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IDPA Intermediate Skills class

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I am running an IDPA Intermediate Skills class at EFGA on August 31st.

This class is designed to teach some of the thought processes and techniques that will help a Novice or Marksman advance to the next classification in IDPA. To acheive the most from this class you should have at least a year of experience of shooting IDPA and have been classified in at least one division as NV or MM. This class will be oriented towards semi-auto pistols and will be less useful to revolver or PCC shooters although these are also welcome to attend.

Some of the board members have attended my IDPA Intro class in previous years and have given positive feedback so I hope this class will be equally well received.

For more details and to book your spot got to https://idpa-intermediate.eventbrite.com

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Due to an oversight on my part, I have had to reschedule this class to September 14th.

It is therefore no longer on Labor Day weekend and maybe less likely to be a scheduling clash for people.

The Eventbrite page has been updated accordingly.

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2 hours ago, NJSigfan said:

What are the minimum requirements to attend?

A minimum of 1 year of experience shooting IDPA and a current IDPA classification is required for this class.

Course will run 4 to 5 hours.

Required gear:

  • semiautomatic handgun or revolver chambered in 9mm Luger / .38 Special or larger equipped with iron sights or slide mounted optics
  • strong side hip holster and belt
  • 3 magazines or 4 speedloaders
  • belt pouches for 2 magazines or 3 speedloaders
  • 150 - 200 rounds of ammunition
  • eye protection and hearing protection - No exceptions.

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