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    Fyi. You can get 200$ at a gun buyback
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    No issues with Fox here, but I get that identical thing with Motor Trend Channel on Optimum 150.
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    Drop the TV portion of cable and all of the set top boxes. Add Hulu Live for $55/ month. But if you still want a phone line, their lowest priced triple play may be the cheapest option. Maybe as low os $65 but for high bw internet, cld be $100+. we went from $265/month for cable with a bunch of stuff we didn’t need to 75 for cable without the premium crap and 55 for Hulu. Hulu isn’t the only choice. There are also a couple of free options though I am not familiar with those services.
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    IIRC correctly tracers and AP are permitted in NJ as collectable items. Not for use.
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    I bet they'd get more turn-ins if they labeled the event as an "Evidence Disposal Festival with Cash Prizes - No Questions Asked"

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