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  1. Next someone is going say they use a different name for sprinkles............
  2. Fair enough......... Just elaborating for those asking on who she is......
  3. She is a frequent guest on NJTV defending Republicans and their policies - although I think I'm the only one who watches that channel.......
  4. I'll keep that in mind if I have them import anything else. I think it's a husband and wife team, probably working out of their house - at least that was the impression I got. Maybe they opened some sort of shop since I last dealt with them? I think they also do gun shows in Maryland.
  5. PM sent I have a Chinese milsurp and Yugo 59/66 in stock
  6. I can second this^^^^^^^^^ Exceptionally helpful to us FFLs.
  7. I've dealt with them before, did they tell you you could come pick them up? I wanted to do so and they told me they didn't do in person pick ups. That said, their packaging was not a problem from what I recall - I think they may be German Americans, LOL
  8. Who's the importer?
  9. WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I have a black 9mm Gen 2 that takes S&W M&P mags and a Tan 9mm Gen 2 that takes Beretta 92 mags in stock. The Glock versions don't last long when I get them in stock.
  11. Can't view the links, and I do have a Facebook account
  12. WECOME!!!!!! You shouldn't need to be fingerprinted again, but I have heard of some towns making people do it repeatedly. You cannot buy more than one handgun in any 30 day period - so when you get a permit you can use it right away, but must wait at least 30 days after your first purchase to use a second permit.
  13. I have them in 12 gauge, 20 gauge and Remington Tac 14 in stock
  14. Yes, but be ready for the troopers at the station to give you a hard time. I've heard numerous reports of troopers telling out of state residents (primarily New Yorkers) that it isn't possible - and were belligerently adamant so. Expect to need to contact the NJSP FIU in Trenton to get them to do their job.
  15. WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!