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  1. I woke up and feel like my finger is in warm water, now I have to go....
  2. Nice pick up DAVE, how about any of those garands ? any around./? lol. hope your doing well and yes I know the date is january. ttys.
  3. Have EVAN on one case and Bob Rosenberg in toms river on another , Nappen is the man but Bob R. is also good and on the NRA list I believe. be safe.
  4. I have a 686 coming soon and its used but clean. cant wait. glad you like it and best of luck with it as well. Be safe...
  5. I know about some people who got stolen guns from there and when all was said and done the people lost there money as well as the gun of course, it seems our state could care less who loses there money on these deals .
  6. SNEAKY, and he has a plan, buyer def. beware of that smile on his face. and if u do a layaway don't miss a payment if he needs money and gave you a great deal cause he will sell that gun right out from under the bus he threw you under. god bless be safe. concerned shooter...
  7. Again thanks guys/gals for all your info, it was as I expected the law would be, the only thing I have left is a receipt from the dealer with out the serial number on the receipt from the dealer that sold it to me. I am now having problems with that same dealer trying to retieve my last couple guns from there of which one of the employee's from this site works there. But my concerns is if he did this to me who knows what might still be going on there. As far as that employee he was not involved in that sale but again I do have a receipt that was filled out by this dealer's employee, no longer there for stealing from him, maybe, so I was told by owner. I still have one handgun still there in which he is now adding fees and more in order for me to get my handgun out of there, and with the added fee's which were never posted or ever told to me prior to me buying the gun is going to be not only ridiculous but expensive for me and this is in retaliation against me. Not to mention I have spent upwards of thousands at this place and I do mean thousands, multiple handgun thousands. I never heard of a 65 dollar transfer fee to another close by dealer who is willing to pick it up for me for free. sorry I got off topic but it has lots to do with the subject at hand,, but thanks so much for all your help, a great site for sure... God Bless. N BE SAFE.
  8. well I must say that I was rolling my eye at these but now with the great reviews I will have to check them out and likely get one when my other stuff is paid up to date. thanks for the help even tho I didn't ask for it. or did I , lol...
  9. I haven't either myself but there is a company that should be a concern .. . I wont post it in public but a pm to me will get my answer.... I don't know how everything works on the site but I am not looking to make enemies with anyone here. I do think this is a nice place to be in to talk guns etc. colt guy.
  10. sometimes the pot of greed is so full it never stops pouring over because the person never stops thinking of how to beat a fellow human being. you will come down the same ladder one day.

  11. Not sure anyone mentioned or i may have my chemo brain tonight but for those new to multiple handgun applications you can apply for that as well, now im not sure but some FFL i ran into (she) said a person can apply for as many as 100 handguns which is EXEMPT from the one hand gun a month (30 days) . but if im wrong with this message i brought here about the 100 guns, please someone correct me so i can correct the woman who told me, but then her husband agreed to it as well, then again i dont take them seriously about much of what there are suppose to know. ok done, but im doing the multiple now for 20 weapons and hope it goes thru soon as my chemo treatments are coming soon. god bless us and country.
  12. If I might jump in here, first nice meet you all. I just want to say that I have neither one , SR-22 or the MK-lll but I do have both coming in soon. both are nice guns with the AWE effect going to the MK., but I do have a GSG 1911=22 semi and its a nice shooter but im sure not as nice as the MK. I to have the stop buying guns O'le Lady and she makes no trade off unless its a $3K., trip somewhere but then I must admit I have gotten over that since I use her idea to take a DAY LONG DEEP SEA FISHING TRIP, LOL, but im still at a loss but with all the free stuff I must admit (not to her though) that I enjoy the time being waited on and the day fishing alone.. Lastly, my cost for the RUGER SR22 was at $275... but it came with of course the laser but also with about a hundred dollars worth of extra's, so I say find a way to keep that little gem. go buy a toy gun put it in your gun case go to the shop and come back with your new toy, ... just my two 2 Cents, if I have any left after chemo. lol... good luck.

    VZ 58/CZ 858?

    I lived there with my wife for some years, with family in boonton/Whippany, but my friend Mark Mashberg whom I knew for 30 yrs. and is passed now was someone who knew many ppl up there and I was curious whether you may have known him or not. His father was an oral surgeon, lived up the hill from me off ten, but anyway if u did that would be interesting. thanks for getting back to me. I don't remember or not if I told you but I did buy that VZ-58, the CIA model just did not do it for me, and I love the Milled unit, although not a very good finish job on it, ie; swirls from being milled but one day I may fix that not sure. New they are $950.oo I think... thanks ttys. PAUL....

    VZ 58/CZ 858?

    Junkmanted thanks for your reply and to answer your question about the mags, I am not sure if its a NJ thing but I have the single not the double stack, but they do give you 2 mags with it, and not steel or metal of any sort, but a smoked version of something, lol. Yes I went ahead and bought it and for some reason when the guy asked me to put half down and pay it off within a week that is just what I did. Unknowingly to me when I got to his shop he wanted to take the guns deposit of $360.** and apply it to my last purchase of a COLT 1870 for which I had half down on that too, he said he wanted me to pay off the COLT first and would apply all money's to that then he would hold the VZ58 for me, yeah right, all I can say is I spent about 5K with this guy and now the rules change since I had a revolving credit with him for 8 months then he changed his tune, oh well. more about him later. THE VZ58 is a nice gun and I like the fact it is MILLED not stamped but then we all know the AK's are shooting machines no matter what the environment due to less than tight tolerances of the gun. Anyway I was looking for some info before I bought it but right now I have not fired it and so since I have bulk ammo of 7.62x39 I think I will enjoy shooting this or maybe just hold onto it since out west I am seeing these things go for as much as $2K. with layaway, or $1895.00 bin. lol. Thanks for the reply though cause I enjoy meeting others with similar knowledge and interest, and I see your from LIVINGSTON, NJ, That is my home town, I lived right off rt.10 across from the dinner and just up from the town center, remember the theater that was there or before your time. >>?? The place has changed so much since I was there. well if ok I will ad you to my friends list. look forward to talking again. PS: I paid only $700.oo for the vz58 which is why I think he wanted it back to HOLD FOR ME LOL, knew he made a mistake. hahaha I don't care when I beat a SNEAK at his own game. lol Liars and thieves are a person's two worst enemies. HOW LONG U UP THERE>>?? YOUR AROUND OUR AGE>
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