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  1. If a cop ran your DL it would come up a still valid, even though the physical document shows it's expired. You cannot buy a gun using an expired DL as your government issued photo ID, but the NICS checks for those whose ID is automatically extended due to to Corona are going through.
  2. I did a tour of Atlantic Canada some years ago and all the trucks up there had them. Whenever I see a truck on 287 with those bumpers it usually has New Brunswick or Nova Scotia plates.
  3. I don't know for sure but I suspect they figure that if you already own guns you are not helpless in a home defense situation, which is what is driving a lot of the sales right now.
  4. Apparently the NJSP FIU has been pushing new applications through faster than address changes and additional PPP requests
  5. When the application process was on paper, this was relatively easy to do. I was told by my town that with FARS it is not possible to change the number of permits after the application has been submitted.
  6. I have this ammo in stock. I haven't had a lot of trouble finding it. Winchester makes it as well as Remington.
  7. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This COE must be completed for an air rifle, but the 4473 and NICS is not required.
  8. Yes, NJ law requires transfer through a dealer. Buyer must have FPID or PPP depending on what is transferred. But no 4473, NICS or NICS fee (and NICS wait time) necessary.
  9. NICS is not required since the FBI has stated the NICS system is to be used only for "firearms" - as defined by federal law
  10. In some ways yes and in other ways no. We do not have a handgun roster, so most handguns are legal here - only handguns construed as "Assault Weapons" are banned here. The regulations on what is construed to be "Assault Weapons" here are not as strict as CA. NJ also does not register or keep a database of long guns that you own. Although purchasing firearms here is a little more complicated by needing an FPID card or handgun purchase permits, you will have a greater variety available, particularly with handguns.
  11. That's FOPA for transporting THROUGH NJ. The law under 2C39-6 says: g.All weapons being transported under paragraph (2) of subsection b., subsection e., or paragraph (1) or (3) of subsection f. of this section shall be carried unloaded and contained in a closed and fastened case, gunbox, securely tied package, or locked in the trunk of the automobile in which it is being transported, and in the course of travel shall include only such deviations as are reasonably necessary under the circumstances.
  12. I've heard some counties can take up to four months to do this - and this was pre covid-19. I've also been told stories that you need to bring the handgun from the dealer to the police after you pick it up to "verify" the serial number with the police in some counties. Additionally it seems some counties charge a fee to remove a handgun from your permit when you sell it. Sounds to me like your county is much better than most in NY.
  13. Yes, in theory - I have three people waiting on exemptions now, some as far back as mid February. Apparently the FIU is working from home right now and not processing any exemption applications. Normally they are approved in more or less 30 days.
  14. I joke that NJ's computer system is from 1985...........apparently I might have overstated how new it is.....
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