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  1. I do a lot of 3D printing and would not put a round in a gun. The prints are a hollow honeycomb, the density can be adjusted. Solid printed rounds won't print correctly, they aren't stronger. Use real rounds and be careful.
  2. I am pretty anti-political but this had to be posted. House Resolution H.R.5717 calls for Federal level registration & licensing. Also, 25% tax on guns + 50% tax on ammo. This is how "they" are going to hit us hard. Here is a link to the proposed bill https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/5717
  3. drill a small hole and use a screw + nut
  4. Golf doesn't seem that difficult. Never tried it, I might be the best golfer in the world. If the holes were moving at 43 MPH, I could still hit 23 with one putt or whatever the first shot is called.
  5. I bet it costs them $20 to process every check. When you get jacked up by UEI they can put your checks in a pipe and smoke them.
  6. Ask for a ticket to the free breakfast buffet just to see the expression on his face. hahahaha priceless
  7. Send them the money $1 at a time. This way, there is repayment and they might not be able to advance to collection. make check to: Treasurer -State of New Jersey, Mail to NJ Division of Treasury, Division of Revenue, PO Box 417, Trenton NJ 08646-0417 Your cancelled checks should be saved as a receipt in case repayment issue ever bites you in the rump roast. Just an idea, I am not with the Gov.
  8. My first house in Keyport was $29k. No heat,no insulation, built in 1865 but better than an apartment. I survived. Too many people now "need" granite and central AC. I bet there are plenty of affordable houses.
  9. Mission accomplished. Now I can rock out doing my bad things in the bunker.
  10. I am good at splitting wood, shooting stuff, lathe turning and CAD. Not so good with these little phones. I put a lot of CDs on a little plastic card (20,000 songs). I can play them on laptop but can't seem to play on my phone. The card is in the phone, I did surgery with a big knife. I can play one at a time. Is there a way to play all of them in shuffle? It's enough music to load many shells. Phone: Samsung-SM-J320V Android version 7.1.1 Samsung Experience 8.5
  11. CJRPC is well worth the money. They have facilities you won't see at any other club in the state. You can be as active as you want. No requirement to help out but I do. A very good group of people.
  12. and this is why I don't like going to public ranges. Last time I was at XXXX, there were Nubians holding their guns sideways like the movies. Plus the Black Hat children were having a staple gun fight behind the line.
  13. I think the first way is better..... your sister likes it this way, too. It implies much more than just a feel says Mr. English Teacher.
  14. Merry Christmas my deplorable friends. I'm eating giant cashews, drinking ice cold Molson and waiting for Pizza Man. How much better could it get? Later; sit by the wood stove with my loyal hound, good wife and a stiff drink. That's how much better. And busting clays tomorrow. God Bless America.
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