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  1. I most likely will eventually, but for now I'd like to consult with a lawyer before I even have the vehicle removed from the dealer's lot. According to NJ consumer affairs NJ lemon law does not apply to: "Commercial vehicles and the living quarters of motor homes"
  2. So I bought a brand new 2021 truck for my other business and at the ripe age of 5 months and 3600 miles I had a major safety issue that makes the truck undriveable. The truck has been at the dealer for two months and I was just told today by the manufacturer that they are not going to repair the problem or fix any damage that occurred as a result of this problem. The manufacturer gave me an amazingly absurd excuse, that couldn't possibly have caused this problem, for why they don't want to repair this vehicle. I do not want to post more details on an open forum at this time, but if anyone thinks they can help I can provide a lot more details through a PM. Also, since this is a commercial vehicle, NJ lemon laws do not apply. So, I cannot use consumer affairs as leverage against them.
  3. I still remember Herman's Sporting Goods in the 70's and 80's which sold guns at their store in the Willowbook mall (and a lot of other malls).
  4. The NJSP started doing this for employee pink card holders, but this was just the Troopers in the FIU being innovative. FARS does not have an official section of it for pink card applications/renewals. They have the employees use the FIU's ORI number instead of their local town's ORI number. The request in FARS is coded as an application for an FID/HG purchase permit, the FIU then "cancels" the application once the FARS results come back (since it wasn't for an FID or HG purchase permit anyway). Not a perfect way to do it, but it does work better and faster than the old manual way. This could probably be adapted to work for carry permits, but with a much larger volume it could be messy without a specific carry section in FARS. And for you computer programmers thinking it would be simple to add this into FARS, this is the state we're talking about - nothing is quick or simple with them. FARS still doesn't have a way for a dealer to execute a HG permit without a completed NICS check done first - so there is no way for a dealer to transfer air pistols, muzzle loader pistols, and antique pistols using FARS, a paper permit is still necessary. We've been told "they" are working on that fix since FARS first went online.
  5. THIS^^^^ and also remember Murphy cannot pass new laws unilaterally (we all know where we'd be right now if he could). The NJ legislature hasn't seemed like they are in the mood to pass new gun restriction laws lately. Now, I certainly don't trust the Dems in Trenton one bit. But, what happened to Sweeney is probably still fresh in their minds, as well as the fact that Murphy has been good a pissing off the legislature by trying to dictate to them what to do (rather than work out deals) - hopefully they will have more sense than Murphy does.
  6. NICS doesn't deny applicants for submitting a NICS check before the 30 days any more, the NICS will be approved. Rather the FARS E permit system will not let a dealer execute a permit before the 30 days is complete.
  7. I have a few of the short 10 round mags in stock
  8. Federal law allows an FFL to refuse to sell a firearm to anyone for any reason. Suing the dealer will go nowhere. That said, if this store wants to have stupid policies, that's their loss.
  9. You don't need the confirmation code for the dealer to execute the E-permit. The dealer can find it in the system using your SBI # and DOB
  10. That price would be for installing a zone or three to a sprinkler system including zone valves and new lines. If it's only for replacing four sprinkler heads it would be grossly over inflated - Rain Bird heads are $8 + - each, service call to replace them should be $200 or so.
  11. The FIU sent out emails explaining how the system will work from the dealer side with step by step instructions on how to do the E permits and E exemptions.
  12. There is a way to do non FFL transfers with E permits through FARS for qualified transactions. I didn't look into how it's done since that wouldn't involve me.
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