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  1. I have a 12 gauge Ithaca 87 with a rifled barrel and scope in excellent condition in stock.
  2. Do you have a local PD in your town? If not you need to go to the NJSP station that serves your town - I'm a little confused why you would go to two different NJSP stations............ You may want to try getting a NJ boat license. I know some members of this forum have them and a out of state DL, though they may have gotten their FPID cards when they still had a NJ DL. Maybe they'll chime in.
  3. Some people have gotten a NJ boat license to make it easier to buy here in NJ. The NJSP wouldn't accept a government issued tax bill (or some other government issued bill) to prove residency?
  4. "We" need to keep challenging NJ's carry laws, eventually NJ will lose. If that happens at the appellate level we win even if the case doen't make it to SCOTUS.
  5. Liberal minds are incapable of reasoning, logic or any type rational thought.
  6. Anyone have an exterminator they can recommend? I always prefer to get referrals when looking to hire someone.
  7. Are they even making any money doing those deals? I would think they'd do better selling to regular nurseries
  8. NJSP has a template for computers to print permits and FID cards on a printer, so tell your town to get that from them.
  9. I don't have the statute or code to quote but I know the NJSP told us specifically about two years ago that the IDs need to match.
  10. You can trim either of them whenever you want, but scorpio said the burning bush will turn brilliant red soon, so waiting a bit might be a good idea. You can cut them back hard if you want to, they are rather hardy. I would cut off some of the longer branches that are growing into other shrubs on the cherry, but try to keep it as natural as possible.
  11. Didn't Hines go into bankruptcy selling to Home Depot? They were paid per scan and and any plants returned by customers were charged back. If anyone ever wondered why Home Depot never cared why someone returned a dead plant it was because they weren't the ones taking the loss. Why any company would agree to those terms - particularly when selling plants that customers don't water - is beyond me.
  12. As far as I know........ That would be the last place I would go to buy plants
  13. 1927a1? West Hurley?
  14. I have a FDE NJ compliant Kriss in 9mm in stock And yes they also come in 10mm now.
  15. This was years ago in Mendham and Morris Township over the winter before they started with limited hunts to control the deer population in those areas. And before every cell phone had a camera, so SOL on the pics. If I see it again I'll make sure to take pics and send them to Michael Dirr so it can be forever documented in the "plant bible" LOL.