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  1. Since it seemingly appeared suddenly, look for rodent damage to wiring or a vacuum line.
  2. He only does what Massa Chuckie Schumer tells him to do.
  3. Is it legal to shoot there? Zoning is the issue. You're fine going there. Maybe you are overthinking the issue.
  4. Remove any gun or hunting related stickers from your vehicle. Some retard cops think an NRA sticker or similar constitutes probable cause to scream at you and threaten you in an attempt to coerce consent to search your vehicle. BTDT. Gun in trunk unloaded. Proceed to destination. Enjoy your day.
  5. I think a lot of them get threatening letters from Bucky's butt boy, Gerbil Greaseball, and figure it's just easier to comply than deal with any possible consequences.
  6. Doesn't matter. Bucky will state that this doesn't apply here in New Jermany and then Gerbil Greaseball will issue the threats. Gun stores will stay closed rather than have the State Police up their ass.
  7. Alcoholic, self-excommunicated, former Catholic.
  8. Nothing will happen to the judge. Bucky and the gerbil will try to get him a medal.
  9. Interesting thread. OP, people will do what they believe they need to do, laws not withstanding. I know a guy, we'll call him Ricky, who worked in some unfortunate areas. He carried a snubby and the denizens of that area were aware of that. They gave him no trouble and were certainly not going to invite the man into their lives by reporting the issue.
  10. This shit is just the flu on steroids. It's only dangerous to the very old and others who also have a compromised immune system. If they're stupid enough not to realize that more than a couple of them are going to get wasted in the attempt, they'll kick in the door and come in.
  11. Asshole dogs owned by assholes.
  12. I was only there once, September 1981, for a trade show. Breakfast at Brennans was great. Otherwise, the place smelled like sewage. "Chocolate City", but not for the reasons they'd like you to believe.
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