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  1. Who is going to enforce this gun storage law and still expect to live to see their retirement? Some of us are old men who know the business of killing and are not going to be pushed back one more inch.
  2. In my town they have to get permits and also abide by the DO NOT KNOCK list. Many towns have this. Sign up here is through the PD website. There are some exemptions such as cable companies and religious but not many. Works well.
  3. Went looking for a new commode and came across the "Kardashian".
  4. It doesn't really matter. Gopher will say it doesn't apply to NJ. Cops will agree. You'll bankrupt yourself to stay out of prison.
  5. We saw the same when one term Jimmy Florio ran for governor here in NJ. He stated that we had sufficient gun laws and no more were needed. First thing that walking stool sample did was have his flunkies in the statehouse push through many more. Same s***, different a**h***.
  6. A guy I grew up with retired to South Carolina after living his whole life here. He said he never realized how much NJ sucked until he lived somewhere else.
  7. Upstate is very conservative. Unfortunately, they are overwhelmed by the downstate NYC numbers of howling gimme losers.
  8. I'm retired and our daughter and her family live literally around the corner. My son-in-law's extremely well paying job is here. Here we will stay unless his job moves them, an unlikely prospect.
  9. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. If you're working in an "unpleasant" area in Rahway and you keep a gun in your tool pail and don't hide that fact, the local denizens keep back. That's just a rumor of course. No one would actually do that, certainly not me.
  10. Is she still sitting on the couch, farting into the same sofa cushion, and claiming that it's all a mistake and that she's President?
  11. There was a letter kicking around years ago from the AG stating that for a mag conversion to be legal it has to be done in such a way so "unconverting" it would destroy the mag.
  12. No issues with Fox here, but I get that identical thing with Motor Trend Channel on Optimum 150.
  13. There was a letter from the NJ AG circulating some years ago indicating that modified mags must be done in such a way as to be unable to be "unmodified" without destroying the mag.
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