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  1. Factory new: Ruger LC9s SCCY CPX-2 Used: Kahr P380
  2. Just got a couple of these in if anyone wants one!
  3. Not NY, CT and I think MA either - NJ does not have the market on retardation cornered.
  4. I had a guy ask me for this model about a year ago and it was unavailable at that time as well. I think a batch did turn up later, but it seems Ruger only makes these from time to time.
  5. PM sent
  6. If there is a lawsuit to be filed against NJ regarding 03 C&R licenses, that would be it. NJ law is clear that C&R holders are exempt from OGAM (at a minimum for C&R eligible handguns), but NJ refuses to permit anyone to use that exemption or acknowledge it exists.
  7. Just got some threaded barrel versions in if anyone is looking for one. 973-409-4631
  8. The county prosecutors usually set up a protocol on what a PD is to do with seized firearms and how long they can store them once they are not needed as "evidence". Some counties required them to be destroyed after 180 days if not returned to the owner or sold to an FFL , others seem to let them sit for years. In some counties (Bergen comes to mind) if your guns are seized for any reason you are almost certainly never going to get them back without a court order. You're only other option then would be to sell them to an FFL. I would agree with what others have said, contact the PD to see what the lawful owner needs to do to get them returned, the need for a lawyer is going to be likely.
  9. I have another one of these in stock if anyone is looking for one!
  10. I have a like new Yugo 59/66 SKS in stock if anyone is looking for one
  11. We need an apology from Loretta Weinberg for referring this bitch. I'd be nice if we could hold her accountable for this bitch's actions.
  12. I just got one (and only one) of these in if anyone wants it!
  13. Yes, at least the same company anyway. It was a chain that had stores in NY, NJ and PA. I'm not sure what location that scene was filmed at, but I do remember they also filmed route 80 in Morris county in that movie. I bought my first gun from the Wayne store.
  14. Link to our current inventory of used guns as well as some sale items and interesting new guns. We have many other new guns in stock that are not listed here, so if you are looking for something else please ask! The date the page was last updated is listed on the bottom. http://www.oakridgefirearms.com/current-inventory Link to our online store, thousands of items listed here: http://oakridgefirearms.gearfire.com/