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  1. So your interpretation of this is the part I highlighted in red would be a description of the type of weapon (one that can shoot shotgun ammo), rather than them saying the ammo itself - shotgun ammo - is not a destructive device? In other words you would interpret this to say - any weapon capable of firing shotgun ammunition generally recognized as suitable for sporting purposes - is not a "destructive device", correct?
  2. If you tried eating it you wouldn't think of them as tree rats anymore.......... Seriously, it's probably some of the best meat you'll ever try.
  3. Some things to consider before accepting our "fate" - While I do think Murphy is likely to be our next governor, this is not a certainty. If some kind of bad news came out about him - like he was a kid toucher or something (he just looks creepy enough to me to be one) - he could lose. - I can't imagine Sweeney is going to be Murphy's best buddy. North and south Jersey Democrats have never gotten along all that well and Murphy "stole" Sweeney's turn to run for governor. While I don't trust Sweeney, he might block any votes on these anti gun bills as he did right after Newtown. I'm convinced he betrayed us gun owners to lay the ground work for his now aborted run for governor this year. Sweeney might block votes on anti gun bills to limit Murphy's "success". Sweeney is currently blocking Lesniak's "Pedals law" anti bear hunt bill from getting a vote. -Most importantly - Trump is filling a number of judicial vacancies in the federal 3rd circuit which is going to change the dynamic of the court from one that was liberal to one that is more evenly split and may eventually lean conservative when more judges go and are replaced by him. We may not even need the Supreme Court to hear a NJ case, the lower courts might rule for us - as happened in Illinois with their carry lawsuit.
  4. They go to the nearest NJSP station to where they live.
  5. Thank you sir! Enjoy your new acquisition.
  6. A little late for you to use tonight, but I stock 5.45x39 ammo
  7. I had a BBQ last Sunday with 20 or so people standing around outside and kids playing on the lawn when a 350 pounder decided to pay us a visit. It didn't come directly toward us but also didn't seem fazed by the amount of people out in the yard. I've found the dumpster at my shop flipped on it's side already once this year - That's going to be a large bear doing that. The last one near my shop that flipped my dumpster was hit by a car on route 23 and killed - Fish and Game picked it up, it was over 600 pounds. Here in NW Jersey, we don't worry non stop about bears, but you must always be vigilant about them and keep your trash inside until garbage pick up day.
  8. I have a NJ compliant Kriss Vector FDE in 9mm in stock, takes Glock 17 mags. I also have 15 round Glock 17 mags in stock.
  9. I just got one of these in yesterday.
  10. No doubt, but like you said in your second post it can't hurt to report it. If the guy is doing it enough it get the feds attention.
  11. You could also try contacting the US Postal Inspectors, he's using the mail to commit fraud.
  12. Sarco puts ads in Firearms News (was Shotgun News) saying "just found in the warehouse", this normally not a gimmick. Charlie has been buying gun parts since the early 60's and often bought gun parts by the ton in pallet crates that were being sold as scrap. They don't know everything they have in inventory, so they often do find new things in the warehouse. If you're looking for something, best bet is to call and try to talk to someone in the warehouse - if you can get them on the phone, this was easier when everything was in NJ, I think all the order takers are in PA now while the main warehouse is still in Sterling.
  13. WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. "Substantially Identical" was ruled unconstitutionally vague in a 1996 lawsuit. The court ordered the then AG to define what "Substantially Identical" means, Peter Venierio - the then AG - plagiarized the federal AWB's "evil features" list to define substantially identical, which is how this became the standard. All the M1 Carbine clones are all illegal because AG Paula Dow unilaterally decreed them to be illegal. There was no legal basis for this, only an anti gun AG saying so. IMO this is ripe for a lawsuit, any got the cash to spare for one?