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  1. From what I know the 90 day expiration and 90 day extensions (180 day max total validity) have always been in effect on NJ Handgun Purchase Permits since they were created in 1966. Does that permit from the 70's have wording on it stating it's valid only for 90 days unless extended for 180 days max like the current ones do?
  2. They added the expiration date at the request of us dealers about 5 years ago. Before that you had to do the math (and hope you didn't get it wrong) about when the permit would expire
  3. My understanding is that Remington and Winchester ammo plants are idle right now and there were some others as well but I'm not sure about CCI and Federal. My guess is this is primarily voluntary. Bottom line is that both guns and ammo are likely to be in short supply in the coming months.
  4. That's what I've been told by my distributors - Glock, CZ, Remington, Winchester are shut down for now. Not sure if they were forced to or decided to do so on their own. Smith & Wesson is still operational from what I read.
  5. When the start up production again................most ammo manufacturers are shut down for now.
  6. I have gray 9mm in stock with 10.5" barrel, should have 5.56 with 10.5" and 12.5" barrels next week.
  7. I have some pump shotguns inbound whenever the distributors can get them shipped out. With the way things are going with the NICS shutdown, they will probably be here before NICS is up and running again anyway..............
  8. NICS has said that when things go smoothly they can do a NICS check in two minutes. The problem is when they need to investigate something, they could spend 20 -30 minutes doing one check.
  9. Yup, and then the leftists will say business are discriminating against poor areas and that it's racism.
  10. I believe Red Flag laws are not under the criminal statutes, but rather the civil statues, which is why you're not entitled to a lawyer in one of these proceedings if you are indigent. You still ask a good question, although NJ will probably ignore this new law when it come to Red Flag seizures just like they do with every other NJ law that conflicts with their antigun agenda.
  11. This shutdown of NICS is making the case to get rid of handgun permits even stronger than it ever was. Handgun permits are completely obsolete now that FTF sales are banned. There is now no way to legally buy a hand gun without a NICS check in NJ aside from the very few limited exceptions where the buyer and seller are an immediate family member, a LEO, or a C&R holder. Add a shutdown of NICS on top of expiring needless permits and I think this is ripe for a lawsuit.
  12. I asked the NJSP FIU about the legality of delivering ammo to someone (personally, not shipping it) and was told that all business must be conducted at the address on your license - so their opinion was it is not legal to do so. I wanted to know if I could do it because NJ law allows small amounts of handgun ammo to be transferred at a range without the need to have a NJ FPID card or other required credentials. Since I'm only about 10 minutes from Cherry Ridge (which does not sell ammo), I thought it could be something that could help out someone who forgot their FPID card or was shooting there from out of state and didn't have one. I hope this doesn't cause a problem for these guys.
  13. I don't think they processed any checks today. I got one back yesterday morning from Friday 3/20 put in around 12:45pm, still waiting as of now for some checks put in Friday 3/20 either side of 5pm
  14. Last one I got back was submitted Thursday 3/19 around 3:30pm. Haven't gotten back any from Friday
  15. I'll be open since my business is classified as a "home improvement" store. I suppose "hardware store" could also be accurate. Regardless, I sell home heating products such as pellet fuel and firewood as well as hay which can be used as animal feed - essential products. Back in the day the main place to buy guns was in hardware stores. I still remember one or two that were in NJ that sold guns. Can't add more guns to a NICS check after it's submitted.
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