it 4 days later.  I'm convinced that no political pressure can motivate any of these people as they are too insulated from consequences to care.  In my case they manged to anger one of their own and in this case one with juice.  I can only imagine what will happen for my next go around after embarrassing and angering the people I did.  We'll see....   For all of the time and expense involved, and in this I includes time lost from work, I think this process should be removed from the individual barrack's hands and be done at a separate station of some sort set up for just this.  NJ is a large state in population but not in square miles.  One could be almost anywhere in circa 90 minutes.  I would be willing to travel to a point where this could be arraigned just to knock it out.  After all we do it for finger prints.  Just a thought.....    
    • Whats unusual to you?  I have an ar in 277 im lookkbg to dump
    •   Just a thought, by asking for the top names you will get the best, but you'll pay three times the price of a very good long lasting AR. Many still want the best, but I don't see myself going to war anytime soon. Troy makes great high quality uppers, they go on sale at DSG for pretty good prices. Put together a lower, you can use a stripped Anderson, a ALG ACT trigger, and a parts kit from  
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