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  1. im in south jersey, a little far from you but you can borrow mine. although with gas, prob cheaper to get a harbor freight one.
  2. I have done a few blanks. This one is for the boat. Hoping with the paracord, it won't be slippery
  3. I would also look at Google Project Fi. You have to use one of the new Nexus phones which wasn't' an issue with me because that is all I use. It is $20 a month for unlimited minutes and text. Then you pay $10 per gig of data. It is prepaid but they reimburse you for unused data. So if you only use 100mb of data, they refund $9. They also finance the phone. It uses both tmobile and sprint towers as well as wifi calling. It automatically switches to the towers with the better signal. I have used it for the past couple of months. I don't use data that much so I have bills of $25 plus the financing of the phone.
  4. I have one. Friday night she went out 5 times to play in the snow starting at 2am. She puts her head on the bed and start whining until you let her out.
  5. I was thinking DLP. Can we call it a joke now?
  6. did you hear a pop when it went out? They have bulbs that are about $40. very easy to replace.
  7. captblue1

    IT position

    It is permanent with benefits and all. I'll try to find where the posting is located.
  8. captblue1

    IT position

    it isn't for me, so I am light on details. a couple years experience. The person would handle a broad range of things. Switch, server setup and maintenance, AD, Exchange, down to desktop support.
  9. captblue1

    IT position

    I dont' know the details but I know of a job in Atlantic County for an IT person. Networking etc.
  10. I agree. I installed a wood burning insert last winter. I purchased the liner kit online for about $400. I installed the insert and the liner in about 2-3 hours with the help of a friend. Much better than the $2000 or so I was quoted. I also cleaned the chimney beforehand with a $20 brush and $30 rod kit. Took longer to get the ladder out and climb onto the roof. Cleaning inside the firebox was a crappy dirty job though.
  11. I got my power back on sunday afternoon. The generator came in handy but didn't have hot water.
  12. I started burning wood last year. I cut and split about 6 cords. I used to use a Poulan Pro 20inch. I picked up a Jonsered 2255 last fall. It is the same as the Husqvarna 455. Much better.
  13. They told me it was good for 1 year. I suspect that it may be different by department though.
  14. I'm interested as well. Is there another meeting planned?
  15. That is what I figured. thanks
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