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  1. Would it be possible to post a pic of top of the dust cover? Trying to id manufacturer and year of production. Thank you
  2. How much time do we have left ? and do we have a consensus on what to do with “other” ?
  3. Do you have a brand name and a model for this m break by any chance ?
  4. Good morning. Are you open to splitting the ammo?
  5. Good evening. What are the specs on aero upper with parts? thank you
  6. just want to make sure >>> it’s not a pencil barrel, is it ? Ty
  7. looking for “decent” set of BUISs. I’m being cheap. Don’t want to pay full price for the new ones lol. Let me know please.
  8. waiting on updated list . got a permit to burn
  9. let me know if something doesn’t work out . Got permits to burn.
  10. what are the prices for 10 and 11 pls or are they sold already ? can’t see it anywhere
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