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  1. I had someone steal a photo of a pistol I listed on Gun Broker and post it on Armslist. I reported it to Armslist as fraud.
  2. Inventory page has been updated! https://www.oakridgefirearms.com/current-inventory
  3. There aren't many companies that insure FFLs - this isn't a recent development and is for wholly political reasons. Selling insurance to FFLs should be a good money maker for insurance companies since if an FFL follows the laws when they sell a firearm they are protected from lawsuits by federal law. These are protections that don't exist in most other industries and were put in place when Bush Jr was president because Bloomberg and clan were trying to bankrupt dealers and manufacturers by suing them over use of firearms by criminals.
  4. I ran one around 4:30PM EST and it went through in less than 10 minutes.
  5. It's a byf 41 date. I can't find anything about what those other markings mean and don't know what language it's in - certainly not German.
  6. Any idea what these markings are? It's on a RC German K98K I've looked around and can't figure out what they are
  7. Not in front of them right now, but from what I recall these were all matching, nice condition, older imports. I don't recall any of them being contract Mausers. I'll need to look at them again.
  8. I have several (non Mitchell's) Yugo Mausers for sale if anyone is looking for one - 24/47, M48A, M48B All are very nice
  9. LOL
  10. The German language is full of compound words - "munitionsfabriken" is short by comparison to some other words I've seen.........
  11. I have the same boiler and have never had that occur with my system. I think Deerslayer works on system 2000 boilers.
  12. From what I recall about "advance Consignment" (and it's been a while since I've looked at it) an out of state dealer has to make an arrangement to deliver and transfer the firearms to the in state dealer prior to the show. Setting up at an out of state show, making deals with a customer while there and handing the firearm to an in state dealer to do the transfer is a no-no. But I still see guys doing it. A lot of good proposals in there, let's hope we can get some of this done......
  13. A group called the "Coalition of NJ Sportsmen" (which I don't believe exists anymore) sued the state over the entire AWB, but I don't recall a law suit regarding just the mag limit. I believe Nappen was one of the lawyers in that suit.
  14. "Freak out".........there's going to be riots like it's 1968 again if a liberal justice goes and Trump gets to pick their replacement - except this time it will be entitled guilt feeling white kids rioting instead of blacks.
  15. I've caught pike in the Passaic river in Pine Brook