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  1. Copy. My apologies Sir. I was half asleep when I came across ur post thank you !
  2. ^^^^thank you ^^^^ in case this stupidity becomes reality, if anybody see any good deals on 10 rnd reduced capacity mags please let everybody know....
  3. tuktuk

    New pc carbine

    copy. i just like the way muzzle break looks on a gun , just a personal preference for esthetics
  4. tuktuk

    New pc carbine

    sign me up ... recommendations for a good muzzle break for it ? the one that doesn’t make everybody deaf around you and doesn’t throw them around
  5. soooooo anybody tried modifying glock mags from 15 to 10 ......
  6. I’m trying to apply my voucher to the purchase but it’s not letting me ??? anybody else had a problem with it ?? Or maybe I’m typing number in the wrong spot ?? I was entering at the coupon tab .....
  7. lol I will show this to the brass and request the same type of training ..... I’m just wondering how far they will “tell” me to go ... to have “fun”with myself
  8. Hello Ladies and Gens. i was just wondering if anybody knows of any blast shield that would fit a PWS brake. thank you !!!
  9. So did anybody buy one ?
  10. I can't believe I missed all of this somehow ... thank you Gens for posting the news / links. I read about it yday and mailed one of the sights today....
  11. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/under-the-influence-traffic-stop-refresher-tickets-33854804632 They just posted this >>>
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