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  1. Not necessarily, Morris County seems to hang on to them for a long time. I've seen where they had them for 12 years after a case was closed. Passaic County on the other hand, will tell you that you have 60 days from the disposition of your case to get them back/sell them or they go to captain crunch.
  2. Here's a guy who going to find out................. https://www.reddit.com/r/NJGuns/comments/cic0yi/can_we_finally_have_an_nfa_item_in_new_jersey/ https://www.reddit.com/r/NJGuns/comments/cudbzq/about_to_submit_an_atf_form_1_to_make_an_aow_are/ https://www.reddit.com/r/NJGuns/comments/d8guo1/atf_form_1_aow_update_92319/ https://www.reddit.com/r/NJGuns/comments/dawyg4/atf_form_1_aow_update_officially_submitted_92919/ https://www.reddit.com/r/NJGuns/comments/djduxm/atf_form_1_aow_approved_10172019/
  3. I probably have a 1" drive 2 1/2" socket but it wouldn't be deep reach. Keep in mind you're also going to need to get the nut off the back of the piston to change the wiper - they can be a bitch. Have you tried peening the outside of the cylinder barrel? I had some I couldn't get loose and that worked wonders........
  4. WELCOME!!!!! Some info for you - What's better about NJ than MA is: - NJ does not require guns to be registered to own them, so if you moved here with any firearms you do not need to register them - including handguns. (If you purchase handguns here they will be registered at the time of transfer, NJ does not register long guns). They just cannot be "Assault Weapons", which you probably don't have coming from MA anyway. - Most handguns are legal here ( as long as they are not "Assault Weapons"), there is no special requirements for handguns - heavy triggers, special safeties, or "Massholes". - Shockwaves are legal here. - Our AG hasn't so far "reinterpreted" our "Assault Weapon" ban - so if you own something that was banned by fiat in MA a few years ago it's probably still legal here. What's worse in NJ than MA is: - Carry permits are largely unobtainable here - Full auto is unobtainable here - You can't use a C&R license in NJ
  5. NJ NICS doesn't have a choice of "other" when a NICS check is run, only "long gun" and "handgun". If you are picking up a receiver that is to be built into a long gun (including "other" firearms) the NICS check is run as a long gun. If the receiver or frame you are picking up is intended to build into a handgun then the NICS check is run as a handgun (and a handgun purchase permit is required). NICS has said there are changes coming soon, so this may or may not change. Even if the OGAM violation was a mistake on your part, typically a first offender gets a phone explaining the law and a polite warning not to do it again. The guys currently working in the NJSP FIU are all solid helpful people - we couldn't ask for better. While they have a job to do, I can't see them looking to jam someone up who isn't doing truly bad things.
  6. I understand why you would get one being a resident, but what is the advantage for a non resident to get one now? Doesn't allow carry in PA anymore. Does it get you any states the FL, UT or VA non resident carry permits get you? I had gotten one right before they stopped issuing them to non residents who didn't have a carry permit from their own state. I let it lapse when it wasn't valid in PA anymore.
  7. Isn't NH constitutional carry these days?
  8. I wish Starline or somebody would do a run of this brass. Hard to find and very expensive when you do.
  9. I know a guy that shot a doe with antlers in NJ many years ago. It was still in velvet in January
  10. The only way two NICS checks would be approved two weeks apart would be if a LEO exemption was claimed or one of the NICS checks was put in as a long gun only (despite being for a handgun). The computer tells the people who work at NICS whether or not to approve a NICS check with regard to the OGAM statute, they have no control over it. It seems there is a lot wrong in this scenario. NICS checks cannot be run before a 4473 is filled out and signed by the recipient and the type of firearm would have to have been incorrectly reported.
  11. I'm guessing you don't shoot the .41AE much........
  12. I recall hearing about a lawsuit a few months ago in NY over tasers. From what I remember NY was still not recognizing the SCOTUS ruling that said they cannot be prohibited. So, I would recommend thorough research before carrying one in NY. Didn't the NJSP come out with guidance on carrying tasers in NJ? Anyone have it?
  13. JUST ARRIVED! 9mm version - takes Glock mags and 5.56mm version with 10.5" barrel
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