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It depends on what it is. Some of the late stuff is worth some decent money.  If it is a late war stock that is not cleaned or sanded  it could be worth up to $500 or more. If it is just a regular stock $100-200 depending on what is included. If you put up some pics I could give you a better idea.

Top rifle  Dou 44 has a mid-war to late-war stock 

Bottom rifle is Byf 45 late war full Kriegsmodell stock

If it has no bayonet lug or take down disk it would be a semi-Kriegsmodell 

If it has a flat buttplate it would be early war.



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1 hour ago, BMWR12 said:

The front end has definitely been cut off. It might be worth a few bucks to the guy  who fixes duffel cuts if he can get what he needs out of it. I can give you his info if you want it. 

I have no use for it, I have about 15-20 M1 stocks, know nothing about 98s. Send me the info. Thanks.

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