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  2. Hello everyone my name is Hector Correa and I am in various Facebook & mewe 2A forums. I am running on the Republican ticket in Bloomfield for a councilman position. We are looking for volunteers to help us fight the democratic machine in essex county. We are willing to take any little help available from calling friends and family that might live in Bloomfield to people who can volunteer a few hours a day. If you can help us make Bloomfield a friendlier 2A town please let me know and I will send you my info. Thank you Hector Correa
  3. Looking at an Independent run in November this year. Mastronardy don't care about the Constitution. George Gilmore don't care about nuthin but himself (& Me*@%ie)
  4. Generally good arguments from the pro-2A side but too much of the same. The two sides in this state will never agree on anything. My opening comments would ask questions like, "Do you reel endangered while visiting your child at college in PA? While skiing in VT and NH? While listening to Mozart on the green in Tanglewood?" Many of these NJ anti-types don't even realize, as MipaFox has noted, that the minute you leave this lala-land that you are surrounded by people carrying guns. I've been in those states dozens and dozens of times and have never been shot. That would have been a terrific forum to challenge them on that.
  5. NRA pushed for the instant check system when Clinton wanted waiting periods. Because of that and the lack of funding the NICS system has never been fully implemented. Most states do not enter criminals and mental illness people into system. Nor do the Feds prosecute violators of NICS with any vigor NRA is against the push for registration out of the NICS check. Look up NRA position on background checks, it is one of the most mis-understood positions out there, https://www.nranews.com/series/wayne-lapierre/video/wayne-lapierre-the-truth-about-background-checks/episode/wayne-lapierre-season-1-episode-5-the-truth-about-background-checks
  6. i watched the entire video last night. My thoughts. Kind of a waste of time. Alexander and the Attorney did a great job. Neither side moved towards the middle (if you can call us agreeing with some but not all of their demands the middle) the members of the audience already had their minds made up. Here are things that get me that people never get corrected on or brought up. PRO2A: "criminals ignore these gun laws so why keep adding them to the books" ANTI2A: "murder is against the laws too, should we not have laws against murder" Why are they never called out on the fact that murder is an infringement on someone else's life. Owning a 30 round capacity assault cartridge clip doesn't. Making it illegal to own one is like arresting a man because he has a dick. I mean, he has the tools to commit a rape. The fact that these people can't differentiate between the act of doing something vs the act of doing nothing amazes me. Universal background checks: They want us to trust they won't abuse it, but in NJ your wife can't even take your gun to the range without getting a pistol permit of her own and transferring it to her. Might as well buy a new gun. Im glad Alexander didn't stress that background checks are a gateway to registration and confiscation, because to moderates we seem crazy for saying that although both sides know thats at least partly the end goal. The 80% of NRA members support background checks but the NRA goes against them: If I ran an organization that 80% of my members thought I should do something and I did the opposite, why would those members stay. And why would new members join by huge numbers every year? Other than that, I'm surprised there was no talk on smart guns.
  7. jeez almost 2 hrs, but did watch untill 1:15 after the audience guest sargeant fukn saluted florio lol...reminded me of a certain banned member here. then the mommy mom started and I tapped out. I think Alec did well all things considered. will finish later. was also nice to see another 2A guy on a panel for a change
  8. Delusional Liberals playing with other peoples lives and money. How Florio continues his 'career' amazes me. I attribute it to payback from cronies.
  9. I had to stop watching at 12 minutes (btw, skip to ten minuets to avoid the introductions) where Floriio claims that the anti-federalists were against standing armies, thus also against the 2A. Anyone who has read the Federalist Papers knows that it was Madison who was clearly against standing armies, NOT the anti-federalists. If anything, the anti-federalists wanted their own standing armies in their respective states. Furthermore, when you look at state constitutions like that of PA and Kentucky, they clearly state the individual right to bear arms for common defense AND individual defense.
  10. Florio is a jazz clown, Who's stuck in a delusional time warp. Alex called out his assault weapon ban for what it was B S . And the assemblyman from Hudson county Well lets just say typical north jersey clown. 10 round mags will save lives..
