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  1. I was only there once, September 1981, for a trade show. Breakfast at Brennans was great. Otherwise, the place smelled like sewage. "Chocolate City", but not for the reasons they'd like you to believe.
  2. My wife and I, or at least me, celebrate the day differently. I left Vietnam on 02/14/1970.
  3. AFAIK, it has never been a law, just store policy. It was that way many years ago when Navy Arms had a store in Ridgefield and the AHs that own Ramsey Outdoor had the same.
  4. In my experience, people in that part of the country are not fond of Noo Yawk Joos meddling in their business.
  5. On a serious note, Facebook has a bunch of local garage sale forums. Might be worth a try.
  6. This should surprise no one. Bloomberg is, and always has been, stereotypical.
  7. Common Sense Legislation is just another term for Obstructionist Tactics.
  8. After pulling his nose out of Bucky's backside, Gerbil Greaseball is pretending that the Uniform Commercial Code doesn't exist and that the buyer didn't take title FOB point of sale in Florida.
  9. Some years ago, my daughter was in a local diner with her friends. He was there in a booth with some people. She could overhear their conversation. She's no prude and said she never heard anyone use the f word so creatively in so many contexts and in so many forms. She was an English major in college and I think she was actually impressed by his creativity.
  10. At the end of the day, there is no doubt that vaccines can be problematical for a number of children. That being said, they prevent some terrible diseases in a majority of children. This is not debatable. My mother lost three of her older siblings to diphtheria in the early 1900s. I was a "Polio Pioneer", getting the Salk vaccine in the early 50s during a major outbreak. If people want some sort of religious exemption from vaccination for their kids, they need to have their own schools where their kids can't infect other kids.
  11. Some years back, a customer's teenage son was shooting a pellet gun at a target in their backyard with his friend. Their next door neighbor apparently called the cops. Both kids were arrested and cuffed right in front of the kid's mother. I was working in the house at the time and saw this.
  12. Lucky you. We're here because my son-in-law's job is here which means our daughter and her family are here. If he got transferred or got a different job elsewhere we would be out of here in an instant, never to look back. I grew up here but it was certainly different many years ago. It was convenient to NYC with its attractions but without the assholism. Apparently, the twatwaffles who ruined NYC moved here to escape their stupidity then proceded to do exactly the same thing here. It's genetic and cultural so you know who I mean, but I'll leave it unsaid so I don't get banned.
  13. I used W&F with excellent results, but it took a few weeks. One day the moss was just gone.
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