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  1. I always did that. Did the cleaning at home where I could take my time.
  2. Walmart.com has several for under $15 with free delivery.
  3. You can't. That was proposed years ago. Other agencies would take on the duties but not the sub-standard ATF personnel.
  4. Years ago there was a letter from the NJ AG's office kicking around stating that for a mag to be considered legally modified it would have to be done in such a way as an attempt to return it to its original capacity would destroy it.
  5. Your question presumes that the police would be called after the incident and that a body would be found on your floor.
  6. Consider the throttle position sensor.
  7. The paint may have been applied without a primer. Unless there is obvious moisture infiltration such as a softening or staining of the drywall, give it a light sanding then apply a dedicated primer, not a paint/primer combo. Skim coat to level if necessary, Prime again then top coat.
  8. If it turns out there is reincarnation, after I die I want to come back as that bicycle seat.
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