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  1. I have his name written down on a card at home . I will take a look and see if I can find it for you. He was very helpful on some questions I had with mine . Good luck !
  2. There's a guy at Cheyenne mountain in Bordentown , I can't remember his name , that works behind the counter whose real into milsurp and was VERY knowledgeable in enfields . For the life of me I can't remember his name . He would be a good one to start with if you're local to that area.
  3. I bought a truck a few years back that someone smoked I think cigars in , probably not often but once in a while . First hot humid day , it showed its ugly face. I have really bad reactions to cigarette/ cigar smoke (headaches) and I was really pissed . I ripped the seat out , used deodorizers, cleaned the crap out of it (truck was only two years old) and then tossed coffee grinds in a few small cans with holes poked in the tops . It all worked like a charm . I'd say 75% of it was the cleaning the other 25% was the coffee . Its probably an old wives tale but it worked . I changed out the coffee every once in a while until I never noticed the smell anymore.
  4. I have a sporterized type 99 Arisaka that I plan on using on a hunt up in Maine this next fall. I have some more work to do on getting the scope dialed in on the s&k mount that's installed , but the trigger will be the next on my list . I know Timney makes a trigger that seems to be pretty straight forward but I think I'd rather leave that up to someone much more qualified than me. There is a little opening of the sear slot that needs to be done , and I know I can mess that up really fast . any suggestions on who ? I'm located near Fort Dix , I plan on stopping by sportsman center this week and asking them , just figured I would throw it out here before I go to them. Thanks for any help in advance .
  5. I had the same thing happen to me for Rahway. They had my plate , same make , same model, wrong color . It was 3 am on a Sunday morning , I was in bed sleeping . I called after they sent me a notice post marked two weeks prior , that I had to pay by the day I actually received the notice . Otherwise a warrant was going to be issued for my arrest , and the time for appeal had already come and gone . I called the court and explained to them the dilemma and their response was "the officer must be color blind" and basically told me I was SOL. So I had to pay .
  6. Yup they got mine. 1500 some odd dollars later my new card should arrive soon .
  7. They have been digging to get into our chicken coupes. The local pets that have gone missing , and the decline in Turkey on my property. When I hunt on my farm there are no philosophical questions. The only questions I face are day or night and rifle or shotgun .
  8. Thank you! I will keep this in mind if we have any luck!
  9. Yeah , as plode said only shotgun after dark. I use a .22 mag at my farm during the day and .223 at some of our other places we hunt that have a bit more room. Plode that's a good sign ! We only have gotten one to return a call down in the pines a few weeks ago.pretty fun when they return a call!
  10. A buddy and I got into it last year , used some mouth calls and a cheap-o electronic caller . Shot a few fox and did a lot of time in the woods but no coyote. This season started out perfect with a fox down exactly 6 minutes into our first stand. Saw one coyote during six day but wasn't in range . Its been a tough year not seeing much but tonight I got the itch and went out on our farm at sundown. Called for a good 25 minutes at random intervals , and had a small coyote go wide to my left, no shot on it but it disappeared. I'm set up on an edge of our field playing the cross wind perfectly , and do a scan . Two sets of eyes sprinting towards my adjacent corner of the field. A good 45 seconds later a decent size coyote shows itself but no shot . Staring at my mojo critter , still and silent. He barely presents a shot finally, stupidly I hit my light on my shotgun and he breaks for it . I took a shot but missed . Barely. I'm mad at myself for not waiting , but didn't think he was sticking around any longer . Moral of my story.... as I was about to give up on the season , my closest and what will be my most haunted encounter with a coyote came along and now I'm hooked again. Anyone having any luck ? PS I have a new found belief in the fox pro. Second time out with it was tonight !
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