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  1. Did you catch how NJSP were considering classifying this as a “disorderly conduct” charge?
  2. You’re not kidding - take this however you may, but my wife showed me a post from our community Facebook page someone had made. A woman said she parked her car at ShopRite and came out and found it broken into. Someone stole her bottle of hand sanitizer in her car... Still trying to validate whether this was true but if it were - well, going to need clean hands for all of the face palms coming...
  3. Agreed - normally burden of proof lies with the prosecutor (criminal) or plaintiff (civil); the defendant doesn't even have to open his/her mouth if desired. And since the $hitbag (or his/her relations) would theoretically file the suit, good luck convincing a judge to award in their favor...
  4. Technically - so we're on the same page here - the rights specifically enshrined in the first ten amendments are inherent rights of the people that cannot be taken away by government.
  5. Of course I do - but perhaps you weren't aware that there were courts in this country up through the 1930s which dictated whether or not a woman was "fit to have a child" based upon arbitrary and unproven criteria put forth upon the court by a third party... and in the worst cases, resulted in forced sterilization: "Husband is an alcoholic... unfit to have children >> sterilization" "Mother suffers from dementia... unfit to have children >> sterilization" "Brother is a known and convicted criminal... unfit to have children >> sterilization" The notion of eugenics pretty much evaporated in the 1940s (thank God) - we all know why... EVERY parent cares about their child's health - but suggesting that one "shouldn't have kids" because their beliefs may go against something else is absurd. I'm all in favor of vaccination (although admittedly, I do not get flu shots anymore) - my kids got the basics required for preschool. However, notwithstanding the BS put forth by Jenny McCarthy and RFK Jr., there are a lot of people out there who are skeptical of the ramifications (possibly attributable to the added chemicals/preservatives in the injection) and thus err on the side of caution.
  6. And how exactly does your plan differ from the plans (once offered by Lockton and Chubb) that Cuomo and his minions just went after this past year?
  7. This sounds eerily similar to those in favor of the eugenics movement and sterility courts of the 1920s...
  8. This negates part of your rationale - and I hate to use her as a quote to reference, but Judge Judy is spot-on when she tells people, "You come to court with clean hands". In other words, there is practically no chance that the judge (or a jury, if the case is big enough) would award a civil suit to the relations of someone who knowingly had partaken in a criminal offense. Actions have consequences. And as my wife and I tell our kids, we do not (and should not) reward bad behavior.
  9. A little late to this game... however, I love (in the loosest sarcastic interpretation) reading the summary of these BS bills... Last I checked, I didn't need a license to possess anything, let alone a firearm. The latter has always been contingent upon a person free from any criminal conviction. Technically, I believe a FPID is required only for eligibility at the point of sale, and not to show lawful possession. And now exactly how many cars have been seized by LE for those driving either completely without insurance or failure to exhibit documents... both of which will no doubt result in a summons to begin with... Not to mention that this pesky little thing called the Fourth Amendment gets in the way (well, we hope so - after all, this is the PRNJ)... what probable cause of a felony having been committed is there for a judge to sign off on a search warrant to justify the seizure? I was wary when government mandated (or attempted to, at least) that I purchase health insurance, something far from being enshrined in the Constitution. To attempt to force someone to pay for a product to exercise a Constitutional right is - as was mentioned earlier - akin to a poll tax. Criminals really are a protected class in the state these days... un-fn-believeable
  10. This. I also grew up in the days before “ADHD” was even a diagnosis for lack of attention in school - let alone the outpouring of Ritalin prescriptions to follow. I graduated high school in the mid-90s - this was known as being “bored as shit” sitting in class... of course I had a deficit in my attention...
  11. Something similar.... we took the kids to Diggerland for the first time this past summer. Wife sent my dad some pictures from the day. Later that night, he sends me a text asking why all of a sudden he is getting advertisements for Diggerland in his browser...
  12. What amazes me even more than this is how rapidly an SSRI is prescribed nowadays for a non-psychological symptom. Case in point - years ago, while I was engaged, my wife had been prescribed something for her (what I believe was a misdiagnosis, on a side note) “depression”. The name of the drug eludes me at the moment (trying to get two wound up kids down for afternoon nap as I write this) - but she was eventually weened off of it. Skip ahead several months later, and I see this commercial for a guy with horrible back pain. The announcer says, “When your normal pain medication can’t help, perhaps it’s time to talk to your doctor about prescribing [wife’s drug] for controlling chronic back pain...” I nearly shit - here I knew that this was a drug altering brain chemistry, and now you’re marketing it for other ailments?? A doctor I once saw (not my regular GP) tried to prescribe me imipramine to help with something - when I asked him what classification of antidepressant it was and he said “SSRI”, I refused it, told him I didn’t want it. Bitchass called it into CVS anyway. It ended up going - untouched - into that bin at the police station where you dispose of unwanted prescriptions. Like the guy in “Total Recall” said: ”Don’t f*ck with your brain, pal..... IT AIN’T WORTH IT!!”
  13. I second that... I remember reading somewhere that because the brain is still developing as a teenager, SSRIs essentially (to paraphrase here) blur the distinction of what is right vs wrong and remove any cognizant barriers of logic which would prevent someone from doing such harm to begin with. As far as the why...... I have to wonder whether it had something to do with the girl who was first shot. I don’t recall reading whether she was a random victim or if he was acquainted with her in some way. For instance - he asked her out, she said no. Asked her out again, she said no again. Asked a third time, gets the “Leave me the F alone already!” Starts fantasizing about committing an atrocity - and if he was on those antidepressants, the SSRIs would have removed any of those inhibitions. I’m pretty sure that that douchenozzle down in Santa Barbara (I think it was) was the same way - kept getting rejected by girls he asked out and was denied. These guys just can’t handle the Heisman...
  14. 16 year old Asian male (birthday today), according to LA County Sheriff giving the interview now. Said he had a .45 pistol - didn't specify make/model, other than no rounds left in the mag when recovered. He got sent to the hospital with the others wounded. Kamala's "gun control call" won't do shit - I guarantee you this is going to be another case of a kid who stole a parent's gun to commit an atrocity.
  15. I ended up grabbing an Asus E203M from Best Buy around Black Friday last year for about $175. Needed a cheap yet effective laptop for a work emergency (since no chance in hell my wife was going to go over the GWB a second time to go home for my work laptop). 11" screen, runs Windows 10 in that safety mode by default (i.e. only installs from the Microsoft Store are permitted) but that can be removed. But it uses that eMMC nonsense (the flash memory is soldered onto the logic board) - so if whatever machine you end up buying utilizes this, make sure it's 64 GB at a minimum. (the one I bought was 32 GB) It does have a microSD slot to expand storage capacity - which is what I needed to do to provide for the movies to survive a long ass weekend at the in-laws' stuck with work...
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