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  1. All of those pistols (with maybe the exception of the DMG) are over 50oz. And whether they have a barrel shroud is open to debate. So even with a non threaded barrel they are still possibly a no go. MPA used to make a few smaller versions of these pistols that were under 50oz and were NJ legal, but they stopped making them a few years ago
  2. I've seen bobcats numerous times in Sussex and Warren Counties. We see them on our hunting club in Blairstown quite frequently.
  3. If a 18-20 year old somehow did manage to get a handgun permit issued to them, the FARS system would not allow a dealer to execute an electronic permit to someone under 21. Not sure when NJ changed their rule but into the 90's 18-20 year olds were able to get handgun permits for a private party transfers.
  4. Yes, that is still an option, I've had a few people do that. But since NJ NICS has been perpetually delayed since before Covid, most sellers don't want to be bothered having to come back a second time for when the buyer gets approved. Most sellers get paid by the buyer, drop the gun off and leave any potential NICS issues to the buyer - just the same as a transfer when someone buys on Gun Broker or some other site
  5. Unfortunately Jim passed away. Everything has been liquidated.
  6. TD just sent me a letter saying for "security reasons and to protect my account" they are going to require ID for all cash deposits. Not sure how someone depositing cash into one of my bank accounts would compromise my account security? It was at $8500 before.
  7. Since I don't have the SOT for NFA I cannot say for sure, but my understanding is that in NJ such a dealer can only deal in suppressors or SBR/SBS items on a special order basis when they are specifically ordered by a LE agency. From what I recall, one section on the NJ criminal code bans all suppressors without exception and a different section says they are also banned but exempts LE agencies & military. Another example of two NJ laws conflicting with each other........... A few years back I was at one of the seminars the ATF and NJSP run for dealers every so often. One of the State Troopers was talking about how a suppressor manufacturer had asked them if they were permitted to come to NJ to demonstrate suppressors for LE agencies at a range. It seems the consensus was to hold the demonstration in PA and have interested parties travel there since it wasn't clear whether it was legal to do so in NJ.
  8. THIS^^^^^ I've seen this plenty. Tell who ever is quoting you to make sure they grind the stumps as low as possible and significantly below the grade of the lawn around the stump so you can grade the area out properly when the stump is gone
  9. That company is giving bad advice and trying to sell a service you don't need. If you are making money selling or transferring guns you will need to set up a business entity of some sort - which will include collecting and paying sales tax to the state. Most if not all distributors will not give you an account to buy from them without an EIN and a sales tax certificate. You will need correct zoning at your house that allows retail sales of firearms or you will need to get a variance to do so. Getting a variance typically involves notifying any property owner within a certain distance of your property (typically 200-250 feet) that you are tying to change the zoning for your property. They (and anyone else) will have a chance to speak at a zoning board meeting as to whether or not they like the idea of you running a gun shop from your house. Paying the $500 a year SOT to deal in NFA items will only let you deal in AOW firearms in NJ to NJ residents. Since suppressors and SBR/SBS firearms are banned outright in NJ you will not be able to possess them as an "inventory" item. Fullauto business would only be to buyers outside NJ since NJ doesn't give out NJ Machine Gun Licenses. There is a lot more I could get into, but if you want to get an FFL you are going to need to be all in with it. -
  10. I have a mint, all matching Polish M44 available. It's still in the grease and almost certainly unfired since it was imported.
  11. I most likely will eventually, but for now I'd like to consult with a lawyer before I even have the vehicle removed from the dealer's lot. According to NJ consumer affairs NJ lemon law does not apply to: "Commercial vehicles and the living quarters of motor homes"
  12. So I bought a brand new 2021 truck for my other business and at the ripe age of 5 months and 3600 miles I had a major safety issue that makes the truck undriveable. The truck has been at the dealer for two months and I was just told today by the manufacturer that they are not going to repair the problem or fix any damage that occurred as a result of this problem. The manufacturer gave me an amazingly absurd excuse, that couldn't possibly have caused this problem, for why they don't want to repair this vehicle. I do not want to post more details on an open forum at this time, but if anyone thinks they can help I can provide a lot more details through a PM. Also, since this is a commercial vehicle, NJ lemon laws do not apply. So, I cannot use consumer affairs as leverage against them.
  13. I still remember Herman's Sporting Goods in the 70's and 80's which sold guns at their store in the Willowbook mall (and a lot of other malls).
  14. The NJSP started doing this for employee pink card holders, but this was just the Troopers in the FIU being innovative. FARS does not have an official section of it for pink card applications/renewals. They have the employees use the FIU's ORI number instead of their local town's ORI number. The request in FARS is coded as an application for an FID/HG purchase permit, the FIU then "cancels" the application once the FARS results come back (since it wasn't for an FID or HG purchase permit anyway). Not a perfect way to do it, but it does work better and faster than the old manual way. This could probably be adapted to work for carry permits, but with a much larger volume it could be messy without a specific carry section in FARS. And for you computer programmers thinking it would be simple to add this into FARS, this is the state we're talking about - nothing is quick or simple with them. FARS still doesn't have a way for a dealer to execute a HG permit without a completed NICS check done first - so there is no way for a dealer to transfer air pistols, muzzle loader pistols, and antique pistols using FARS, a paper permit is still necessary. We've been told "they" are working on that fix since FARS first went online.
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