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  1. Its much more than a theory. And it Is intimidating the court. Search... 2020 Presidential Election supreme court. There was a particular reluctance to take any case or even hear the facts.
  2. Yes. They write laws with the wording... ”The Secretary shall ......[insert unconstitutional bureaucratic action here]” Mike Lee wrote a book about. “our Lost Constitution”. Senator Lee has lost his way to some extent, but he isn’t wrong.
  3. These people are no longer our government. We didn’t leave them. They left us.
  4. They won’t redeem themselves. They are afraid of Biden and the Dems packing the court. So they will go along with whatever they have to in order to demonstrate they will bend to the will of the legislative and executive branches. Then one could ask..why follow an unconstitutional executive order?
  5. Sandy Cortez wants it to be $10 Trillion
  6. Thanks for that explanation 10x. it would seem then, after the EUA is deemed invalid due to the end of the health emergency, there really wouldn’t be anything left to do beyond filing for FDA approval.. There would not be many people who didn’t already receive one of these vaccinations. So testing is pretty much moot.
  7. It sounds reasonable to ask then.......Why eventually do anything more? If there is no distinction, why do it? Why aren’t all therapeutic drugs and vaccines approved using EUA if its good enough?
  8. The Baraka..doesn’t seem to be doing much.... Just sayin...
  9. Stop with your rationality... it hurts the brain of the less rational... Students that choose other colleges would affect their decision.
  10. There must be guidelines for wind effect vs speed for these ships in terms of maneuvering in confined spaces. Assuming nothing was broken, it seems like either someone screwed up steering the ship or they made a bad decision to proceed in weather that exceeded the limits of the ship.
  11. The ‘guy’ was probably a bot that gets you on more spam lists.
  12. I’ve tried this line. It doesn’t work as well as you’d think it would.....
  13. Unskilled ..is not a word I’d use to describe whoever is operating that escavator. But they might want to get a few more of those... How the hell did it run into the side in a straight canal? They need a bigger canal.
  14. Maybe the DVR had a static IP in an old block of IPs no longer in use. Needed to be in the range allocated by the new equipment. If that was the issue, make sure the address assigned is reserved for the DVR so it isn’t also assigned to some other device that shows up on your network like a mobile phone, etc. but if he knew where to look for this, he’s know to do the reservation as well.
  15. Hey Biden..... Nope..... But we know the Dems will get 57 votes, So not enough for cloture...unless they use their BS plan of making it a budget balancing bill like they did when they could not legally pass Obama Care and passed it illegally. So.... expect more illegal Biden Executive Orders. I can’t wait to ignore those illegal decrees. And where...by the way.... are the court challenges to these EO’s? I recall just one from Texas........ That's a rhetorical question. I seriously doubt we would see challenges by Rs to 2A Executive Orders.
  16. And none of those events involved any alcohol. Just questionable judgement.
  17. Drove mine into a street sign.. a fire hydrant..(water does not come out)...and a tree. The hydrant was sorta intentional.. i had to get off the lawn I was driving on... The degree to which I could be considered ..responsible...was not clear.
  18. I don’t think mine made it up to 60.... Oh...there was that time I had to get towed...
  19. I had an ‘80 Camaro when I was 20. I don’t see the problem if the kid is responsible. Other than the insurance as mentioned.
  20. The markets would do better if any states with lockdowns just ended them. Then maybe offer loans to fund re-entry into business for those who went out of business.
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