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  1. Oakridgefirearms

    Oakridge Firearms

    Oakridge Firearms is a NJ FFL in Oak Ridge, NJ, serving the Northwest NJ region. Oakridge Firearms sells firearms and accessories and has been an NJGF vendor since 2013. Visit the vendor's section here. You can find the vendor's current inventory on their website, http://www.oakridgefirearms.com Oak Ridge Firearms is located inside Kattner Landscape Supply
  2. Oakridgefirearms

    The King Cobra is Back

    I know some people who deal with Colt through their jobs and none of them have anything good to say about how the company is run or their quality control. One described the management of Colt as "a revolving door of idiots"
  3. Oakridgefirearms

    Importing Firearms

    I'm not an expert on importing firearms but I believe any firearms that was ever owned by any military must go through an 08 importer (not including pre 1899 antiques). There is a method to import non military firearms without an importer but I think there are limitations on what can be imported and how many times a person can do that type of import. All firearms must also meet the "Sporting Purpose" definition in the GCA of 1968. I don't think Brownells is an 08 importer. Contact MMBI, they will do small imports of 1 or 2 guns at the most reasonable rates I have seen and have exporters (which you will probably also need) set up in many European countries. https://mmbimports.com/
  4. Oakridgefirearms

    Importing Firearms

    Importing is somewhat complicated and expensive. Are these former military handguns?
  5. Oakridgefirearms

    What are the laws on Fingerprinting

    THIS^^^^^ I hear this all the time, people who were already fingerprinted by them "need" to be fingerprinted again for some other legal reason. Anyone who has been fingerprinted in NJ has an SBI number, your fingerprints are in their database under your SBI number, there is no reason you should need to be fingerprinted again.
  6. Oakridgefirearms


    FYI - never got a PM from you
  7. Oakridgefirearms


    I have a very nice S&W model 19-6 with a 6" barrel and a S&W model 13-3 with a 4" barrel available
  8. Oakridgefirearms

    looking to buy my first rifle

    LOL, heard that before - then a year later they saying how they need to buy another safe because the one they have is full.
  9. Oakridgefirearms

    Mance vs. Whittaker

    Permit is required for all handguns transfers except a direct inheritance. Whether money changes hands is immaterial.
  10. Oakridgefirearms

    Mance vs. Whittaker

    The ATF doesn't regulate ammo sales (at least domestic retail sales), so there is nothing the ATF can or will do about out of state residents buying ammo in another state . Dealers, who are regulated by the ATF, are required to follow the laws of the buyers state as well as the sellers state when selling firearms. So, if the only law that gets changed by this lawsuit is allowing a buyer to to buy handguns in a another state, NJ buyers would still need NJ permits when buying out of state. Any out of state dealer that did not fill out and send back permits could have an issue with the ATF and would almost certainly get sued by NJ for not filling out and sending in permits. The question then would be how many out of state dealers would want to deal with NJ's handgun paperwork? FTF sales of all guns is prohibited between residents of two different states. So, unless this lawsuit addresses that, and it gets overturned, it would still be illegal.
  11. Most of the transfers I do the seller hands the firearm over after they have been paid and lets the buyer deal with NICS check on their own. Often the seller drops off the firearm ahead of time since they can't get a good time to meet up with the buyer, or the buyer is waiting for permits, OGAM, address change, etc. I let the seller know that they have the option of meeting the buyer and waiting for the NICS to come back, but most don't want to wait for it even knowing if the deal were to fall through the gun would need to be NICSed back to them. Knowing NICS denials are rare in NJ seems to be deciding factor in whether to wait out the NICS check or not.
  12. NICS denials in NJ are rare, but the do happen on occasion. If you meet the buyer at the FFL you can wait until the NICS check is approved before turning over the firearm to the dealer. If the buyer doesn't pass the NICS check you would have the option of leaving with the firearm without the need to do a NICS check get back your unsold gun. Once the firearm is turned over to the dealer it must be NICSed out.
  13. Oakridgefirearms


    Inventory page updated with many new SALE items added! https://www.oakridgefirearms.com/current-inventory
  14. Oakridgefirearms

    Finally Got me a M1 Garand

    I got a very nice 98/29 Persian Mauser and a matching Spanish M43. Also just got in a German K98K bring back - from what I recall the bolt matches the receiver, but I don't remember what else matches or what maker it was - I need to check on Monday.
  15. Oakridgefirearms

    Finally Got me a M1 Garand

    Yes, I have Garand ammo as well. Currently have three Garands in stock.

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