  11. I already donated the equivalent of 4-5 boxes of 9mm this morning. I think NJ2AS is a good group doing a lot to try to improve the woeful firearms laws in our state.
  12. I will get to the ammo in a second... A lot can be said about the various 2nd Amendment groups within the state of NJ, along with those on a national level. In a perfect world they would join forces, put aside differences, and strive to move NJ to be more in line with the rest of the country in regards to 2nd Amendment rights & freedoms. But whether or not you agree with any particular groups tactics or methods, these are the people who are fighting our battles for us. NJ2AS is running a "matching donation" event till January 2nd, 2016. This was sent out as an email blast which can be seen below. Depending on your caliber of choice three boxes of ammo is roughly $30 to $45 (re-loaders aside). Instead of spending that money on more ammo, this should be viewed as an opportunity to help further the cause of a 2nd Amendment group in NJ. And with matching donations, your giving twice the assistance. I have "put your money where your mouth is" by making a $45 donation, and I ask of you to do the same. New Jersey Gun Forums could be a powerful force if we could stand together. I am hoping this is a start. The Email from NJ2AS is pasted below: ================================ 2015 has been an excited year of activism for the NJ2AS. We are quickly becoming known as the "Pit Bulls" for the Second Amendment in NJ and rightfully so. Instead of shifting blame and pointing the finger we are attacking the problem and standing up for our rights without compromise. Locally and nationally people are recognizing our activism but we need your help and support to continue to defend our civil rights. Unlike the unAmericans who hate our freedoms and rights we do not have billionaires like Soros and Bloomberg funding our campaigns. The attacks against us will get worse in 2016 so that is why I need your help. The ability to continue and expand our activism and programs rely solely on your donations. A group of generous donors have agreed to match your donation till January 2, 2016! This is an incredible opportunity and I hope we can depend on your support to make 2016 even more amazing! Also, anyone who makes a $150+ donation will receive a signed copy of Brian Aitken's book, The Blue Tent Sky, AND a signed copy of Alan Gottlieb's book, Shooting Blanks: Facts Don't Matter to the Gun Ban Crowd. This offer is only available to the first 20 donors. You can donate by clicking the DONATE tab at the top right corner of this e-mail or by visiting: http://NJ2AS.com/Donate I hope I can count on you for your support! Sincerely, Alexander Roubian NJ2AS President ================================ Thank you for reading this and your consideration - Tactical Monkey
  13. I am a member of NJ2AS and had the pleasure of meeting Alex and others in front of Sweeney's house! The second Sunday was fun when Sweeney turned the sprinkler system on!!! I am very pleased with the sting operation NJ2AS is conducting with the hidden cameras!!! You should also record ANY conversations with your local PDs and send them to NJ2AS to help the cause!!!
  14. I belong to several 2A organizations already. When the NJ2AS was started it seemed to have the makings of look at me fan boy club. I'm waiting to see how the current iteration works out.
  15. Sorry to disappoint you Shawn but you won't see that happen. What that guy done is wrong and he needs to be disciplined for it.
  16. So if your not over 5' your life aint worth protecting....or if your in a wheelchair your life aint worth $hit either....what a joke
  17. Local LEO and reference letters have always been a joke with this law. Once you have a FID then NICS checks at the counter would be enough. Wonder what the future will bring to NJ? Got to get over the FED hurdle in 2016, first!
  18. This makes no sense at all. She's not applying for CCW so what's he talking about public safety and her having a gun? We all know what FPID's and P2P's are good for. She can keep the gun in a drawer or safe in her house where it has nothing to do with the public or she can go to the range where 25 guys will help (harass) her learn to shoot. We didn't get the whole story as to why she's applying and really it's no one's business but her own. Chances are she has a man in her life that is going to help her out anyway. When my ol lady did her paper work she went alone. They don't need a man to hold their hand to go to the police station. One thing that really pisses me off about this is that discrimination is discrimination period. If it was just because the person was black this would be all over national news. Scumbag so called college kids would be doing sit ins and then burning down seven eleven's.
  19. Wow this group means business! Pretty sad state when the cops don't acknowledge our Constitutional rights they swore to uphold
  20. Waiting for a cop on here to defend that detective or say "I'm waiting to see all the info"

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