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  1. In reality cops don't have as much discretion as they used to. Everything is being filmed and recorded these days. Yes, legally the cop would have the authority to let him go and send him back to PA to unload his gear, but if something goes sideways the cop who cut him slack is going to have a real problem that could easily be career ending. Would you risk that if you were that cop? I recall reading in an article about this story that the cop asked him if he was "coming from or going to a range", so it sounds to me like the cop was trying to give this guy a leg to stand on, but the guy answered "no". So there is only so much they can do when people do stupid things. I hope this guy fights this to the end. There are two ways we might see NJ oppressive gun laws overturned in court - civil lawsuits or, like this case, a criminal case that sets new precedents.
  2. I have a friend who is a State Trooper and he told me a few years ago when the NJSP got new handguns that the state paid to have the old Sig 229's cut in half down the middle and then offered to sell the one half back to the Troopers who carried them. Apparently no one took the state up on the offer so they paid to have the remains of these pistols destroyed. When it comes to their antigun ideology, no amount of your tax dollars is too much to spend.
  3. If the OP is a corporation or LLC he will be required to use an attorney. Sole proprietors can represent themselves in Special Civil.
  4. If a dealer did that the dealer would be responsible for collecting the Federal Excise Tax that is required on complete firearms and as PK90 is alluding to, manufacturing license. There is no FET on gun parts, that's why it's cheaper to build an AR than buy a complete one. Many dealers are reluctant to sell you all the parts to assemble a complete firearm, even if you assembled it yourself.
  5. You can do both the non exempt and the exempt on the same day - you just need to wait for the non exempt NICS to come back before submitting the exempt NICS
  6. Now in stock! Troy A4 "other" firearms.
  7. No pump .22 rifles in stock currently, but do have a good selection of milsurp. https://www.oakridgefirearms.com/current-inventory
  8. I hope you're right. He did say at one time that he wouldn't let the 10 round mag limit bill out for a vote............
  9. I know Roxbury PD has a range on Howard Blvd. Could be that....
  10. It's definitely a surplus pistol, whether it's military or police surplus I'm not sure.
  11. This list is largely up to date. https://www.oakridgefirearms.com/current-inventory
  12. Yup, and I'm sure it's high on the priority list for a PD..............
  13. The NJSP stopped shipping permits a couple of years ago. Police departments have to send a police officer to Trenton to pick them up when they need more permits.
  14. Middle names or initials are not submitted when your information is sent to the NICS unit.
  15. He's also retiring real soon.......... Problem with all this is the NJSP FIU is not going to make any decisions about the legality of a firearm. That will be left up to the NJ AG's office - which, considering the current administration, I can't see approving anything controversial.
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