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  1. Do you remember in Conan the Barbarian when James Earl Jones' character turns into a snake? Remember the face?
  2. Whatever cheap **** my wife finds at the grocery store. She doses hers up with so much sugar and half and half that she can't tell the difference. I drink it black, but it's easier to drink that slop than deal with the chin music if I complain.
  3. Smart talk, which would explain why the logic of it eluded you.
  4. Just a hypothetical of course, but if a body is NOT found on your living room floor, are you actually involved?
  5. I came in after them on a couple of occasions. I wasn't impressed.
  6. Of course that's their plan. They have no respect for you, only contempt, because they know you don't have the sack to do what is necessary to put them in their place. They'll shit all over you because they know that all you'll do is moan and roar and shit on the floor. Most of these people, in or out of office, on the state level don't have any sort of armed security. They can be dealt with as roughly as one might choose. I know this will not play well with most of the pussies here, you'd rather whine than act, so tough.
  7. Bought an Echo at HD over 20 years ago. No problems. When it gets a bit fussy to start it gets a new plug and it's back to starting on the second pull.
  8. Best guess is that the insurance companies require this. Concealed means concealed.
  9. Who is going to enforce this gun storage law and still expect to live to see their retirement? Some of us are old men who know the business of killing and are not going to be pushed back one more inch.
  10. In my town they have to get permits and also abide by the DO NOT KNOCK list. Many towns have this. Sign up here is through the PD website. There are some exemptions such as cable companies and religious but not many. Works well.
  11. Went looking for a new commode and came across the "Kardashian".
  12. It doesn't really matter. Gopher will say it doesn't apply to NJ. Cops will agree. You'll bankrupt yourself to stay out of prison.
  13. We saw the same when one term Jimmy Florio ran for governor here in NJ. He stated that we had sufficient gun laws and no more were needed. First thing that walking stool sample did was have his flunkies in the statehouse push through many more. Same s***, different a**h***.
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