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  1. WELCOME!!!!!!!!!
  2. WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I have the older bigger 211, it's a great welder
  4. I have one factory new 7.62x39 in stock. All the 54r I had are gone - unfortunately it looks like for good
  5. WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. All firearms under NJ law, that are legal for you to buy, are either long guns or handguns. The "other" category only exists under federal law. So, there is no category of firearms that isn't subject to NJ AWB law scrutiny. The Shockwave is to be sold using a COE like a long gun in NJ.
  7. WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!
  9. You'd have to get really lucky to find a Harbor freight engine that's going to be the same spec as the OEM motor. If you're going to repower it, best bet would be to get a model and spec number off of the engine and buy one from Equipitron or Jack's Small Engines. A Kohler or Kawasaki 22HP engine with electric start is probably going to run around $1800. Could still be worth doing if the hydros are good, but I would check them first. See if everything in the hydro system seems to work properly without excessive noise and stick a magnet down to the bottom of the hydro tank and see if any metal shavings come out on the magnet. Then again, if it's old enough it could be a belt drive 60". I remember when hydro walk behinds didn't exist.
  10. 91 days
  11. That's because dealer cost is well above $299. and these are still a hot item nationwide, so Mossberg and the wholesalers aren't discounting them (and won't be anytime soon). I agree buy local
  12. I have a bunch of Mossberg 590 Shockwaves inbound as well if anyone up north is interested in getting one.
  13. I have a 12 gauge Ithaca 87 with a rifled barrel and scope in excellent condition in stock.
  14. Do you have a local PD in your town? If not you need to go to the NJSP station that serves your town - I'm a little confused why you would go to two different NJSP stations............ You may want to try getting a NJ boat license. I know some members of this forum have them and a out of state DL, though they may have gotten their FPID cards when they still had a NJ DL. Maybe they'll chime in.
  15. Some people have gotten a NJ boat license to make it easier to buy here in NJ. The NJSP wouldn't accept a government issued tax bill (or some other government issued bill) to prove residency?