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  1. Inventory page has been updated! https://www.oakridgefirearms.com/current-inventory
  2. I'm not in central Jersey but I have them in stock. If your headed north stop by.
  3. I have some Mosins in stock
  4. .
  5. Seller and buyer have two options when doing a transfer at an FFL: 1) Seller drops off the firearm at the dealer either before or at the time of the sale, gets paid and let the buyer worry about what happens to the firearm if the NICS check is denied. 2) Buyer and seller meet at the FFL and wait for the NICS check to be completed. Once approval is granted buyer pays seller and buyer leaves with firearm. Dealer only books firearm into A&D book once NICS approval is granted. If the NICS is denied, seller leaves with firearm and transaction is not completed. Seller would not need to do a NICS check or use a PPP to take gun back since it was never turned over to FFL nor booked into dealer's A&D book.
  6. Because the new law specifically states that all firearm transfers must be done by an FFL and the FFL must do a NICS check. Since NJ considers them all "firearms" they would also be covered by this requirement.
  7. Not only that...............NICS checks are now required on all air gun, muzzleloader and antique gun transfers.
  8. I used to see grouse here in NJ quite a bit, but haven't seen any in years.
  9. Yes, this is the form we use to mail handguns, it specifically says must be a "manufacturer or bona fide dealer". https://about.usps.com/forms/ps1508.pdf
  10. Kirsten Gillibrand in NY was A rated by the NRA until she was chosen to fill a US Senate seat. She now has an F rating. The problem with politics is if you plan to make it a career you have to sell your soul to advance or even keep your job. I wouldn't vote for Van Drew if I lived in that district.
  11. There really is no reason for a pistol purchase permit any more now that FTF sales have been effectively banned. FTF sales was the only rationale left for needing to go through a background check to get a PPP. With that gone all handgun transfers are subject to background checks at the dealer, so the PD check is now officially needless redundant bureaucracy that is wasting police resources and tax payer money. Anyone want to file a lawsuit?
  12. I don't think it's been defined - another fine example of NJ's vague gun lawns........
  13. I have 8mm Lebel in stock and got it late last year or earlier this year. We can't get judges to strike down clearly unconstitutional laws in this state, no one wants to take a chance with how these judges will interpret "commercially available". IMO, 11mm and the like are not commercially available, but this state has a long history of interpreting gun laws to fit their leftist agenda.
  14. PPU makes ammo for both of those calibers, so they are not "obsolete".
  15. I think that's one of the forms the give to us dealers when we apply for a pink card for employees. There is no reason for you to need to submit that with your application for an FPID card.