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  1. No pump .22 rifles in stock currently, but do have a good selection of milsurp. https://www.oakridgefirearms.com/current-inventory
  2. I hope you're right. He did say at one time that he wouldn't let the 10 round mag limit bill out for a vote............
  3. I know Roxbury PD has a range on Howard Blvd. Could be that....
  4. It's definitely a surplus pistol, whether it's military or police surplus I'm not sure.
  5. This list is largely up to date. https://www.oakridgefirearms.com/current-inventory
  6. Yup, and I'm sure it's high on the priority list for a PD..............
  7. The NJSP stopped shipping permits a couple of years ago. Police departments have to send a police officer to Trenton to pick them up when they need more permits.
  8. Middle names or initials are not submitted when your information is sent to the NICS unit.
  9. He's also retiring real soon.......... Problem with all this is the NJSP FIU is not going to make any decisions about the legality of a firearm. That will be left up to the NJ AG's office - which, considering the current administration, I can't see approving anything controversial.
  10. Alex, I guess you forgot about me.......LOL I would have charged you $74.64 OTD
  11. I've had a couple different people who were dual residents get NJ boat licenses to use as ID to buy in NJ. Their ID looks like a DL but says "Boat Only" on it and still uses the same number they had when they had an NJ DL. Non NJ residents with NJ FPID cards can buy long guns in NJ, but if the OP is going to maintain a NJ residence why not just keep his NJ address on his FPID card? It is perfectly legal to do so if they have a residence here. I agree buying guns in PA would be a lot less hassle and will probably be doing most or all of their buying there, but I don't see a good reason to change the address on the FPID if he still lives at that NJ address. If the OP sees a handgun they like for sale in NJ they would have the option of getting a NJ PPP or shipping it to a PA FFL, why not keep all options open?
  12. ^^^^^This is how it works, using an an exemption restarts the 30 day clock on any non exempt transfers.........
  13. If the OP gets a PA DL the easiest thing to do is to get a NJ boat license and keep his FID with his NJ address on it. That way he would be able to buy firearms in either state when residing in that state.
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