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  1. I need to find a place to print these in poster size so I can rotate them weekly on my front lawn.
  2. I don’t think you’ll have to wait much longer. I applied for pistol permits on 9/7. The approval email showed up yesterday 9/22. So 15 days. Seems like they are getting in done here in Manalapan.
  3. Quiet thread. But a pretty fast process in Manalapan. Applied for Pistol Permits: Sept 7th, 2021 Refs confirmed rec’d by State: Sept 9th, 2021 Permits Approved: Sept 22nd, 2021 I’m actually surprised it got done this fast.
  4. Your biggest concern would be syringes from Kensington washing over your property.... As Glen mentioned, this seems like a very infrequent event. I remember reading news stories about the possibility of this something like 20 or 30 years ago. How many times has this happened in the last 500 years? I don’t think too many times.
  5. Some incidentals that may also want to have. Range bag Tools (screw drivers, torx, allen keys, etc) Staple gun if you don’t use adhesive targets If you go to a rifle range... Binoculars or a spotting scope, maybe a sandbag/rest, a mat if you shoot prone, a smaller mat if your shooting benches are rough concrete. Scopes are nice but you can shoot 200 yds with a decent red dot if you don’t want to spend $$$ on a scope just yet. An AR500 steel target. 12 inch is a decent size. And a can of white spray paint. Plus a way to hang it. Search that and you’ll find some options. A target stand that your range approves of for paper targets. I think most ranges require targets at a height that will put rounds into the backstop when passing through the target. As opposed to skipping off the dirt down range. Check the rules for where ever you shoot. Some people like brass catchers. I’ve tried just one type and found it to be more of a hassle than it was worth. Just my opinion. But sweeping up your brass is also a hassle. Yet one or the other are usually required. Necessity will help with the rest. Have fun.
  6. I’m not up on the details of this thing but they go on a trip and he and her separate.....and he just comes home then disappears from view. Either he killed her and is at a loss what to do except hide under the covers...or maybe something bad happened to her at the hands of someone else and he is scared [email protected]@@less he will be blamed.....or maybe she blew him off and he just said eff it and came home and wasn’t interested in explaining anything. Then got scared when she is nowhere to be found. Maybe there are other possibilities, but these seem the most likely to me. The encounter with police looks bad for him. Her ending up missing or dead after that situation makes him their favorite person to talk to.
  7. We were on the very south edge of it and it was pretty damn windy. No hail though. Things outside blown around pretty good.
  8. I think he is actually fondling the rear strap of her training bra. Its why he smiling.
  9. Sounds like good news if they can resurrect the brand. It also sounds like aside from intellectual property, maybe they acquired real estate and machinery?
  10. He has the John Wick look for sure. The Wachowski sisters are at it again. Could be good. Hopefully they didn’t screw up the story.
  11. Buyers that need a mortgage are probably in a hurry in part to get that rate lock. I’m surprised the underwriters don’t require an inspection. Even something basic. Water and termite damage can really kill a home’s value.
  12. Modern “Climate Science”..... “Look at the time represented by the thickness of a piece of paper to predict the trends represented by the height of a telephone pole. Also use crayons to create precision charts. Seriously. That’s where they are at in this climate business. Its not political. Its dumb.
  13. I pass by there fairly often. Maybe have to give it a try. This all sounds good and is a departure from my more typical fare at a Wendy’s.
  14. https://www.kleesbarandgrill.com/entrees
  15. Ok..that place just made my list.
  16. Got a friend who moved to Sparta, TN in White County. About 12 years ago. From Staten Island, NY. He is a little right of Attila the Hun. So no NY Lib. Got 75 acres on a mountain, with a fishing pond, nice out building and. 3600 sq ft recently build log cabin. For $350k.
  17. I believe its fine. As long as they are some who knows you and doesn’t live in your home.
  18. Manalapan is usually pretty good. Its been a while since I applied for permits but 30 days or so was typical. Expect a little longer now. Just watch email for notices or anything you need to do. Contact Lt. Drucker if you are not hearing back. He is usually in 1 day per week. He is retired but covers Firearms. Good guy. A good local shop is Howell Gun works. Inventory is low everywhere, but if you want “something”... like a simple 12 ga pump shotgun, they will probably have something like that on hand. Also check out the FFLs listed here in the forums. Many good FFLs that operate small shops or out of homes (yes...legally) and they may have what your looking for. Just ask here. If you use an out of state shop like Heritage Guild in Easton, PA, they will have to transfer the gun to a NJ FFL that you pick. I find it easier to just shop in NJ. Avoid Dicks Sports. That company is an enemy of the firearms community. Just my opinion. If you need a place to shoot, there are a number of Public ranges. But you can also join clubs like Old Bridge RPC and Central Jersey RPC. Both clubs also have competition shoots open to the public that help newer shooters, but get some practice and or training first if you are new to shooting. Its worth the time. good luck and welcome -Kevin
  19. Deptford area had a tornado reported earlier. Unknown damage. Kearny had one. Severely damaged a large building with 400 people inside. It sounded like that huge Post Office near 15X. Don’t know how that turned out. The source of info was live emergency services radio calls.
  20. Yeah, nice to have a piece of history. Some of the cartridges are pretty hefty. Not really long range, but I suppose they weren’t built for long range. Will have to check availability of ammo. Sadly, thats part of the decision process these days.
  21. Lots of good choices. Thomas Crown Affair The Thing The Fly Westworld reboot....though a series. Better. The actors need to be ignored off screen though I feel like I’m forgetting some war movie remakes. Feel like there were a few good remakes. Have to do some digging. But I suppose if they were that good.... Would like to see a remake of The Deer Hunter. If there was one already, it must have sucked. Sorcerer (Roy Scheider 1977) remake of Wages of Fear (1953)
  22. I’m familiar with System 34s and the character set they use. My point was simply the State of NJ hasn’t bothered to replace older systems. But you are correct. Keeping those mini systems off of ethernet has security benefits. Kevin Mitnick might be a concern if he got anywhere near dumpsters in Trenton, but he’s moved on from that, so they are probably good for now.
  23. ID thief criminals will steal the data and sell it.. so others can attempt to buy weapons in someone else's name. Its a way to get good quality firearms that aren’t ‘stolen’ so to speak.
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